Dolphins urge fans to vote for right to bet on Dolphins games

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The NFL has come a long way, baby.

At a time when the league office continues to regard sports wagering like a Kryptonite-infused pile of dog droppings that somehow landed on the kitchen table (actually, now that my dog is big enough to get on the kitchen table, the “somehow” has been answered), the Miami Dolphins are urging Floridians to vote on their ability to bet on football.

“Protect your rights and vote no on amendment 3,” the Dolphins have declared in a tweet. “A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling paved the way for states to legalize sports betting. As it stands today, Florida could legalize sports betting tomorrow. If Amendment 3 passes, it would effectively block any chance for legal sports betting in Florida. Protect your right to legally bet on sports and vote NO on 3.”

So, basically, the Dolphins are lobbying voters in Florida to vote in a way that will make it more likely that those voters eventually will be able to bet on football. At a time when the NFL’s official position continues to be that wagering on football poses a significant threat to the integrity of the game, to the point where the NFL spent plenty of money (probably hundreds of thousands of dollars) to fight the lawsuit that eventually paved the way for nationwide sports wagering.

If you’re confused, you should be. The league office wants to resist and avoid wagering. The teams want to embrace it, because they know that they can make plenty of money from it, actual or perceived threats to the integrity of the sport be damned.

26 responses to “Dolphins urge fans to vote for right to bet on Dolphins games

  1. Yes, do your part to help the rich get richer and further-enable the gambling disease!

    Because that’s your right!

  2. Jessy Mason says:
    November 6, 2018 at 11:02 am
    Doug pederson > belichick

    Doug Pederson and the Eagles are a one hit wonder that won’t even make the playoff, despite being in one of the weakest divisions in football…

  3. WHEN these gamblers lose everything, whom will they blame? And then whom will they sue?
    What is missing here is protections for the Dolphins and the NFL WHEN these determined gamblers lose.
    All this is, is a money grab by lawyers who intend to use disgraced and broke gamblers as an “aggrieved” population who were “taken advantage of” by the Dolphins and the NFL.
    This is the game that lawyers play in order to get an entity to settle in order to minimize damage to their brand.
    I have no problem with gambling or gamblers at all. My issue is that these gamblers blame their losses on everyone else (casinos, lottery, etc) and claim that “no one told them that they could get “addicted” or that they could lose everything due to gambling.
    If you gamble, and you lose, then suck it up buttercup! Do NOT come to the taxpayers or a private company to make you whole.

  4. The group pushing this amendment is the Seminole Tribe that have all the casinos in Florida. If it passes, they will have no competition and can tell the state to pound sand when they dont like the terms the state want.

  5. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders:

    Tannehille stinks, Gase stinks, everyone stinks.

    Rinse and repeat with this guy

  6. Pile of dog droppings > Post by Jessy Mason

    Usually I wouldn’t take advice on voting from a football team but yes let’s legalize gambling. As for the inane post by dryzzt23 about people suing cause they lose money you are out of your mind. I feel you likely are one of those people always looking to sue and make a quick buck.

  7. I love how people like Florio think gambling on NFL games is some new phenomenon. He never mentioned it for years. Now it’s nearly a daily topic with him. If anyone is worried about the integrity of the game they should have started their worries about 83 years ago.

  8. Haha, this is awesome. So, who’s going to be responsible for amending the Bill of Rights to include everyone’s inalienable right to gamble? Since when did being able to gamble become a right? Oh, and be careful what you wish for Dolphins, as you’re players will exercise their “right” to gamble on these games as well…and it won’t be on their team.

  9. All this fuss over resisting and avoiding wagering, and all these teams wanting to capitalize on it, and all this pontificating about the integrity of the sport, and yet, there is still only one guy in the central replay suite whose decision affects the outcome of every game. And no one can get to him?

  10. That amendment was really weirdly worded. I hadn’t heard the dolphins were no on it, I thought it meant new gambling would face referendum.

  11. Who in Dolphin PR Department dreamed this up?
    The team is a smoldering dumpster fire on the verge of igniting into an inferno &
    all they’re worried about is sports betting ?

    Stephen Ross & his management personnel need to get a clue, that’s a BIG reason
    nobody takes this franchise serious – lack of PRIORITIES !

  12. finfansince68 says:
    November 6, 2018 at 1:19 pm

    Stephen Ross & his management personnel need to get a clue, that’s a BIG reason
    nobody takes this franchise serious – lack of PRIORITIES !

    Ro$$ has his prioritie$ in mind, there’s no way he can manipulate the Seminoles into giving him a cut.

  13. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    I would never want the right to bet on Dolphins games !

    Agreed. The only thing dumber would be betting on New York Giants games — unless of course you consistently bet on the Giants to lose.
    Sorry to troll you on another team’s article, my friend, but it’s the only place I know where to find you. You’re nowhere to be found on your own team’s stories these days. 🙂

  14. They should urge their players to stay on the field and not remove themselves during a game. There is NO possible excuse. Pathetic…move Reshad Jones now.

  15. Thank god we live in the land of the free where we can beg the state for permission to spend our own money in the manner that we want

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