Bill Belichick talks about his reluctance to wear specialized NFL gear

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It’s November, which means that coaches throughout the NFL will be wearing the kind of drab green clothing that can make authoritarian capitalists look a little like communist dictators.

Yes, it’s Salute to Service time, with gear worn by coaches that is available (coincidentally) for purchase online. But like Kramer at an AIDs walk, Patriots coach Bill Belichick doesn’t want to wear the ribbon.

“I mean, I usually wear the same thing for every game,” Belichick told WEEI on Monday. “I mean, not the same thing, but depending on the weather and so forth, I just wear the same thing for every game. So, I don’t change what I wear weekly based on whatever the theme of the week is. But, Salute to Service is — look, the military and the job that our service men and women do and the sacrifices that they make are very important to me and my family, always has been, always will be, and I always want to recognize those and I do it. So, I don’t have any objection to what anybody else does, but I just choose to — honestly, I don’t think what sweatshirt I wear is that important. What’s important to me is what your actions are, what you do, so I try to make those count.”

Belichick never has been a guy who does the things someone else wants him to do, and as a guy who doesn’t like to do the things that someone else wants me to do, I can get behind that. Sometimes, however, guys who get paid a whole lot of money to do something that they’d do for free need to play the game, just a little. The images that make their way into millions of homes every week have value, and if Belichick had simply worn the drab green hoodie, awareness of the NFL’s broader Salute to Service efforts would have gotten a significant boost.

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  1. I’m with Bill. My Dad was a WWII vet, parachute infantry, twice wounded, and he’d say the same.

  2. When you know Bills past and his feelings on the military, you know his refusal to do this isnt meant in any way to be disrespectful. His actions and his life prove to me he’s a man that’s long cared for and respected those who serve.

  3. Damn right he should wear the olive drab hoody! Wouldn’t want that millions the government paid the NFL for their “salute” to the military to be waisted.

  4. translation? “I do a lot of volunteer and charity work for
    the military behind the scenes and Goodell cheapens it trying to force
    me to wear military green on the sidelines.”

    All hail the principled and classy Bill Belichick.

  5. Sounds like he’s disrespecting the military to me. I mean, if you can stretch the truth enough to say Kaepernick doesn’t care about the military because he doesn’t stand for the anthem, then you can clearly make the case that Belichick doesn’t care enough about the military to throw on a shirt to show support.

    I can’t wait for the Kaepernick haters to try rationalize this…

  6. don’t even get me started on the NFL’s hypocrisy regarding their relationship with the US military.

  7. For God’s sake Bill, just wear a green hoody for a game or two. Yes, you’re the GOAT coach but sometimes you’re just to damn stubborn.

  8. BB does not want to disrespect the shirt by cutting it and mangling it. That’s the sort of clothes he’s comfy with during the games.

  9. A few years back when the NFL partnered w Microsoft to promote the Surface tablet and touted the hell out of it, BB tried to adopt it but got frustrated when it would lag or whatever the issue was and finally fired it at the bench during a game and later said in a press conference that it sucks and wasn’t worth bothering with.

    Good times

  10. I completely respect his decision and fully agree he has the right to do as he sees fit for himself as long as it doesn’t negatively affect others. See how easy that was.

  11. Nothing wrong with Billy not wanting to take part in the money machine that is the NFL and the military for people to eat up.

    The military isn’t patriotic. The military is a tool used to keep the nation moving no differently than many other branches of government and just society as a whole. What is patriotic is loving your country and doing the little things everyday to make it better is.

  12. I am a Miami fan and a retired Marine and I have no issue with his stance. The NFL doesn’t really care – it’s all about money for them.

  13. As a veteran, my only question is, will he be fined? Is this required of all coaches by the all too totalitarian NFL? I notice they’ve chosen olive drab green which represents the army. What about the other four services? They’re all represented in the honor guards at each game, so how about a variety of styles. Finally, did the NFL really care about the military and veterans, or is this just another money grab?

