Sam Darnold is almost on pace to break Peyton Manning’s least-favorite record

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Of all the records Peyton Manning holds, there’s one he’d very much love to lose: Most interceptions thrown by a rookie.

Manning set the record 20 years ago, with 28 picks in a 3-13 season. Jets rookie Sam Darnold, after throwing four interceptions on Sunday against the Dolphins, leads the league with 14. Through nine games, that puts Darnold on pace for 25 interceptions.

And that’s close enough to give Peyton hope. All it takes is a couple more Sundays like the most recent one to have Darnold in position to make the wrong kind of history.

Of course, Darnold can’t catch Manning if Darnold doesn’t play. For now, though, it appears that the Jets aren’t thinking about making a switch.

There’s no reason to. Darnold needs the reps in order to have the game slow down to the point where he can make a leap in 2019. And Darnold would surely welcome 28 picks in his rookie year if he’ll match Manning’s achievements over the balance of his career.

18 responses to “Sam Darnold is almost on pace to break Peyton Manning’s least-favorite record

  1. While I realize Darnold is a 21 year old rookie, I think that even the most abysmal QB in the NFL today could have put up at least one TD against the mediocre Dolphins this past Sunday, especially with the Jet defense providing so many three and outs (the equivalent of “turnovers’ according to ex Jet Bart Scott). Consequently, as a Jet fan and season ticket holder going back to the ’60s, I think the Jets may have picked yet another overrated first round pick who will, yet again, fail to live up to high expectations.

  2. Martin – perhaps you are correct – time will tell – but do you think after 4 years and not a sniff of the post season perhaps the really bad choice is the coach and his staff?

  3. No one knows what kind of QB Darnold will end up being unless he plays, let him learn since this season is now pretty much over. Load up in the draft and free agency and for his sake a better coaching staff.

  4. 2 of the 4 picks against the Dolphins were on 4th down and should have been knocked down. But guys are stat happy and instead, they lost a ton of yardage. Not that it mattered but he really only threw 2 picks.

  5. @Martin Milgrim

    I would point you to the various film breakdowns on the internet to see whats happening to Darnold and the offense. Wide receivers running routes too close to one another by design, running the same empty set over and over again which is a check down everytime in the Jets offense, Spencer Long snapping the ball low/high 15+ times, running small underneath routes with Robby Anderson while he’s covered by a LB instead of going vertical. The jets offense lacks creativity, play calling, and awareness. Darnold is going to be fine. I’m more worried that the Jets will keep Todd Bowles and the coaching staff and completely ruin this kid.

  6. I guess that’s about all the proof you need to be patient when judging young QB’s. Darnold could very easily end up in the HOF. Hey, what ever happened to that bust a couple years ago, Jared Goff?

  7. Fun fact: the Jets offense scored more points for the Dolphins (7) than it did for the Jets (6). Like the mythical mulberry Hostess fruit pie, this is really something for Darnold to chew over.

  8. Sam Darnold was notorious for throwing picks at USC. It’s just carrying over into his pro career. Perhaps it’s just part of his QB genetic makeup. Jets better pray this is not the case.

  9. unclebluck says:
    November 7, 2018 at 10:58 am
    …..Not if Nathan Petermann has anything to say about it….

    Nope, sorry. We Bills fans have the Peterman working on his own INT stats but he’s not a rookie! You got the Darnold and his stats are all yours!!!

  10. He won’t break the record. However he needs to learn how to take care of the football.

    Say what you want about the Giants taking a RB at #2, but none of the QBs available have shown enough yet to think they were worthy of the #2 pick.

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