Gregg Williams expects players to practice if they want to play

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Browns free safety Damarious Randall has been a fixture on the injury report, but he was always able to get back on the field for games on Sunday.

At least until Gregg Williams took over as interim head coach.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Williams said a lot of words and effectively confirmed that he wants players to practice during the week if they want to suit up.

Randall sat out practice last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but tested his sore groin in pregame and seemed ready to play, but he was deactivated.

“Through lots of trials and experiments for a long time, I do believe that we as coaches set them up to fail if they can’t practice during the week,” Williams said. “I’ve never been with any person that couldn’t practice during the week to walk out there and though they were good enough at this level to do it. It’s different than the NBA, and it is different than baseball.

“Football, you set them up for a failure so in order to get their body reaction time correct and their power response time correct, there needs to be a full speed rep or two before you get into the Sunday game. We have always had that wherever I’ve been is that you need to be able to practice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in order to go into the game without being set up for failure.”

Williams said he was willing to take into account the age and experience of the player involved. They could have used him last week, after starting cornerbacks Denzel Ward and E.J. Gaines were injured on the first drive against the Chiefs, since Randall has cornerback experience.

“What I do is I kind of take it into effect on the overall health, the age of the player, the experience of the player and kind of build it all into a thing and then it comes down to instincts — my instincts and their instincts — but I do listen to them,” Williams said.

Randall seemed to suggest he was ready, but Williams obviously disagreed. We’ll see this week if that impacts his willingness or ability to practice.

22 responses to “Gregg Williams expects players to practice if they want to play

  1. Don’t worry Greg, even if the Browns don’t win again this year, you still have several head coaching positions available to be given to you. Careful though when you become HC because there will be no FA’s available because they are all going to go to Oakland with Chucky. Just ask him. They call him all the time & tell him that.

  2. Williams is looking out for player safety. If the guys aren’t healthy, they’re not playing. I’ll bet a lot more guys start feeling healthy on Wednesday. I hope they make Williams the permanent coach. The owner has swung and missed enough times when he tried hiring a coach. This one was stumbled upon by accident. It’s like some guys are better at throwing darts with a blindfold on. As long as you hit the bullseye, nobody cares.

  3. As an added incentive, I’ve reworked his salary by adding per-tackle and per-sack bonuses…

  4. This is What Randall does, lol. Green Bay made him inactive for the same reason, and is probably why they dumped him.

  5. Another head coach of Cleveland believes the same thing. While I don’t like Greg Williams, tearing a page from the BB playbook of coaching seems like a good idea.

  6. The question is really much simpler – are you better with him or without him on game day? That is the only relevant question. It’s a groin issue. It stands to reason that could get worsened during a week of practise. He doesn’t forget how to play football because he doesn’t practise during the week. Now if you’re questioning whether the player is really hurt enough to NOT practise, that’s another issue…

  7. charliecharger says:
    November 7, 2018 at 8:01 am
    Williams is looking out for player safety. (snip)


    That’s pretty funny when you think about it.

  8. They shoulda canned Williams, too…absolutely. 2018 Defensive Rankings per the NFK: 31st (total yds surrendered), 28th (points allowed). ‘Nuff said…

  9. My goodness, this guy is the combination of a neanderthal and a dinosaur. He wants players to practice injured before they can play on Sunday? Way to ignore decades of medical and athletic training science. Just more evidence that Williams cares nothing about the health and safety of the players on the field.

  10. I don’t think he wants players to practice injured. I think he has identified that guys have learned to come up with certain “injuries” that keep them off the practice field during the week but suddenly, on Sunday, they are good to go.

    I don’t think he has a chance to be HC next year, but I find it refreshing that he is holding people accountable and saying as much in the media.

  11. I never liked Greg Williams but I know this, he’ll be way better than Hue Jackson, WAY better.

  12. Todd Hailey said the same thing

    Thank you Todd!…you helped get Huey fired…we owe you LARGE

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