Jerry Jones rules out in-season coaching change

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Eight years ago to the day, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he wouldn’t be making an in-season coaching change. Three days later, he did.

After Monday night’s disappointing loss to the Titans, the first 2018 home loss for the Cowboys, Jerry Jones said the same thing.

After the 28-14 outcome, Jones was asked whether he could envision making a coaching change during the season. “No,” Jones said, via Charean Williams of PFT.

Which means that it’s time to watch and wait for a potential coaching change.

The Cowboys, now 3-5, face the 4-4 Eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday night. The Cowboys then travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons, followed by a pair of Thursday home games, against Washington and New Orleans. Three of those four games will be played in front of large national audiences. And the outcomes of these next four games could go a long way toward determining whether Jones will, eight years later, do the thing he has said he wouldn’t do.

The difference this time, of course, is that there really isn’t an in-house coach in waiting, unless Jones has taken a sufficient shine to Kris Richard to prompt Jones to entrust the job to the former Seahawks defensive coordinator. The more likely outcome is that Jones would go big-name hunting after the season, giving up control and limelight for a Jimmy Johnson/Bill Parcells-style coach who would be charged with turning around an extended stretch of mostly mediocrity.

Right now, the Cowboys are slightly worse than mediocre. They’ve got six days before embarking on a three-games-in-12-days stretch that could go a long way toward sealing Jason Garrett’s fate, whether he makes it to Week 17 or not.

51 responses to “Jerry Jones rules out in-season coaching change

  1. The players tried at the beginning of the game, then you could just see their enthusiasm and energy sapped by the sorry play calling….time for a change.

  2. The offense is predictable and too conservative. Add in a medicore Dak and it’s a recipe for disaster

  3. Jones was asked whether he could envision making a coaching change during the season. “No,”

    Didn’t they just fire there OL coach last week? Jerry must have a lot on his mind and just

  4. How does someone like Jason Garrett get to keep his job after so many years of substandard football? Is it the name? It’s very Texas. Very muchismo. Do we need to find a guy named Gavin McLeod or Russell Conrad or Wayne St. John to lead this club?

  5. At least they got Cooper for next year’s first rounder, he will make the difference. They might end the season with 7 wins now instead of 6.

  6. Linehan was brutally roasted by the commentators in this game (especially from Witten), and it was well-deserved.

    I have no interest in tribalism, but objectively, this is a bad coaching staff that for some reason or another has experienced incredible job security. The Cowboys are the biggest professional sports franchise in the world and they continuously settle for mediocre coaching. There is no salary cap on coaches – why don’t they try to do better? Why have they not been developing promising younger coaches on the staff? Obviously, Garrett/Linehan/etc have no interest in doing so but wouldn’t you think the front office would have a vested interest in developing internal options…?

  7. Under Linehan the Cowboys have become very predictable. Every first down the Cowboys run. The Titan game was no different. The game plan was obvious. Run Zeke and feature Amari Cooper when passing. Linehan never changes his game plan during a game. That plan worked a few years ago when the Cowboys had an OL that opened up running lanes you could drive a truck through. That’s not the case now. Linehan is stuck in the past. To everybody other than Jerry Jones, it’s obvious that Linehan has to go for the Cowboys to have an unpredictable offense and keep opponents off balance. Until Jerry fires Linehan, the Cowboys will keep spinning their offensive wheels.

  8. Yes, it’s time for the red-headed spitter to get out of football. No other team in their right mind would pick him up, so essentially he’s done… and actually was done years ago if not for Jerry’s insistence on keeping a “Yes man” as an underling. What the ‘boyz need is a no-nonsense ruffian like Bill Parcells. Or maybe Jerry could swallow his pride and bring back Jimmy Johnson.

  9. Some poor janitor is going to get fired tomorrow. Perhaps even a high ranking video technician. It’s going to be ugly tomorrow.

    Same old same old.

  10. Pardon me if I don’t believe him. They had no plan on offense, looked two steps on defense and suffered from a clear lack of leadership in all phases. Starts with coaching but the buck stops with ownership.

  11. Pardon me if I don’t believe him. They had no plan on offense, looked two steps behind on defense and suffered from a clear lack of leadership in all phases. Starts with coaching but the buck stops with ownership.

  12. In other words: Jerry Jones rules out ever having a contending team again by sticking with a woefully incompetent coach who has had a decade to fail miserably at his so called “process”.

  13. Until Jerruh Jones fires himself, the Cowboys will never win again. Which makes all Cowboys haters very happy. So don’t go anywhere Jerruh!!

