Sam Darnold not practicing, in a walking boot

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold might not be breaking any records in the near future.

The Jets announced that their rookie quarterback was in street clothes as practice started Wednesday, and that he was wearing a walking boot on his right foot.

Darnold came up limping after a sack last week, though there have been no details about his condition.

If he’s unable to bounce back, the Jets have Josh McCown in reserve, but they’re only carrying two quarterbacks on the active roster.

They have Davis Webb on the practice squad to help make up the practice reps.

8 responses to “Sam Darnold not practicing, in a walking boot

  1. It’s possible he just tried it on out of curiosity and got stuck, like that lady with the finger trap in the first Addams Family movie.

  2. McCown led Jets will win in resounding fashion Sunday.
    Offense pass game goes from horizontal to vertical.
    Spin machine on why Darnold doesn’t play after he is healthy will be oiled up and ready to go.’….Its the type of injury you really need to take your time with…’
    Wouldn’t bet a dime on Sam starting vs New England after the bye week:
    HC who needs to win. Rookie QB struggling and division of team at tipping point b/c no offense. GM okay with this — he needs as much coverage as he can get.

  3. The guy has no o-line and while a great natural thrower was actually pretty raw when it came to working through progressions and ball retention at USC. He needs time, that doesn’t necessarily mean holding a clipboard but it means folks should give him a chance to get his feet wet before judging him so harshly, did anyone expect him to take this team to the playoffs? Look at Mahomes’ first start lol.
    The same people bashing this guy are the same ones who were writing off Goff after his first season too.
    I think the biggest issue with young QB’s is defensive head coaches taking young passers without the proper support structure to coach them up. If you’re Bowles or a Rex Ryan you better hope you have a QB whisperer as your OC or at least QB coach.

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