Sam Darnold: I played stupid football against the Dolphins

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is kicking himself today about the way he played yesterday.

Darnold threw four interceptions and no touchdowns in the Jets’ 13-6 loss in Miami, and he said today that he know she has to be smarter about where he throws the football.

“It’s just not playing to the best of my ability and quite frankly just playing stupid. I thought I played stupid football yesterday. I just have to be better. I know that. Coaches know it. Everyone knows it,” Darnold said.

Darnold has played a lot of stupid football this season. He’s thrown an NFL-high 14 interceptions, been sacked 21 times and fumbled four times. The Jets appear committed to sticking with Darnold, rather than benching him for Josh McCown, but it’s going to be hard to win many games if Darnold doesn’t play better.

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  1. He’ll be fine. He’s a rookie and going some growing pains. 2 of those interceptions came on 4th down where he just had to throw it (and just like all game, none of his receivers were open).

    The biggest thing right now is the Jets need a coaching change. Todd Bowles is one of ththe worst in the league.

  2. Let’s not forget that it should have been 5 but McIntyre dropped one that hit I’m right in the chest. And that was against a Miami team that never rushes more than 4 people, and are injury ridden on the D-line. Darnold was a turnover machine in college, and has going to a historicaly dysfunctional franchise. It’s not going to get better any time soon

  3. All these QBs taken in the 1st round are basically flopping. Mayfield looks to be the best of the bunch but still not worthy of #1 overall.

    Don’t chase!

  4. Well, he is a rookie playing on a middling team. So weird, all the announcers had him as the next Joe Montana when the season started…….

  5. When you’re a rookie ,and when quick recognition isn’t necessarily your strong suit in the first place ,it can’t help when the other team has white helmets,same as your team, and their jersey’s are a light pastel.

    At one time all of the AFC East teams had white helmets and not throwing it to the wrong team is why the Bills were the first to break away with the red helmets back in the 70s or 80s when Joe Ferguson was the QB.

    So what’s Darnold to do? I don’t know. Maybe look at the pants or ask Woody’s brother to wear green helmets against the Dolphins & Bills.

    And don’t think the Pats aren’t aware of this. They have the silver helmets while the rest of the AFC East now struggles against their white helmet opponents. And don’t the Pats also take it to the next level and sometimes wear throwback helmets against the AFC East?

  6. I think Rosen, Mayfield, and Darnold will be fine. Unfortunately, they were thrown into the fire before they were ready. Look at Mahomes. I’m an Eagle and Wentz had a rough first year also. They just have to be dedicated, keep learning and want to be as good as their abilities already are . That’s why they were drafted.

  7. “He’ll be fine. He’s a rookie and going some growing pains.”

    Agree, up to a point. The concern is this was pretty much a constant issue for him in college, as well. He’d make one great throw then toss it straight to a defender the next play. He has the tendency to just throw it out there and that’s got to change.

  8. I like how if you watch the highlights the Jets defense is ready to go any time he throws the ball because it’s likely to be an INT. They are immediately ready with their helmets and are on the field seconds after the play is over. It’s actually the best coached part of their game.

  9. Darnold threw alot of picks at USC. Anyone who watched CFB could tell you he was over rated and over hyped.

    Don’t even get me started on Josh Allen.

    How certain NFL scouts continue to remain employed is a mystery.

  10. He’s a rookie on a bad team with a bad coach, cut him some slack.

    But if this happens next year, as Marvin the Martian says, “back to the drawing board”, for the Jets and their endless QB hunt.

  11. All the people here calling him a bust are the same people that called Goff a bust when he went 0-7 and averaged 155 yards passing per game as a rookie.
    I’ll give him the rest of this year and all of next year before I become a expert draft evaluator like some of the commenters here

  12. The poor kid still doesn’t get it. His career was over when the Jets announced his name on draft day.

  13. greenanxiety says:
    November 5, 2018 at 2:34 pm
    Indeed. Another USC cant play quarterback…

    Indeed. When will teams learn to stop drafting QBs from USC? Heck, try to name the last above average QB from any of the Florida schools after 1990. At least USC produced a decent QB in Carson Palmer, not elite, but above average.

  14. Wait, I’m confused – weren’t those good passes he threw? I mean, heck the Dolphin players were wide open when he hit them…err wait, he’s the QB of the Jets? Oh……i see.

  15. You people are rediculius not too many rookie qbs come in and dominate. This was his 9th game. Sure he played terrible but what qb hasn’t had a bad game. Their is a lot more positive with Sam than their has been negative. He will be just fine hopefully the jets can build correctly around him just like any good qb needs too be successful. So many haters go troll somewhere else

  16. He’s still having a good. not great, rookie year. He wants to learn, he works hard & has potential to be a great QB. He throws a really nice ball to the WRs a lot. They need to stop the BS he doesn’t make mistakes twice.

  17. Sanchez led the NFL in turnovers having over 50 in two years. Darnold is on that pace. All the hard work means nothing if he doesn’t secure yhe ball.

  18. Its too early to call any kid in this class a bust. I will say that Darnold has a little too much of the “sling-it” mentality. If you’re Brett Favre you can get away with that…I dont think Darnold is going to be Favre though, so he really needs to reel in that part of his game. He throws way too many balls where the only guy in the vicinity is a defender. All interceptions are not equal.

  19. Teams caught onto the bubble screen/horizontal passing game after week 1. Once onto this and forced things down field totally new story. Greg Williams defense in Cleveland schematically too much for him. Dolphins man handled the Jets up front twice. Chicago effort was awful.
    Jacksonville wasn’t Penn State’s Rose Bowl defense. Jets defense made Darnold and offense look good that game yielding 500 yards to Bortles led offense.
    Jets offensive line doesn’t help matters, By the numbers (salary and performance) Shell is their best player. Winters is average but paid well above average. Carpenter mis-cast in zone run scheme. Long can’t snap other than that ok.

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