Report: Sam Darnold won’t play this week

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was not in uniform for Wednesday’s practice because he has a walking boot on his right foot and it looks like he won’t be in a uniform against the Bills this Sunday either.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Darnold has been diagnosed with a significant foot sprain and that he will not play in Week 10. The Jets have a bye in Week 11 before facing the Patriots and Mehta reports that the team is not “overly optimistic” about the rookie’s chances of being ready for that game.

There were no obvious signs of injury in last Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins, although Darnold said Monday that he was dealing with some bumps and bruises. At the time, that just seemed to be part of the routine involved with playing in the NFL but Wednesday’s developments paint a different picture.

If Darnold is out, Davis Webb will likely be summoned from the practice squad in the coming days. Webb would back up Josh McCown, who, as of now, would be on track to be part of a quarterback duel with Nathan Peterman.

31 responses to “Report: Sam Darnold won’t play this week

  1. We’re not going to get to see the Peterman/Darnold interception showdown?
    I can see why the NFL puts so much emphasis on protecting quarterbacks. That would have been ratings gold.

  2. At last the Jets coach and GM were smart enough to back up their rookie QB with a “VETERAN” QB…..

  3. I hope Darnold heals up and comes back strong he has the talent and he just needs the coaching a la Goff. On the other hand this is a blessing in disguise.

  4. That photo looks like an in shape Chris Farley.

    {Stammering}”Remember that time I was the jets QB? That was awesome!”

  5. McCown is better than Darnold, the Jets were just letting Darnold have his growing pains. All their skill players should get a boost with McCown back even it is a short term. Especially Robby Anderson who was great last year but has disappeared with Sam. McCown isnt drawing a great matchup though, Bills defense is good but Peterman playing in a already weak offense aside from McCoy makes this a likely low scoring Jet win.

  6. This is Todd Bowles trying to save his job.
    It has nothing to do with whats best for the organization and Darnolds development.

  7. And I was excited to see the Derek Anderson Vs Josh McCown showdown…

    Like it’s 2005 all over again…

  8. all jokes aside here is another case of a promising career which could be wrecked by a crap team and system. No time to season. No time to learn NFL. Just do it or we will blame you for losses and you’ll end up a back up somewhere at best. These bottom dwelling teams should be required to pay a guarantee for the first 5 draft picks!!!

  9. Looking back, the Jets probably should have gone with McCown from the start, much like KC did with Mahomes. This is what happens when you have a desperate coach and GM. I still think Darnold will be an above average QB.

  10. That picture is indeed glorious and will be used on forever, but unfortunately it crops out the hostess fruit pies he’s holding in each hand.

  11. I wonder if this surprise sprain is a way to bench him without benching him, you all know how the NYC media can be. I for one was looking forward to pickfest 2018 if both he and Peterman were dueling it out this weekend.

  12. Would love to see Davis Webb start, have an amazing game with some big stats. That would really go over well with Giants and their current mess.

  13. Sam Darnold one of the most overrated overhyped players I have ever seen. He is garbage, a turnover machine.

  14. The 3-6 Jests put their 3 game losing streak on the line vs the 2-7 Ills with their own 4 game game losing streak (and the lowest scoring offense in the league). The Jests spotting the Ills a starting QB is just about right (though given Peterman is starting, perhaps also spotting a CB or SS would be more sporting).

  15. ilovetalkingsports says:
    November 7, 2018 at 2:51 pm
    Darnold had a ton of turnovers at USC and the same thing I happening in the NFL. When it’s all said and done Josh Rosen will be the best of the big four

    I agree with you. Josh Rosen is going to be a top QB in this league Arizona just needs to build their offense around him this off season and build a solid line in front of him with $90M in cap space this off season while picking high in the draft. However, I do think Sam Darnold will also be a top QB in the NFL, in fact i’ve thought for the longest time Rosen/Darnold will be the two best QB’s from this draft class I just do not think Darnold will be as good as Josh Rosen. I think both of these QB’s are going to take major leaps in their 2nd year next season. I’d like to see an offensive coaching staff come in and coach both of these guys though Josh Rosen has a really good young offensive mind in up and comer Byron Leftwich.

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