Saints sign Dez Bryant

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Dez Bryant is finally back in the NFL.

Seven months after he was cut by the Cowboys, Bryant has signed with the Saints today, according to NFL Network.

Once among the NFL’s best wide receivers, Bryant appeared to be on the decline last year in Dallas, and it was no surprise that the Cowboys cut him. But it was surprising that it took Bryant so long to find another team. There were a few scattered reports about some teams showing interest in Bryant, but no deals materialized.

Until today, when the already strong Saints passing attack decided to see if Bryant can make them even stronger. He’ll presumably get a low-price deal that would make it easy for the Saints to move on without him if he doesn’t have anything left. If he does have something left, he could be a good addition to a team that has legitimate Super Bowl aspirations.

92 responses to “Saints sign Dez Bryant

  1. Huge move. If he keeps his mouth shut I like the signing

    Curious as to who got hurt to make a roster spot for him

  2. I dont get anyone’s interest in Dez barring an injury need. He is an over the hill WR who relied heavily on his physical talents. Now that those talents are greatly diminished and he’s never been known for being a cerbral player, he’s over matched. He can barely get separation anymore and to top it off, the guy has always been a headcase. How is that going to benefit the Saints in anyway?

  3. Brees and Payton don’t put up with antics. He’ll be fine in NOLA and will be a sick red zone target for Drew!

    TWO DAT!!

  4. It’s funny but people don’t know what a locker room cancer means. His teammates loved him in Dallas and still do. A lot of guys looked up to him and the way he played the game, which is passionate, and how active he was in his teammates lives off the field (really good guy if you ever get a chance to meet him). If you don’t know football, you’ll call this a bad signing. The Saints got better.

  5. So with Brees throwing to him we will get to see if the problem was Dez or the problem was Dak. This should be good.

  6. Everyone is acting like this signing is superfluous, but the Saints need receiver depth. They have 3 receivers on IR.
    Cameron Meredith hasn’t been able to be productive and is in and out of the lineup. Austin Carr sucks. Tre’Quan Smith is looking promising, but their only established WR right now is Michael Thomas. Kamara is a good receiver too but they need another prototypical WIDE receiver not another slot/screen dude. Bryant fits that role.

  7. savethebs says:
    November 7, 2018 at 11:49 am
    Great team for him. Brees will find ways to get him the ball that Dak couldn’t dream of.
    I don’t know about THAT!

    Dak tried to get him the ball 3 yards over his head, 3 yards in front of him, 3 yards in front of him, 3 yards behind him. I guess if Brees can get him one on target, he’ll add something that Dak couldn’t do.

  8. Low risk signing with a possible high reward. I think he has a little left in the tank and Payton won’t put up with his BS for long if he gets out of line.

    Good move by the Saints.

  9. Luxury move in my opinion but they must think Dez will help more than TreQuan Smith when the playoffs come around if not at least he is there for depth and playing for a contract next season. Dez isnt really the WR he used to be and he is really just a middling #2 option at this point but could be threat will Brees and a long offseason of rest. They will need to keep a muzzle on him though.

  10. Imagine Dez in that crazy package with Drew, Taysom, Thomas, Kamara and Smith…touchdowns for days and days!

  11. As an eagles fan, the only thing better would’ve been that the patriots signed him.

    Desperation move from a team that doesn’t need him. No speed, no hands anymore. Also hasn’t had to learn a playbook in years.

    Love Drew Brees, hate this move for him. But in the end they will lose in the first round. I thought Sean Payton was smarter than this.

  12. turtlehut says:
    November 7, 2018 at 11:57 am
    Did they also have to hire Dez’s babysitters like Jerry Jones did to try and keep him from doing something stupid?


    Why do people like you appear to want these guys to fail? Did you think the same thing when Randy Moss went to the Pats? Are you one of the guys hoping Josh Gordon will fail?

    As a football fan I wish Dez good luck. He has his chance….let’s see what he can make of it.

  13. Dez doesn’t have to be a middle of the field route runner. Use him in the red zone and with Brees accuracy, he’s practically unstoppable.

  14. Good for Dez. As a cowboys fan I disagreed in how they parted with him even if it was the best decision for the owner’s coffer. I can see him helping the saints if he can leave his baggage in dallas and start fresh.

  15. willyalistentothis says:
    November 7, 2018 at 11:46 am
    It will be amazing to see what happens if Dez gets frustrated and tries to undress Brees on the sidelines. People may come out of the crowd to punch him in the face.


    I can’t recall a single time where Dez tried to undress a quarterback on the sidelines. He was Romo’s biggest backer and showed nothing but respect for Dak in the years they worked together. COACHES on the other hand….

  16. Bryant appeared to be on the decline last year, so he would have fit right in with us in Green Bay. Too bad no players want to come here. We missed out. Again.

    My Packers should move to Milwaukee. Maybe then we’d have a chance at having a good team.

  17. So the way I look at it is, Dez could bully Dak around because who the heck was Dak? He was a rookie/2nd year young guy that hadn’t done much. Dez was the veteran ‘leader’ in the locker room. I think, like with Brady in NE, even if you ARE a diva WR, are you really gonna argue with potentially the best QB of all time? That’s a fight you’re not gonna win. The Saints are banking on Dez not really having the balls to go up against Brees, especially knowing that he’s likely not going to get ANY support in the locker room if he tries. Sometimes, knowing that you’re alone, is enough to keep people in line. There’s no mob mentality.

  18. Saints were already going to destroy the Eagles next weekend…add another 10 points to that beatdown.

    Saints 48
    Eagles 17

  19. i don’t think Dez even declined that much. Now he has a QB who is accurate and can get him the ball…..Dak couldn’t/can’t. And this coming from a Cowboys fan. Wish him the best. This move will just make the Saint’s offense even more potent.

