Belichick gives highest praise for Mike Vrabel, Patrick Chung, Rodney Harrison

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With the Patriots facing the Titans (who are coached by former Patriot Mike Vrabel) on Sunday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick had plenty of good things to say about Vrabel during a midweek press conference. Ultimately, Belichick lumped Vrabel, current Patriots defensive back Patrick Chung, and former Patriots defensive back Rodney Harrison into one very special category.

“You know, when you’re working with somebody every day, you get to see them a little bit differently,” Belichick said. “But, with players like Pat, Mike, Rodney, they just never want to come off the field. So if they’re out there on defense, they’re out there for every play, and then when the scout team’s out there, they want to go out there and take scout team plays, too, and jump in there on special teams and be on the scout team, kickoff team, or punt team or whatever it is. I mean, they just like to go out there and play football.

“They’re, all three of those players, in great condition, like never got tired. At least, they didn’t seem like they ever got tired. You know, go run 50 yards and cover a guy and they’re not tapping out, looking for somebody to come in for them. They run back to the huddle and they’re ready to go on the next play, whatever it is. So, that’s the way Mike was. He loved to play on the scout team defense. He’d be their best pass rusher, he’d play middle linebacker, he’d play free safety, strong safety, [Troy] Polamalu, Ed Reed, [Dwight] Freeney. Whoever we were playing, he would love to be those guys against our offense and then he’d take all the snaps on defense. So, all those guys are kind of like that. They bring a lot of good, positive energy to the team by just what they do and how they do it. So, I mean, you can’t put a price on guys like that. They’re great.”

Vrabel and Belichick remain close, and this will be their first meeting with both as head coaches. Vrabel, who has a much different interpersonal style than Belichick, has plenty of similar qualities to Belichick when it comes to coaching, and Vrabel could be on his way to becoming one of the better coaches in the game, especially once he has more than a few players like himself, Chung, and Harrison on the roster.

14 responses to “Belichick gives highest praise for Mike Vrabel, Patrick Chung, Rodney Harrison

  1. Vrabel was an awesome player. Basically a throw away by Steelers, BB molded him into something awesome, and his career continues. He deserves every shot he’s got. Loved him catching the occasional TD too.

  2. erican69 says:
    November 7, 2018 at 3:46 pm
    Welp Bill, go stand in front of them and grab your ankles.

    So he can’t say something complementary without the idiots coming out

  3. Chung has been fantastic since he returned. Vrabel was always criminally underrated as a player.

  4. Guys like Vrabel, Brushi, McGinest, Harrison etc just had a knack for making a play when it mattered most. When they had to have it, and the other team knew they had to have it, they got it anyway. Chung has been a different player on his second tour with the Pats. He’s been great too. Hightower has showed he has that in him as well.

  5. chung is amazing as the Rover. He is smart as hell and runs the routes for the TE.

    The TE is cooked inside the 15 yard box and he holds his own with decent range, beyond it.

    So underrated in that role but he is doing it the best week in and week out, certainly in the conference.

  6. Amazing signings. Vrabel was a 3rd down nobody for the Steelers. Throw in Welker. Harrison and Moss couldn’t run anymore. They figured out what Chung was good at.All cost peanuts.I hate the chess vs checkers expression,but…

  7. The Patriots encouraged Vrable to return to Ohio State for his degree. He was very grateful to BB and the Pats front office for the motivation.

  8. For all the yahoos out there that do not comprehend what difference a really good coach makes to a team, look at Vrable as exhibit 1A. This guy was a trow away player that became part of the heart and sole of the greatest dynasty of the 21 Century. “Put the players in situations where they will succeed”… sounds very simple doesn’t it, then why can’t it be emulated???

  9. Maybe if you would explain what rule this comment breaks, give that a try.
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    I always liked Vrabel, he had a great team ethic. I’m looking forward to the game and hope it’s as much fun as the last one.

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