Bruce Arians would only come out of retirement for Browns job

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It’s never too soon to start speculating about the Browns job in 2019, and there’s already one Kangol cap in the ring.

Via Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository, CBS analyst and two-time coach of the year Bruce Arians said the only job that would tempt him was the Browns job currently held by interim Gregg Williams.

Cleveland is the only job I would consider,” Arians said.

The colorful coach worked for the Browns from 2001-03, and was on the staff which made the lone playoff appearance of the modern era of the Browns (2002). They lost that game at Pittsburgh, but the nostalgia is clearly a draw for him.

He also said he thought there was a “thin” pool of candidates who could succeed there, but cited old friend Chuck Pagano as a coach who could.

That seems like more of a wish than a realistic possibility, as the market for coaches who went 20-28 their last three seasons is probably shallow as well.

It’s also unclear if the 66-year-old Arians is ready to get back to the full-time grind, after dealing with some health issues of his own during his years with the Cardinals.

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  1. That explains why he was buttering up John Dorsey on the broadcast yesterday. If I’m John, I’m making that call. You can do a lot worse than Arians and Williams together but may be hard pressed to find better.

  2. Arian is KNOWN to be great at developing QB’s. And his “tough guy” background would go very well with Baker. (Pagano – not so much.) *IF he is healthy enough, hes PERFECT.

  3. Him or Cowher. Fans would love it. Arians would be a fantastic mentor for Mayfield; Cowher would find someone to do that for him and tune up the rest of the team big-time. Look at all the young guys and the draft picks coming. This is the best job out there for 2019.

  4. I honestly would like to see if even Belichik could succeed with the Browns in his second go around with the team. No Kraft and no Brady, could he do it under Haslam?

  5. I like Arians. One of a very small handful of coaches in any sport who won’t just throw out cliches at every question

  6. I think working for the Browns makes one lose their mind. Thought Dorsey was a decent GM until he took Baker with the top pick and passed on the best pass rusher for a CB. It was the first time in the history of the draft a team took a secondary player over a pass rusher. I know Ward is playing great but teams win championships when they have a dominate pass rush. CBs can only do so much.

  7. I don’t know how good of a GM John Dorsey is, but there is no way I would hire Chuck pagano to lead the browns out of futility. I think Chuck is a great guy, but clearly he’s not a great head coach. Not a terrible one either, but I witnessed his style first hand. Lots of wood chopping, but he never was able to get players to improve. I think he’s a good positional coach though. Arians, I think he’s a good coach. Probably could do wonders for baker Mayfield, but I think his scheme would be terrible in Cleveland. Too windy, too many deep plays that take a long time to develop, etc. Just this fans idiot opinion…but Arians does win though.

  8. He would be at the top of my list. I know the QB will develop under him, and I know that Harold Goodwin’s O Line will protect the QB, and open up lanes for the RB.

    Plus this is a Head Coach that has a track record of successes, and not failures.This is a slam dunk hire for a GM.

  9. bkgrime says:
    November 5, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Can he really say he would want another job that is taken at the moment?

    It’s not taken.

  10. I still say the Browns obvious choice for a new HC is Jeff Fisher. Nobody delivers mediocrity better than Jeff Fisher, and being mediocre is an impossible dream for the Browns.

  11. He’d be a great fit. Like the poster above said, the “All or Nothing” documentary series was fantastic. He’s just one of those guys who can steer the ship.

    Add to that Roethlisberger is close to retirement, the Ravens are imploding, yeah the Cleveland Browns of ALL PLACES could be a very good spot for BA.

  12. Tim Couch says that BA is the single reason that he had his playoff year and wished that he could have played for him for many more years. BA tailors the offense to the QB.

    Both Cleveland and Arians feel like the other is the one that got away. Make this happen mid season!

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