Jason Garrett unconcerned about his future

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Jason Garrett is on the hot seat, and the Cowboys’ head coach appears unconcerned.

“I just focus on doing my job as well as I can do it every day,” Garrett said Tuesday when asked about his job status.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ruled out an in-season coaching change after Monday night’s loss to the Titans.

The Cowboys are two games behind Washington and one back of Philadelphia, their opponent this week, in the NFC East.

“Absolutely,” Garrett said when asked if the Cowboys had a chance to turn it around. “We just have to focus on what we need to do. We just have to clean up the game and we have to get our eyes on Philadelphia right now.”

Garrett signed a five-year, $30 million extension in January 2015, keeping him under contract through the 2019 season. He has a 70-58 record since taking over for Wade Phillips in the middle of the 2010 season.

The Cowboys have three winning seasons, two playoff appearances and one playoff win under Garrett.

25 responses to “Jason Garrett unconcerned about his future

  1. If he isnt concerned its because Dallas is a broken franchise under Jerry Jones. Garrett is every bit as bad of coach as Hue Jackson. Really pathetic.

  2. Won’t matter who they have as HC/OC with Prescott under center. It is a coach killer when you can’t trust your starting QB to make a play.

  3. He’s been given ample time, he should have to win the division AND win a playoff game this year, to save his job. Anything less and fire him, IMO.

  4. Yes Mr Jones, of course Mr Jones, right away Mr Jones, I completely agree Mr Jones, cream for your coffee Mr Jones?

    Jason Garretts a joke as a “coach”. Carrot Top is nothing more than a yes sir puppet for Jerry Jones.

    Any other team would have fired him years ago, not extended him. Welcome to Dallas, where failure is not only embraced, but its rewarded.

    As long as Garrett and the “culture” are around the Cowboys are doomed to also ran status.

    Long live King Jerry and Garretts Guys!!!

    signed Washington, New York and Philadelphia

  5. Well if I had made around $40 million over 10 years I wouldn’t be very concerned over my future either. Keep me hired, fire me, I still got that pile of money to swim around in. He’s still young and he can choose to retire and go fishing, or with the NFL coaching merry-go-round he’ll be hired by another team almost immediately. He’s got it made.

  6. When Dallas gets a real GM then and ONLY then will they be able to build a a team that is a consistent playoff threat. JJ can’t keep his mouth closed when it comes to who he wants to draft, and what made him think Cooper was worth a 1st round pick?

    He also all ready said Dak will be extended… He’s gonna ask for top 5 QB money probably settle for top 10 QB… and he won’t even be worth that.

  7. For a guy who went to Princeton, Garrett doesn’t coach smartly. Even though the OL has downgraded, it’s still better than half in the league. Stop running Zeke into a wall. Use him as a receiver matched up vs LBs and safeties. Throw in some read option for Dak.

    Basically, watch an Eagles game and do what they do. Or the Panthers. Do something besides the high school offense they keep running.

  8. Jerry will never a good coach because good coaches won’t put up with all the wacko stuff Jerry does. So if Jerry fires Garrett, he will just hire another puppet coach that he can control. So what will be different.

    For the Cowboys to make a run this year, Jerry will have to fire Linehan, or Garrett will have to take over play calling. With Linehan calling plays, the Cowboys are too predictable. Linehan won’t make adjustments to his play calling once the game start. The NFL is a league where it necessary to make adjustments as the game moves along.

    The Cowboys are not out of it yet, but…… without a decent play caller, it’s only a matter of time!

  9. fordmandalay says:
    November 6, 2018 at 7:04 pm
    with the NFL coaching merry-go-round he’ll be hired by another team almost immediately. He’s got it made.

    Not one team will ever take a look a Garret as a head coach. EVER

  10. Garrett has never been the issue in Dallas. Just answer this question: If the General Manger in Dallas offered his services for FREE to any of the 31 other teams, would any of them take up the offer?

  11. Does no one think Dak’s regress is from a QB coach who has zero experience as being a QB Coach. Romo’s coach always was working on his mechanics, his reads, things a QB ‘Coach’ should be doing!

  12. I just don’t understand why Jerry wouldn’t invest money in his players not for them! Romos qb coach kept him working on mechanics, reading D’s and Coverages! That’s where Dak needs help!

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