Chris Johnson announces his retirement

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After 10 years and nearly 10,000 rushing yards, Chris Johnson has decided to call it a career.

The former Titans, Jets and Cardinals running back issued the statement through his agents.

“After a great deal of thought and consideration, I have decided to close this chapter of my life and look forward to the new possibilities that have been afforded to me,” he wrote.

Johnson had one of the most brilliant individual seasons in league history for the Titans in 2009, rushing for 2,006 yards and finishing with 2,509 yards from scrimmage. He was also the fastest man in the league for some time, as he set a record for the combine 40-yard dash at 4.24 seconds in 2008.

He might not have reached that level again, but had six straight 1,000-yard seasons. As recently as 2015, he was a productive fill-in for the Cardinals, rushing for 814 yards in 11 games. He played in four games for them last year before he was released in October.

9 responses to “Chris Johnson announces his retirement

  1. grant35 says:
    November 5, 2018 at 1:57 pm
    Absolute burner. Fastest player since Deion Sanders
    Actually he was faster than Deion. BTW Tyreek says “Hi”. He is also faster than Deion.

  2. Johnson’s time is the fastest recorded since the combine began using the electronic timing system. Both Deion Sanders and Don Beebe were timed in 4.21 in 1989. Joey Galloway ran a 4.18 back in 1995, that was the fastest time ever. Apparently, he can still fly. In July of 2014 Galloway posted a 4.29 on grass at the age of 42.

  3. This is perfect timing… His agent saw Irvin’s incoherent, inebriated rant on tv and thought. Time to retire, let’s get you an analyst job.

  4. In July of 2014 Galloway posted a 4.29 on grass at the age of 42.
    Imagine how fast he’d run if he wasn’t high.

  5. Sorry kid but you are dead wrong, no Joey did not run a 4.18, but Bo Jackson did and Bo also posted a 4.12 and even those are not the fastest, jakeem Grant posted a 4.10 in 2016. And galloway has said a few times that his fastest time was 4.22 and he also said on College Football Live that he has not been timed in over 10 years, so the 2014 thing is a lie. But again ur 4.18 story would still be false about the fastest ever even if he did do it, considering 4 other ppl had faster times before that, like Bo’s 4.12.

  6. Do all these cats get the same person to write their retirement announcement?? “I’ve decided to close this chapter in my life.. blah blah etc etc”

  7. That 2009 season was crazy. Dude averaged like 5.9 yards a carry that season. He was so fun to watch. You were just literally always on the edge of your seat waiting for him to break a 50 yard run & often he would oblige you. Too bad we wasted him with QBs like Young & Collins all those seasons.

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