Jets have “thought about” sitting C Spencer Long this week

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Among the problems for the Jets offense in their 13-6 loss to the Dolphins were the shotgun snaps delivered by center Spencer Long.

Long made several high snaps, including one that went over quarterback Sam Darnold‘s head and another that Darnold corralled just in time to throw an interception that Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker returned for the game’s only touchdown.

It’s not the first time that Long has had issues with snaps as he’s been dealing with a finger injury for several weeks, but the Jets waited until the final series of the game to turn to Jonotthan Harrison. On Monday, head coach Todd Bowles explained why he didn’t make a switch earlier and said that the team has considered giving Long this week off in order to get him totally right.

“He was healthy,” Bowles said at Monday’s press conference. “He had a great week of practice and he’s our starting center. So, if he was healthy enough to play, he played. When we saw the finger start giving him more issues than normal, we replaced him with Jonotthan. His finger got banged up again. … I’ll see where it goes. It’s been thought about, but I haven’t expressed it to the coaches yet. We will deal with that this week.”

The Jets have a bye after facing the Bills, so Long would get an extended chance to heal up if he does sit out this week.

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  1. By halftime anyone actually watching the game saw that he was no longer healthy. He should have been pulled. Hell if he’s healthy enough to play swap him into guard and put Carpenter back under center. Darnold played badly and hell have to fix that to succeed, but the defense kept the Jets in it. I counted 2 drives that were ended by either a long sack or interception resulting from a bad snap. Unacceptable from a coach with his tenure.

  2. let Long sit this week so he’ll get the 2 weeks of rest with the bye included. He was a FA signed in the off-season so I’d guess keeping him healthy for the current & next season should be considered. Plus let’s face it the Jets need to look at all their reserve O lineman, practice squad guys and anyone else they can get a look at. This O line needs serious upgrades for next season

  3. One way or another big issue here. If his injury was going to impact his ability to snap the ball (especially the way he did) he should have been an emergency back-up at best.
    Snap is the start of every play. Doesn’t matter if was all world after the snap.
    The truth is that Long has trouble snapping when healthy. The injury is subterfuge for the bigger issue and question: How do you pay a guy 6 million in today’s NFL who can’t shotgun snap? Can’t ask Maccagnan (Dr. Strange) he moved on to 2019 last week. No present day answers or comments except that things are ‘progressing. Snails progress and crummy drafting and FA since he came onboard in 2015. He is working behind the scenes with the media to question scheme and Jeremy Bates to insulate himself for the offense which goes beyond Darnold (Offensive line is average and he overpaid Brian Winters)

  4. Much as I can’t stand the Jest the dude has been trying to snap with a dislocated/finger injury. Not an easy thing to do.

    The real issue is the idiot coaching staff doesn’t have/hasn’t planned for a suitable back up to him so he can heal up.

  5. …and next week – drum roll please – the 3-6 Jets put their 3 game losing streak on the line vs the 2-7 Bills, who bring their own 4 game losing streak to the game (as well as the league’s lowest scoring offense…a compelling story if there ever was one…

  6. Darnold has not played well, but his WRs cannot get any separation, he lost his most versatile running back to injury, and the one remaining cannot pass protect. Throw in injuries to most of the WRs….and not good. I know they were desperate and cut Pryor for other roster moves…but..whatever.

    Throw in a center struggling to snap the ball with a coaching staff that didn’t think to make a change until it was too late. How many fumbles and desperation INTs do you need to see?

    I hate franchise instability and having to re-hire the coaching staff and possibly the front office. But Bowles and his staff have to do a better job.

    Throw in some terrible drafts from the GM and the depth on this team stinks, even before all the injuries. I do think Darnold will be fine, but if the staff can’t show some reason they should get another year with Darnold, they will be gone.

    As another long-suffering Jets fan, maybe it is time.

  7. @hamlet423, exactly everyone wants the the continuity of a stable front office and coaching staff but other than the last four first round draft pics this front office has done nothing that merits retaining them, and this coaching staff way to many critiques to get into, hopefully they’ll reach out to either Harbaugh after the season.

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