Report: Saints, Dez Bryant talking contract

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Dez Bryant may soon have a new team, finally.

According to NFL Media, the Saints liked what they saw during Tuesday’s workout, and the two sides currently are negotiating a deal.

And if the deal happens, circle this date on your calendar: November 29. That’s when the Saints play the Cowboys. In Dallas. In prime time.

Once the season began, Bryant’s best play became signing with a team in November, getting up to speed over the balance of the regular season, and attempting to contribute in the postseason, hopeful to make the kind of impression in January that will get him paid in March.

As to Bryant’s reputation for being emotional, the Saints may be one of the few teams equipped to handle him. Between quarterback Drew Brees and coach Sean Payton, they’ll be blunt and candid regarding their expectations, and if it’s not working, the Saints will move on. Like they did a year ago with running back Adrian Peterson.

Earlier this year, the Browns were interested in Bryant, but he resisted. If he was trusting his instincts, his instincts were on the money.

72 responses to “Report: Saints, Dez Bryant talking contract

  1. Smart move. Gives the Saints two big physical receivers that will be matchup troubles. The Rams are getting Aqib Talib back soon. This ensures if they have to play the Rams again in the playoffs that Marcus Peters will still be a mismatch on either Thomas or Bryant.

  2. Boy this could get ugly when they play the Cowboys. It will be interesting to see Dez play with
    one of the best passing QB in the NFL.

  3. He has to take this if offered a deal. It would be the perfect situation to come into. If he can even be half of what he was in Dallas the Saints will get a great addition. I was hoping my Bengals would at least give him a look with their receiver issues currently going on.

  4. that does have major humiliation potential. with a great qb like brees on a hot streak and the cowboys being the cowboys, coach peyton may decide to rub it in with bryant.

  5. What a waste of money for the Saints. Come on man. Every interview about the team from here on out will be about HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Why on Earth would they wanted to bring that malcontent into the fold? I know they are banged up, but some guys are going to be more problems than they are worth. Bryant certainly seems to fit that profile.

  7. I loved Dez Bryant when we still had Romo. He needs a QB that can throw him open. Brees can do that. If Dez can go back to his earlier years when he wasnt dropping the ball then this could be a good addition. He wont be the primary option at WR and they also have Kamara.

    Also he’s playing with a Coach that is capable of calling plays that get WRs open by design. Which is great for him because he cant run routes. This could be very interesting.

    He can still be used for jump balls and back shoulder passes if all else fails. If that doesn’t work either than well they can just cut him. They score 30+ points a game anyways. He isnt needed on that team.

    Hopefully it works out for him. He gets a lot negative attention which some is well deserved but he was one of my favorite players for awhile. When my house burned down and I lost everything Dez’s jersey was the first one I purchased when I had the momey. It’s his chance to prove it was Dak and the play calling and not him. I think I’m more interested in that than anything else.

  8. Football is becoming a sport designed by lawyers, managed by marketing executives, and played by people who hate the country where it’s played. So exciting.

  9. I think Dez deserves a look. His numbers dropped off with Dak, but lets face it… Dak hasnt been very good.

  10. If that happens I just don’t see any other NFC team going all the way. Brees is doing something special with that team this year. Another big legit target for him to throw to is huge.

  11. Saints look to be headed to the NFC Championship game with or without Bryant. Not sure they really need him.

  12. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the Browns were interested, other teams were interested, and Dez was holding out to play for a Super Bowl contender. Small subset of people didn’t want to see that and relished in him being “just like Kaepernick” and washed up. Here he is signing with the best team in the league and his old team is spiraling off into the abyss.

  13. I don’t see him starting but he can be a big target in the Red Zone. I know he’s a diva receiver but Brees will be able to keep him in check. Brees was able to handle Shockey , who was also a diva. Plus, I’m sure he KNOWS his salary probably won’t be guaranteed and he has a LEGITIMATE shot at a Lombardi Trophy.

  14. I hope that this comes to fruition and he torches my Cowgirls to put another nail in the Clapper’s coffin!

  15. It’s not like it will be hard for him to get revenge on the Cowboys. The Cowboys don’t even put up a fight anymore. They’ll probably even come out and say, “we played to loose because we thought so much of Dez, we felt giving him 250 receiving yards was the right thing to do.” Clap, clap, clap.

