Paul Richardson, Brandon Scherff and Shawn Lauvao out for year

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When it rains, it pours and it’s a torrential downpour in Washington on the injury front.

Washington head coach Jay Gruden announced at a Monday press conference that the team lost three offensive starters for the season after Sunday’s loss to the Falcons.

As feared, right guard Brandon Scherff tore his pectoral when he was hurt against Atlanta. Left guard Shawn Lauvao tore his ACL and wide receiver Paul Richardson is being shut down due to an AC joint injury in his shoulder that he’s been dealing with for some time.

Scherff and Lauvao went down in a game that Washington played without left tackle Trent Williams and Williams is out indefinitely after having thumb surgery last week. Gruden also said that right tackle Morgan Moses is day to day with an MCL injury, so it’s not a particularly good time on the offensive line right now.

The injury ends Richardson’s first season with the team after seven games and 20 catches for 262 yards and two touchdowns. Jamison Crowder has missed the last four games with an ankle injury, so things aren’t much better at that offensive position group either.

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  1. It’s Groundhog Day all over again……
    As a life long Redskins fan, the fact that we don’t have ANY quality backups is a direct result of Bruce Allen’s poor drafting record and stubborn unwillingness to go after quality free agents in the off season. A blind monkey could have had better results than this clown. This is what you get Danny Boy when you have a former two-bit college punter making your draft selections.

  2. Man o man. Tough times for sure. The team needs to get ready for TB. Tampa not feeling sorry for them. Licking their chops. Better make some adjustments to that game plan Gruden or its gonna get worse.

  3. Wow I am Eagles fan for a long time. The Eagles have been destroyed by injuries this year BUT the redskins got annihilated in 1 game yesterday.

  4. And just like that they went from the favorite in the NFCE to probably not making it to 7 or 8 wins.

    The offense was inept before these injuries, what will they be after?

  5. .
    This is where that “next man up” mantra becomes ridiculous. What team has two starter quality guards and WR just hanging around? These injuries may have put Washington’s season on the shelf?

  6. Kirk did great with a banged up line last year. We’ll see if their “upgrade” at QB does the same or if it will be a convenient excuse going forward. I’m not much of a Kapernick fan, but I know Alex Smith was benched for him. Kapernick is now out of the league. Sooooo……. Might be time to give Colt McCoy a look to kick start this stagnant offense.

  7. I feel your pain Redskns Fans. My Dolphins are down to 1 starting OLinemen left too. I get the next man up thing and that all teams have injuries, but this is crazy. No way to win with 7 out of 11 Starters out (inlcluding our QB) unless of course we get to play the Jets every weekend. AP and Gore were bright spots this year, but with no blocking they will just fade away as a headline. Good Luck and quick recovery wishes the rest of the way.

  8. I actually like Harris as a receiver. Skins are going to need to sign some offensive linemen. I had hoped we would trade for one before the deadline, I would have tried to buy one of those raider linemen in their firesale, but alas we did not. The good news is our offensive line coach is legit, our line was night and day before he got here, so I do think he can work with electrical tape and bubblegum to have our line be good enough to still compete.

    I still think the skins are going to win this division as I think 9-7 will get the job done, and I think the skins are going to win most of their NFC East games, but I don’t think skins can do well vs high powered offenses such as the Falcons, Saints, Rams…..this Bucs game scares me too. After this Bucs game though I think the skins defense will match up well to the rest of their schedule, and it will be the defense that will have to carry us.

  9. This typical Redskins they always are a dollar short! Paul Richardson is not an every down WR, he not a DJax that can beat double coverage. Paul Richardson needs a # one to draw the top cover two into the middle of the field. This Redskins team has no WRs to uncover the TEs. And Jordon Reid is not the same threat he was two years ago. This is why they should have signed Dez, Dez won’t take the top off of defenses but he is a physical big Wr that can do the dirty underneath work. The Redskins reach for Dobson in the first round, he’s a third option at best. Sign Dez!

  10. Redskins have a great punter/long snapper combination…And with all the practice they’ll be getting, they should develop even further

  11. “The fact that we don’t have ANY quality backups.”

    I’m not buying this whole bit about no OL depth. Nsekhe is about as good as backup tackles get, the other back up tackle is a third-round pick, and Bergstrom is not terrible for a backup. Remember that last year’s depth Chase Roullier is now a starter (the only healthy one I might add).

    No one has great depth when you get to the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th guy in a position group. I mean, if you had starting-quality depth they’d be starters.

  12. Just remember this clown of a team wouldn’t pay Cousins the $80 million he wanted; so they paid a washed up fraud of a QB, Captain Checkdown, the same $80 million to put on his uniform and claim he’s NFL material.

    A prudent manager would have drafted a backup QB and given Colt a bit of a pay raise and spent the rest of the money on quality backups and had a better team for it.

  13. They had to know Richardson is a china doll when they signed him. Main reason the Seahawks didn’t even make an offer. Guy gets hurt getting off the team bus.

  14. Another year, another injury plague for the Redskins. They are always near the top of the league in games lost by starters due to injury.

    The front office (Bruce Allen) has done a terrible job of getting depth at positions with repeated injury problems.

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