Bears-Vikings flexed to Sunday Night Football in Week 11

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During his Monday press conference, Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said that he expected the team’s Week 11 game against the Steelers to move from Sunday night to Sunday afternoon because he felt his 3-5 team doesn’t deserve to play in prime time.

The NFL agrees with Marrone. The league announced changes to the schedule for Week 11 later on Monday and they included moving the Jaguars and Steelers to a 1 p.m. ET kickoff on CBS.

Instead of the matchup of AFC teams, the closer for Sunday’s action in Week 11 will be the Vikings taking on the Bears in Chicago. It will be the second Sunday Night Football appearance for both teams this season and the Vikings are set to be on Sunday night in Week 12 against the Packers as well.

The NFL also announced that the game in New Orleans between the Saints and Eagles will move from a 1 p.m. ET kickoff on FOX to a 4:25 p.m. ET start in front of what will be a national audience.

38 responses to “Bears-Vikings flexed to Sunday Night Football in Week 11

  1. scoops1 says:
    November 5, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    that is not Fair to the Bears who have to play SNF…and then 12:30pm on Thanksgiving!

    Great point. And it’s 11:30 am Central time. The NFL doesn’t care about the players or the coaches.

  2. With the Jags playing the way they are this is a good move. The Vikings/Bears game will be a crucial game for first place in the NFC Central. And besides, who wouldn’t want to watch the Vikings play? ☺☺☺

  3. scoops1 says:
    November 5, 2018 at 1:27 pm
    that is not Fair to the Bears who have to play SNF…and then 12:30pm on Thanksgiving!

    I’m a Viking fan and I think that is really unfair to the Bears. An early Thanksgiving game is bad enough.

  4. Why isn’t it mentioned that the Bears have a Sunday night game followed by a 12:30 game on Thursday. Isn’t player safety of utmost importance to the league?

  5. This could be the first of the Bear/Viking games to be flexed this season.

    I fully expect that the week 17 game will be flexed from the noon start to 3:25 PM.

    For people that travel to attend games like we do, the flexing of game start times really sucks.

  6. The windy city hasn’t been welcoming to the Vikings in the past — even worse at night.

  7. I get it, but I still hate all the NFL’s TV rules. It just seems silly to take steps that limit fans’ ability to watch football.

  8. redlikethepig says:
    November 5, 2018 at 1:48 pm
    Snow would be nice.

    As someone who has played football in the snow, just let me say that playing in the snow sucks.

    It takes skill out of the game and replaces it with luck.

  9. The National Audience might get sick of us real quick. Week 8, 11, 12 all Sunday night. Week 13 3:25 and Week 14 Monday night. I hope the Vikes bring their A game for these showdowns!

  10. If Chicago can win 2 of its next 3, looking at the schedule I see them finishing 10-5 (which is awesome).

    I think week 17 could decide the division between Bears and Vikings.

  11. Couple weeks ago these were .500 teams too and in a couple of weeks time will be again. And even on teams current records, a better choice would be Texans-Redskins – they and Eagles-Saints have more combined wins than Bears-Vikes. At least Monday’s Chiefs-Rams is a juicy game.

  12. So the Vikings could play the next 4 games
    prime time if week 13 Min at NE gets flexed
    SF at Seatle now only other maybe is Chargers
    at Pitt? Just saying. SKOL!

  13. The nation deserves to see the World Class Vikings, however, we will probably get flexed OUT of the GB game as no one wants to see them….

  14. Viking Fan here: appreciate the NFL love, but we are probably at best the #3 team in conference. Maybe closer to 4th or 5th, so all this exposure makes me a bit nervous.

  15. skolvikings2017 says:
    November 5, 2018 at 2:04 pm
    The National Audience might get sick of us real quick. Week 8, 11, 12 all Sunday night. Week 13 3:25 and Week 14 Monday night. I hope the Vikes bring their A game for these showdowns!

    The vikings are already FOX’s game of the week against New England. Week 13. 4:30 ET start.
    I hope I’m wrong, but the Vikings are sure fire on their way to choking on National TV this year.

  16. The Vikings have historically had trouble winning in Chicago but last year’s game was a little different. They struggled in the first half because Bradford started and was completely unable to move or throw accurately. Once Keenum came in, the Vikings dominated the game. The Bears have a really good defense but the Vikings have their defense back on track now, too. Coming off a bye with Cook, Diggs, and Reiff hopefully all back to full strength, the Vikings’ offense should allow them to win.

  17. darkneptune73 says:

    November 5, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    It’s remarkable that the Vikings have back-to-back Sunday Night Football games. When was the last time that happened?

    When Brett Favre was the Vikings quarterback I am pretty sure every game they had was a prime time game.

  18. Matt Nagy is a fool with his “EXCITEMENT” over primetime games the first 2 weeks. That was the worst bit of scheduling I’ve EVER seen. This sucks too. Because now they play Monday night then Thursday at NOON. I wouldn’t be excited. Id be ticked.

  19. The Keener Observer says:

    I’d rather see the Saints-Panthers game flexed cuz it’s more meaningful and will be a better game. Enough with the Bears and Vikings already.

    6 3 Rate This


    You want a week 15 game flexed to week 11? Is that what you are saying?

  20. This is a game that’s going to hinge on Trubisky, unlike yesterday’s Bills game. He hasn’t seen anything this year remotely like the way the Vikings’ defense is playing; yesterday, it was like a jailbreak on every other defensive play against the Lions.

    Nagy better have something effective cooked up and MT10 better execute better than he has all year for the Bears to have any kind of a chance.

  21. Even if the Vikings are 4th or 5th team in the NFC conference. Why would being on national TV make you nervous? Wow. The Vikings can’t beat any team from 1 to 4. They handed the Saints the game two weeks ago and the Rams secondary is rotten. Philly and Carolina aren’t getting much attention but both could probably beat the Rams or Saints too.

  22. I agree with the person that said the Saints Panthers game should be flexed. Bears Vikings games are boring.

  23. Texas Washington are fraud teams that nobody but their fan base want to watch. Denver should have beaten the Texans with a FG. And Washington got pounded by 24 at home by a 3-4 Atlanta team.

  24. So instead of the yearly MNF game in Chicago, it’s now Sunday Night? Can the Vikings ever play in Chicago during the day? And the Bears are complaining about this advantage they’ve been given!

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