  20. NHPats says:

    November 7, 2018 at 11:53 am

    So with Brees throwing to him we will get to see if the problem was Dez or the problem was Dak. This should be good.

    So with Brady throwing to him we will get to see if the problem was Gordon or the problem was the Browns. This should be good.

    There, I fixed for ya.

  21. I’ll give this move six games. How he does against the Panthers will be all the evidence we need in determining whether or not he can still play in this league. Remembering the routes was his problem. The Eagles game on November 18th will be the second indicator after this upcoming Bengals game.

  22. And people say TNF football isn’t worth watching

    November 29th Saints at Cowboys says hi….and even better, both teams will have seven days between games unlike the usual four thanks to both playing on Thanksgiving!

  23. I hope that he succeeds in New Orleans. Since Tony Romo left the only success at offense the Cowboys had was when they were successful running the ball. Now the receiving corps is a complete mess, so maybe are not the WRs but rather the QB who is the problem? Just saying…

  24. Don’t mind the signing. The Saints needed another WR with Ginn on IR and Meredith not working out. Possibly a better one year signing would have been Irving to improve the pass rush. Unfortunately, he signed with the Failcants. GEAUX SAINTS!

  25. This was a low risk, possibly high reward move by the Saints. They’ve got a QB who can take maximum advantage of whatever Bryant has left in the tank. And in certain situations, Bryant can make a big contribution.

  26. eaglesmaina says:
    November 7, 2018 at 12:01 pm
    Gotta ask- Is your name supposed to be eaglesmania?

  27. scottishvike says:
    November 7, 2018 at 12:17 pm
    He was bounty sign with someone sooner or later.


    Desperately trying to shoehorn a 10 year old joke deep in the comments of a story that has nothing to do with your team. Glad you guys aren’t still bitter or anything.

  28. If you think he’ll be a distraction then you don’t know the Saints. He’ll be cut as fast as he signs the papers if he starts with his selfish ways. Look at what they did with Graham and Cooks. Gone pecans. Nobody is bigger than the team. Now looking at what he can bring to the team is salivating. Hopefully he’s been working hard and can conbitute in some way. It’s a great time to be a Saints fan.

  29. realityonetwo says:
    November 7, 2018 at 11:47 am
    “We’re arguably the best team in the league. I know, let’s bring in a locker room cancer to gum up everything!”
    Not a chance. Too many real leaders on the Saints (unlike Cowboys) Jason Garrett is no Sean Payton and Dak is no Bress

  30. Brees is such an accurate passer. If they work with Bryant to make sure his routes are crisp, Brees will deliver the ball such that Bryant will be able to catch it, pivot and in some cases bust a long one.

  31. If it doesn’t work out this move will be second-guessed for years to come. They’re absolutely rolling now and decide bringing in an aging me-first guy is a good move?

  32. If nothing else, he’ll provide very valuable insight on the upcoming cowboys game…great upside signing. Nothing to lose.

  33. I dont see Payton or Brees putting up with any of Dezs childish behavior. First time he heeds a diaper change hes gone.

    Not even sure why the Saints want a guy with no speed that can run routes and cant catch the ball.

    Maybe part of Brees’s charity work?

  34. imaduffer says:
    November 7, 2018 at 11:57 am
    Can’t wait to see Dez standing on the Star in Arlington after a touchdown.

    It’s moments like these that separate adults from children. Don’t look at him, I’m talking to both of you!

  35. Nothing against Bryant, but for the Saints to make such a big change to their locker-room and on-field chemistry just as they’re reaching the top of their game – and just before a tough schedule ahead – is kind of stunning.

  36. Could be a very good signing. With Brees accuracy and a better coaching staff, Bryant should be able to contribute. Sean Payton is not Jason Garrett.

  37. WBH P says:
    November 7, 2018 at 11:45 am
    This makes no sense. They don’t need him and he would only cause problems.

    Seems like the majority doesn’t agree, however I agree with you. This reminds me of them signing Peterson last year, just don’t see the fit and how it makes them better.

  38. I would direct anyone who has an opinion on Dez Bryant’s character either way to watch the “All or Nothing” set in Dallas last year. That’s all.

  39. Dez no longer has to go against the #1 CB as the #1 CB will be taking Can’t Guard Mike. On certain downs, the #2 CB will take Tre’Quan. That leaves the #3 CB to take Dez and I’ll take Dez on that matchup every single day of the week. Especially if it’s in the red zone. Watch out for that back shoulder pass that Dez pushes off on, but doesn’t get called.

  40. Geez, I see the 13 year olds had the day off from school today–and the rest who are still aspiring to reach up to the mentality of a 13 year old….

  41. They only have 1 WR catching the ball so I can see him being fine 1 on 1. People focused on Thomas.. who else they got at WR?

  42. When Bryant goes on the field that means another receiver has to come off. I think The Saints lose more then they gain when that happens. To me it is a very odd move but who really knows. Could be an injured Saints receiver that has not been made public?

  43. When Bryant pans out, this will show everyone that the problem in the Cowboys offense is that they don’t have a real QB.Prescott will be exposed as a fraud.

  44. Depth. He isn’t going to replace anyone. They are loaded, probably the best team in the conference. Super Bowl for the Saints if they get home field advantage. If they have to go outdoors in January, maybe not.

  45. Hmmm…not sure if Dez fits. I put lot of stock in team chemistry but however it works out, the Saints can’t claim not know what they were getting into by bringing him in, correct?

  46. This is a very high character team. History has proven than Payton doesn’t put up with any drama. Look at all the big names that the Saints have traded away at the first sign of character issues (Galette, Cooks, etc).

    I think Dez will be just fine with Brees and Payton and the Saints locker room and most likely will be thrilled with the offense and Brees throwing to him.

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