Bruce Irvin gets $1.5 million for eight games with Falcons

Getty Images

The Raiders cut linebacker Bruce Irvin after the trade deadline, hopeful that someone would claim his contract on waivers. The hope was misplaced.

As a result, Irvin will double dip.

The Raiders will pay Irvin the balance of his $8 million salary ($3.76 million), if Irvin files a claim for termination pay under the labor deal. (Each NFL player with four or more years of service can do it once in his career. Unless he anticipates being cut during an upcoming season with more than $3.76 million left, Irvin definitely should collect the money.) Irvin also will keep the $1.5 million, assuming he remains on the Atlanta roster for the balance of the 2018 season.

That translates to a total payout, including his $250,000 workout bonus in Oakland, of $9.75 million. Which makes it a pretty good year for Irvin, not only because of the financial windfall but also because he no longer has to play for one of the worst teams in the league.