Ravens aren’t making a quarterback change during bye week

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The Ravens have lost four of their last five games and they’ve missed the playoffs in four of the last five seasons, which has led to questions about head coach John Harbaugh’s future with the organization.

Harbaugh fielded those questions after Sunday’s loss and Monday’s press conference had him moving on to the team’s plans during the bye week. They don’t include moving Lamar Jackson ahead of Joe Flacco on the depth chart at quarterback.

“Joe’s played well, so I don’t want to get into all of that,” Harbaugh said, via Jonas Shaffer of the Baltimore Sun. “We’re rolling right now with what we got. Of course, at some point in time, this guy’s a quarterback. … He’s improving all the time. He’s getting better as a quarterback, an NFL quarterback, all the time. … I want to see Lamar on the field too. How to do that is kind of what we’re working though, so that’s what we’ve got to figure out.”

Harbaugh did leave open the possibility of playing Jackson for a full series at a time while leaving Flacco in place as the starter. Should that plan and any others Harbaugh draws up over the next couple of weeks fail to change the team’s fortunes, Jackson’s time as a starter will be even closer to beginning.

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  1. How many coaches will Flacco bring down with his incompetence? Guy has had every excuse in the book made up for him. The only constant variable in a perennial bad offense is Flacco. He brings everyone down with him, including the GM, several OCs, Multiple WRs, and now the head coach. When is this team just going to finally get rid of Flacco?

  2. Jackson can’t play QB in the NFL. RGIII has proven he can’t either, although he looked decent in the preseason. I think you’re stuck playing Flacco till you find a replacement.

  3. I knew y’all were all CraZy for picking the ravens to make it deep in the playoffs, some even to the SB! But seeing your week to week picks W-L records, it’s not shocking you picked another dud to make it to the playoffs/SB in the ratbirds!

  4. I watched the game and felt a huge disruption in the flow of the Ravens offense every time they brought Jackson in to do their “special” plays, which yielded little to no gain every time. It’s not worth it.

    They need to sit Jackson for the year as the Chiefs did to Mahomes. Let Lamar learn there and put him in a game at the end of the season. He’s not ready either … and a couple of runs a game isn’t doing anything but expose him to an unnecessary injury.

  5. “Jackson can’t play QB in the NFL”.

    Care to tell us why, and list your QB evaluator credentials so we can judge your reasons? 0r do you wish to simply state unsubstantiated judgments?

  6. Good. The longer Ravens keep “doing an Eli” and bigging up their completely average (career passer rating of 84.1) QB as some sort of inspirational elite and leader, the longer their long standing championship quality defense remains neutralized. I can’t believe the team haven’t noticed how mediocre Average Joe really has been for over 10 years! Keep paying him elite money too as this helps keep the team pegged back. Best news I’ve read all day.
    – Pats fan.

  7. What they need to do is stop putting Jackson in the game so much, or wait till they get a lead. Putting Jackson in the game 5-6 snaps on the 1st 2drives takes away the Rhythm from the Offense.

  8. It’s tough to argue with the first sentence of this post, but I still think Baltimore would be crazy to move on from Harbaugh. Look at the state of coaching in the league right now. There’s nowhere to go but down. This team is almost always competitive.

    The roster could use some good new additions, and if they’re smart, they’ll keep Harbaugh and Flacco and give Jackson the time he needs to develop. Look at the wreckage around the Bills, Cardinals, and Browns to see how it goes when they don’t.

  9. Harbaugh has to go, but the owner wont do it. Make Roman the interim, as a Ravens fan I am tired Harbaugh rhetoric his ra ra speeches. This team is not full of Hall of Famers but there is talent on this team. But another year of Harbaugh “surviving” only to take Ravens fans through the same thing next year. The answer may be to stop going to the games.

  10. The main problem, and only problem is joe Flucco! It’s a lot of guys yelling that Lamar isn’t ready but yet is joe? One is a young up and comer and the other is an 11 year vet whom makes rookie mistakes ! Can’t go but up!

  11. Who is the last really good offensive weapon Baltimore drafted? I’m thinking Todd Heap. Maybe Ray Rice. And both of them were good but still not guys who scare defenses.

    Ozzie was great at building the core of the team with OL and defense, but he was awful with offensive skill players.

    That’s why the ravens are stuck where they are.

    Harbaugh has coached them up to the max. Maybe he could use a more innovative OC but fact remains, they don’t have many weapons. All their skill guys are mid level free agents or young guys.

  12. If you are going to bench players that didn’t perform. You are benching more than just Flacco. The Ravens took advantage of a easy stretch in the schedule . And upset the Steelers. And are now returning to more of what the Ravens are. The Ravens have another 4-5 losses left on the schedule.

  13. dougchillin says:
    November 5, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    How many coaches will Flacco bring down with his incompetence? Guy has had every excuse in the book made up for him. The only constant variable in a perennial bad offense is Flacco. He brings everyone down with him, including the GM, several OCs, Multiple WRs, and now the head coach. When is this team just going to finally get rid of Flacco?


    Did you watch the Ravens prior to 2012? The Ravens haven’t invested much in Offense since ’98. Gary Kubiak, Jim Caldwell and Hue Jackson got head coaching jobs after coaching Flacco, so your comment is also factually incorrect. None of the receivers outside Boldin have done zip after leaving Baltimore

  14. Jackson is not an NFL QB. He is good for some gimmick plays but that is about it on a QB level. My opinion. If the ravens move on from Flacco, that will set the team back 5 or 6 years at least maybe longer. Big part of the problem is the offensive line. When your Qb is running for it’s life most of the game it is hard to be effective. Now I’m not saying Joe is the not part of the problem, but Joe will always be that qb that will give you them few plays a game that make you say wtf are you doing but overall he is the best option that the ravens have at the moment. Also when Joe is given time he is very effective.

    Then the next problem is Harbaugh. Harbaugh is the type that will always bring in his BOYS. And he is the type that will either swim or sink with his boys until upper management tells him its them or you then he will do something. Example Cam Cameron. But I think the ravens need to move on from harbaugh and let him have a fresh start and bring in some new coaches and see what happens for a year

  15. A lot of fans are ready to do away with Joe and see if Lamar is the answer. But the organization isn’t going to make that change, if at all, until the post season is no longer attainable.

    As fans, we need to hold on to our seats and see what transpires next week against the Bengals.

    We all know it is a MUST WIN game. I’ve said on other forums that I think the Ravens need to pull all the stops to win that game. If Joe is laying an egg, and the game is getting out of reach, we need to see if Lamar can pull out the W. But will coach Harbaugh have the stones to do it? There is no other option in my opinion. The season is over if we lose.

    Try not to put all your emotion into that game y’all. It could be a heartbreaker.

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