Scott Linehan remains Cowboys’ play-caller “right now”


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Monday night he is “not anticipating any more coaching changes” after being asked whether offensive coordinator Scott Linehan would retain his job.

The Cowboys dismissed offensive line coach Paul Alexander last week.

Linehan will continue as the team’s play caller this week, too, despite the Cowboys ranking 27th in total yards, 29th in passing yards and 26th in points.

For the third time this season, Jason Garrett publicly defended his offensive coordinator. However, this time Garrett was not nearly as effusive in his praise of Linehan and of his faith in Linehan.

“Right now, Scott Linehan is going to call the plays on offense,” Garrett said Tuesday.

It is unknown exactly what Garrett meant by “right now,” but Linehan’s leeway appears to shrink by the loss.

Garrett said he is involved in suggesting whether the Cowboys call a run or a pass, but Linehan selects the play.

“I think situationally we always talk about that,” Garrett said. “Certainly at different points, you say ‘Hey, let’s run it here’ or ‘Hey we can still throw it here.’ You certainly try to defer to Scott in terms of what the specific play call is, but a lot of it is stuff we’ve talked about all week long, so hopefully we’re all on the same page as an offensive staff. We’ll talk between series if there’s something specific that I want, but for the most part he and the offensive staff are handling that.”

Garrett called the plays in 2011 and 2012, his first two full seasons as head coach, before turning it over to Bill Callahan. Linehan has served as the team’s play-caller since he was hired in 2014.

18 responses to “Scott Linehan remains Cowboys’ play-caller “right now”

  1. That O Line coaching change really made an impact, arguably one of best backs in the league and only gets 17 carries for 3.5 avg…dude cant even get lathered up

  2. Just give the play calling to Jerry, he’s the one that wants to be a coach. Jerry has already ruin this team, so how much more worse can it get if Jerry just calls the plays ?

  3. Linehan has done a nice job in various places over the years. He was given a team that started the season without strong wide receivers or tight ends, and a QB who hasn’t shined since his rookie season. In fairness, some of the the same defenses of Linehan also work for Dak, but I’d say a lot of their problems are at the GM (Jerry) level more so than the play calling role.

  4. So Jason is in agreement with the predictable first down runs and play actions on second down? The guy that was hired as an offensive coach is cosigning these terrible play calls and still has a job after all these years. Must be nice.

    Letting him pick the play itself means very little when the biggest part (whether its run/pass) is already known by the other team. Much have been said about how the line is blocking and the sacks Dak has taken. I get it but a lot times I see the the defenders not bite on the play action at all and go straight for Dak. That has more to do with play calling. You arent fooling anyone with those bootlegs either.

    At this point I feel they would be better off letting people vote for the play live through Twitter. It would be less predictable and more entertaining to watch. We would probably score the same amount of points off of it too so no harm done.

  5. Here’s a suggestion….STOP RUNNING THE BALL ON EVERY FIRST DOWN!!!! My God the playcalling is so predictable it’s sad. Also, tell Dak to learn how to throw with some velocity and stop lobbing every pass. Even his short passes are lobs. Gives the defender time to catch up and make the play on the receiver.

  6. Honestly, I am not convinced that — as bad as Scott Linehan is — Jason Garrett is a better play caller. I wish this team had some up-and-coming offensive mind that they could turn to. But, they don’t.

    Remember back when Garrett was calling plays, this team would get a little too cute for its own good. Opting to pass in situations where they should have run to gain short yardage, for example.

    Linehan doesn’t seem to be cutting it. But, from what I remember, Garrett wasn’t either when he was calling plays.

  7. The obvious is Jerry needs to fire Scott Linehan for the Cowboys to get better!

    His play calling is toooo predictable. Linehan never adjust to what the other team is doing as the game moves along. That’s is not a recipe for success. You need to make adjustments during every game.

  8. Scott Linehan…

    had a Top 4 offense (3x) in MIN with Dante Culpepper
    had a #14 offense in MIA with Gus Frerotte
    had a top 10 offense (3x) in DET with Matt Stafford
    had a #5 offense in DAL with Tony Romo
    had a #22 offense in DAL with Cassel, Moore, Weeden, and Romo
    has a #27 offense in DAL with Dak Prescott

    Maybe Linehan isn’t the problem here?

  9. Further, in his 13 years as a OC his passing offense has ranked in the top 5 six times.

    The lowest he had as a non-Cowboys OC was ranked #21 passing offense when Stafford was a rookie.

    Since he joined Dallas:
    2015 with Weeden, Moore, and Cassel: #27
    Since then with Prescott #23, #26, #29

  10. Who makes the coaching decisions? Jones or Garrett? Sounds like Jones does and Garrett is just parroting his GM, Jerah Jones. What a freaking mess. Remember when Prescott was a good QB, good times. Trading for Amari Cooper and giving up a first round pick was in desperation. Gruden really picked Jones’ pocket and that pick may just end up being in the top 10, definitely top 15. Maybe the Raiders will actually draft a decent QB.

  11. Ron Jull says:
    November 6, 2018 at 6:49 pm
    Keep rollin out your third string quarterback and things will never change.

    Keep rolling out your third string PFT profile for lame comments.

  12. “Scott Linehan…

    had a Top 4 offense (3x) in MIN with Dante Culpepper
    had a #14 offense in MIA with Gus Frerotte
    had a top 10 offense (3x) in DET with Matt Stafford
    had a #5 offense in DAL with Tony Romo
    had a #22 offense in DAL with Cassel, Moore, Weeden, and Romo
    has a #27 offense in DAL with Dak Prescott

    Maybe Linehan isn’t the problem here?”


    That’s just it. He may be a good fit elsewhere but right now it isn’t working. He needs to go. We’ve seen lesser QBs with worse talent than Prescott succeed at higher levels because they had the right OC. If I’m picking between Linehan and Prescott, I’m honestly picking the guy who has more of a future to develop. That’s Prescott.

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