  14. Bill is being honest, something many in the League office never do. His family upbringing was part of Annapolis. When I grew up if you did not serve you did not wear the fatigues.

  15. He’s right. Special clothing does nothing but draw attention to the person wearing it. Does little if anything for the cause.

  16. Its so amazing who people choose to make excuses for in 2018. Very similar to the current presidency. It doesn’t matter if its a new love interest, if you like someone, its not hard to make excuses for them. If this were any other coach, there would be an uproar about how he is disrespecting the military. You don’t have to agree but we all know its true

  17. He grew up in Annapolis and his dad coached at Navy. He was a ball boy there Probably not many coaches in NFL more appreciative of service.

  18. Just par for the course for Bill Belichick. He’s not a member of the coaching union, doesn’t use the microsoft tablet like the league office would prefer, and slices and dices the Nike apparel he’s supposed to wear.

    As for not donning a green sweatshirt, it’s just Bill giving the bird to Park Ave. He wants to focus on coaching, and not their marketing efforts. As for his level of respect for the military, perhaps you should watch the WWII documentary he narrated for PBS or listen to him go on and on about his love of the Naval Academy.

  19. For all you uninformed the NFL does not profit from the special gear all profits go to help our service men and women
    Salute to Service is the only gear I buy as no profits to the NFL

  20. Weird how you would talk down to capitalist but not mention some one like Joseph Stalin and his draped green jacket that I’m sure you leftist admire so much.

  21. The more I read about this guy, the more I like him.

    He’s just saying, “Hey, keep me out of your chest beating exercises. I have a life to live”…and I’m with him 100%.
    That’s exactly how I’ve chosen to live my life too.

    Thing is, I felt the same way about the guys kneeling – and the real reason they were doing it…not the crap storyline it turned into.

    BB has it right. Good outlook on all the crap that permeates society today.

  22. He honors the veterans every day when he dons his Patriots gear with the minuteman on it. He’s just way old school.

  23. Every day is a salute to the service of our military men and women. Bill understands that.

  24. bigblue59 says:
    November 5, 2018 at 5:58 pm
    For all you uninformed the NFL does not profit from the special gear all profits go to help our service men and women. Salute to Service is the only gear I buy as no profits to the NFL
    The NFL does profit, it profits hugely by product association. It also profits by draping itself in the flag and playing on people’s sense of nationalism. It also profits by added foot-fall (i.e. folks buying Salute stuff on-line or in-store being lured by their other products or at least seeing the soft adverstising from sponsor partnerships the NFL has). It also profits by economies of scale in bulk ordering of products – i.e. if you order 10,000 reg shirts plus 10,000 Salute shirts you can get a better price on the 10,000 reg shirts….

  25. It figured that someone would try a false equivalence with this and Kaepernick. Not at all the same. It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it. You also have to be honest.

  26. AutonomousThinker7 says:
    November 5, 2018 at 5:48 pm

    If this were any other coach, there would be an uproar about how he is disrespecting the military. You don’t have to agree but we all know its true.


    Please point me to the articles criticizing Pete Carroll and Jason Garrett for not wearing Salute to Service gear on the sideline.

  27. I agree with Belichick. This is just another cash grab by the NFL by trying to force people to wear the apparel. Let him be. It’s nice to see someone telling the league to shove it

  28. 100% with Belichick. I was drafted and did my duty instead of bailing to Canada. I could care less about phony gestures of patriotism to push merchandise. Are 100% of profits for the camo gear sales, plus matching funds from the NFL going to disabled veterans? Ha! Ever notice how the same clowns show up locally every year waving the flag on Veterans day, etc. The Stolen Valor organization has shown that there is a correlation between that behavior and bogus service records (or no service at all!). Say what you want about BB, but he’s no damn phony. Contrast with the leadership of the NFL which charged the DOD for their “salute to service” scheme.

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