  16. For many seasons the Washington Capitals would take a team that was humming along and in first place and add a player at the trade deadline that totally killed the team chemistry & dynamic and they washed out. Yr after yr same thing until last year they made no last minute changes and low & behold they win the cup. Well that’s what the Saints are doing here. They are cruising along and look like the best team in the NFC. Adding Dez Bryant. Let’s check again in the next several weeks. This may be the beginning of bad tidings. The Saints better get Pete Morelli on the phone STAT to cheat them into another undeserved SB.

  17. No Saint wide receiver has caught a pass (other than Michael Thomas or Tre’Quan) since October 8th against the Redskins.

    Meredith’s knee is still injured and Austin Carr is not the answer.

    They need another option.

  18. If he keeps his mouth shut and plays in the system, the Saints are a better team. That’s a huge IF.

  19. Wow, Dez finally has a shot at the postseason. Good for him. It certainly was not going to happen with the Cowboys. Good for him. Now he just has to behave himself.

  20. This guy has been humiliated and is ready to prove his detractors wrong. IMO most of the negative things were caused by his own behavior. Here is an opportunity for a new beginning or a sweet ending when he contributes to an awesome season.

  21. I hope this happens. I was always a Dez fan when he was with the Cowboys. He had some issues with drops his last couple of seasons, but he was easily the best receiver Dallas had. Dak didn’t know how to throw him open like Romo did, and Dez got frustrated. With a QB like Brees throwing him the ball, he might be really good again. He’ll be an absolute beast for the saints around the end zone. Since our team is dupster fire, I can see Cowboys fans rooting for the saints this year the way we rooted for the broncos and Demarcus Ware a few years back. It’s a shame all of our best players have to go someplace else to have a chance at a Super Bowl, but that’s the result of the Jerry/Garrett era that we’re living in.

  22. See if dez kept his mouth shut he would have been playing with the boys and if he wasn’t so damn greedy like most players in the league. Now he’s desperate and is obviously going to be relatively cheaper he will probably get a 1 year deal and he’s going to be on his best behavior with the saints or he will never play again in the NFL great pickup if he signs with the saints. The saints could be that more dangerous if dez agree which he will.

  23. I’m not saying Dez can’t play but he is not what he once was. The Saints offense is humming. Why on earth would you bring in another piece that might wind up changing the offense for the worse? Barring injury, the Saints would be smarter to leave it as is even if Dez is OK with league minimum

  24. To all those thinking he will be a locker room cancer don’t know this organization very well. Jimmy Graham, Adrian Peterson, Junior Gallette, all sent packing without hesitation…

  25. You go Dez!!!! Linehan wanted him gone, because he questioned the play calling….lol..So, they wait to release him, long after F/A had started, in a major ghetto move!!! Dez was so used to Romo, who was our ENTIRE offense, and made Garrett and Linehan look a lot better than they are 😦 Now he is gone, and the proof is in the pudding, as to who was the knowledgeable one on offense!!!! I do believe that JJ was overruled on this one by JG, Linehan, and Stephen, or Dez would still be on the team. JJ and Dez were at the Beyoncé show together. As one poster mentioned, I hope Dez lays it on us, just to put another nail in JG’s coffin This is one Cowboys’ fan who is sick and tired of being sick and tired!! We are going NOWHERE, but further in the dumpster, as long as JG, Linehan, and Kellen Moore are here!! Dak isn’t either, as he has nobody to actually coach him up! Now we have no 1st round pick….I am so tired 😦

  26. thebeeper says:
    November 7, 2018 at 7:55 am
    If this happens, move the Saints to Super Bowl favorites


    How so exactly? If Dez was that much of a difference maker he would already be signed to a team….

  27. @bradygirl12….just an fyi…dez had his shot at the postseason and couldn’t come down with a perfectly thrown ball against green bay. Honestly you Patsies fans

  28. If he signs with the Saints, Dez would know his role

    “I would take 500yds 5 TD and a Super Bowl any day” –Dez (july 27, 2018)

    500yds and 5TDs over the next 8 games is 62.5yds & .62TDs/game.

    As a #2/#3 WR with a QB like Brees, a coach like Payton, and that Saints system…it’s very doable.

  29. The Saints are already putting up a ton of points.

    I thought they would be better off getting some defensive help.

    Time will tell…

    Josh Gordon seems to have settled in with the Pats, maybe Dez will settle in with the Saints…

  30. doubleogator You really don’t know anything then. What did Jimmy do that was so bad besides earn the money he got paid? You are as about as smart as a gator for real……….

  31. vikesfansteve Target has Kleenex on sale for you tears. I know the loss this season stung, but you are still in mental straights from 2009-10 NFC Championship game. LOL #SKULL

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