Report: John Dorsey will run Browns’ coaching search

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The biggest question regarding the Browns’ coaching search possibly has been answered. In theory.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, G.M. John Dorsey will run the search for a new coach. Writes Cabot of Dorsey: “[H]e’ll lead the charge and will have full authority to conduct it any way he wants — and make his first career coaching hire.”

That sounds good in theory, but as a practical matter (given the team’s recent history) ownership could be involved. And ownership will have opinions. And ownership may have preferences. And ownership will surely downplay the connection between ownership’s opinions and preferences in order to diminish the perception of meddling.

The reality could be very different, especially with two months to plan the search, which undoubtedly will include plenty of off-the-record communications to candidates who may be interested, and plenty of off-the-record communications from candidates who may be interested.

Given the presence of quarterback Baker Mayfield, plenty of coaches will want the job. Ultimately, the challenge will be making a decision at the exclusion of all other viable options.

47 responses to “Report: John Dorsey will run Browns’ coaching search

  1. Well, of course. He’s the GM! It’s his job.

    I wish him well. Truly hope the Browns get a competent coach.

    Signed, a Steeler fan.

  2. Jim Schwartz would make an excellent head coach. Heck, I’ll drive him to the interview.

  3. If the Head Coach reports to the GM, Hue should have been let go in the beginning.
    If Haslam has them both report to him separately, then you have culture for dysfunction.
    Ask the Jets, they have perfected this and will show it when they fire Todd Bowles and keep Maccagnan around to help hire a coach.Browns have a chance to do great things if they get this right.

  4. chc4 says:
    November 7, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    You’d think Mayfield is an elite player. Is he? Not quite yet… too early to tell.
    It’s not too early to tell that he is better than Eli.

  5. If there is a wait until after the super bowl, then it’s not going to be Bruce Arians. And we know it’s not, even if available, Andy Reid. So, because of the Green Bay DNA flooding through the Browns front office, I look for Mike McCarthey if he get’s fired; and if not, look for John DeFilipo who is young, bright, and creative – and above all, a QB avatar who is wasting his talents in the shadow of Aaron Rodgers

  6. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    November 7, 2018 at 6:27 pm
    The only search for this guy should be the unemployment line!


    I wish a GM like Dorsey came anywhere near Davie. He left behind a KC team with a future franchise QB, a explosive offense and a manageable salary cap.

    Please stop trolling and understand who your talking about before looking like a fool.

  7. I have no idea who they pick and frankly, I don’t care because none of us really know what’s really happening in the coaching world. Ya might think you do, but you don’t. It is music to my ears though that Haslam isn’t going to be a part of a “group effort”. Haslam is a lame duck who like Lerner, who owned the team before him, inherited his fortune and simply doesn’t know how to put together and run a world class organization. He’s given to whims and hope and the influence of personality and those things will lead you astray in a hyper competitive business. A man has got to know his limitations. That’s why if you’ve got the bread to spread but don’t really know what you’re doing, you turn the thing over to a competent manager. Let’s hope he sticks with this plan.

  8. My top candidate to interview

    1.Jim Harbaugh
    2.Bruce Arians
    3.David Shaw
    4.Dan Roushar
    5.Lincoln Riley(not sure how his offense will work in Northeast Ohio in the winter.”

  9. It is funny.. all tbe great coaches in this league just happen to have great players… Patriots got Brady… the genius of Sean Payton just happens to have Drew Brees.. This kid out in LA.. just happens to have Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald… Not sure how that works

  10. I have been coaching the Browns for the last 30 years from the couch, If they had just let me on the sidelines we would have had 10 superbowls by now.

  11. With all those first round picks, the Browns are on the rise as a team. Therefore many people will be interested in the head coaching job. The owner should get involved in the hiring of a new head coach. It is his team, and he is ultimately responsible for its success.

  12. What’s the inside story on why they didn’t conduct the search before firing Hue? I just don’t get why they’re exposing Baker and their other rookies to the instability of 3 coaching staffs in his first 2 years.

  13. If this owner wants to be responsible for this team’s success he will get as far away from having anything to do with this decision as possible. Every instinct he has is wrong. Just do the opposite of everything you have done so far..namely being involved.

  14. Since Haslam bought the team 6 years ago he has had 6 head coaches soon to be 7 years 7 HC’s. Who would want the job except for someone who doesn’t really want the job but knows if he signs a multi year contract he only needs to be in Cleveland for a year and still get paid. Players heads must be spinning learning a new system every year.

  15. Or it could be exactly as he says it’s going to be. They were involved before and …didn’t turn out so well. Dorsey is actually a proven GM. Might just trust him.

  16. I like Arians but just how many years does he have left in the tank? They need someone who can both turnaround the ship and sail it for more than 3 or 4 years.Also Arians suggesting Chuck Pagano as a possibility makes me think Arians is not the right guy.

  17. They might as well let him do it. First of all, he can’t do any worse than the previous front office. Second, Dorsey has a track record of being capable of making such decisions. I would like to see them go get a young, energetic coach like the Rams and Eagles did instead of hiring another retread like Arians or Pagano. If there’s any doubt a young, first-time coach can succeed look no further than the above mentioned teams. Many of those retread coaches have a limited ceiling so why bother wasting time on them?

  18. buffalosunshine says:
    November 7, 2018 at 7:53 pm
    It is funny.. all tbe great coaches in this league just happen to have great players… Patriots got Brady… the genius of Sean Payton just happens to have Drew Brees.. This kid out in LA.. just happens to have Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald… Not sure how that works


    Drew Brees was basically given away by SD because they didn’t think he was great, but Sean Payton was already in demand. Belichick had the Browns a competitive team before their owner moved the team, and his game plan with the Giants in the Super Bowl was clever enough it’s (allegedly?) in the Hall of Fame, so he was pretty good before Brady too. Jeff Fisher had Gurley and Aaron Donald and managed to be awful. Not sure it’s quite as cut-and-dried as you’re implying. And based on your username, was Marv Levy an overrated coach and just happened to have Jim Kelly?

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