  14. Oh, and by the way Sean Lee is good, but he spends more time off the field, then he does on it!

  15. Perhaps the Cowboys aren’t as talented across the board as they, Irvin, Witten, Romo, Sportscenter and their fans would like you to believe. No one in particular on either side of the ball makes teams pause the tape.

  16. Has any owner ever admitted they were thinking about a coaching change when asked about it? If the Cowboys get embarrassed by philly on SNF next week, Garrett is done.

  17. Any Cowboys fan care to comment on what current Head Coach in the NFL you would most like to see on the ‘Boys, and the draft assets you would be comfortable with the ‘Boys parting with to get that HC?

  18. It’s time for Jerrah to fade to black and find a legitimate GM to run this team. But his ego won’t allow it.

  19. America’s team is the laughingstock of America just like America is now the laughingstock of Russia

  20. The Cowboy problems start at the top in the front office….always have…They will lose at least 3 out of the next four games and Jones will have to find a coach that will not be his puppet, in order to win.Who will that be ? Will Jones give up the complete control he has always demanded ? What new coach will want to jump into the boiling pot without having the majority of player personnel control ? ..Or will it just go on the same it always has with Jones calling all the shots and the team being the epitome of mediocrity ..or worse ?

  21. Anybody heard from Calaiscowboyz? I hope he is okay.

    Also does anybody have Michael Irvin’s cell number? I’d like to text him in regards to his mouthing off yesterday about how great Dak is and was gonna be last night. I believe he was mistaken.

    Dak is the next Jamarcus Russell. Big kid, can run, can’t throw, and can’t read a defense.

  22. Your team is 3-4, offensive line play has been so bad, you have to fire your O-line coach, you just traded a #1 for a WR who needs to get up to speed on your offense, poor coaching decisions has led to losses against Houston and Washington. You’ve got 14 days off to get ready for another 3-4 team that is second to last in points scored…..Where is your head coach? Sitting next to Brad Paisley at Dodgers Stadium watching a world series game!

    How did that work out? You come out and run the most mediocre predictable offense imaginable… bad that the announcer crew was roasting you over and over for your predictable play calling and you lose by 14!!!!!

    Jerry’s problem isnt so much the fans not wanting to see this dumpster fire of a coaching staff going forward, he needs to worry about his players not wanting to see this dumpster fire of a coaching staff going forward.

    Jason Witten made a comment last night that he hated the fact that this coaching staff was not aggressive enough during games and he’s right. You know if he hated that about this staff, the other players are too!

    Fire Garrett because he is a below average coach, lacks aggressiveness need to give his team a chance to compete, cant get his team ready to play a 3-4 team when he has 2 weeks to prepare…..and for God’s sake, fire him because he is the absolute worst coach when it comes to challenging calls on the field!

  23. I hear Hugh Jackson is available… an upgrade without having to give up draft picks.

    Sad but true.

  24. alongthegulf says:

    “Under Linehan the Cowboys have become very predictable…The game plan was obvious…Linehan never changes his game plan during a game”.

    Scott Linehan has been coordinating offenses for decades. He has forgotten more about putting together a game plan and making in game adjustments than you will ever know.

    Commenters who think that they can spot the intricacies of game plans and adjustments thereto are so amusing.

  25. They had 2 freakin’ weeks to prepare for this game!! If JJ EVER, wants to sniff even a NFC championship game in his lifetime, Garrett, Linehan, and Kellen Moore, had better be on the NEXT train out of town…smh…. Romo WAS the offense for many years, changing plays in the huddle, and making Patty Cake and Linehan look like they 1/2 way knew what they were doing! Well, he’s gone, we’re a dumpster fire, and Dak has regressed exponentially. Historically, these yahoos have NEVER been able to coach up a q/b!!!! JJ had better wake up!!!

  26. omeimontis says:
    November 6, 2018 at 12:06 am
    Firing the coach now is equivalent to throwing in the towel for this season. Not good for ticket sales. LOL
    Actually it would be great for ticket sales

  27. Please don’t fire Jason for these 2 reasons,
    1- they may win 7 games with a better coach, which in turn means force feeding NFL fans having to watch about 9 or 11 prime time games every year of a team that is no fun to watch and puts a poor product on the field.
    2- Garrett gets a network job as an analyst or play by play guy and the NFL fans have to listen to the ramblings of another poor ex-cowboy talking head. Just because Don Meredith was good, doesn’t mean every retired cowboy should have a that job. The rest of them should go do high school game in Asia, where they are still under qualified.

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