Saquon Barkley hopes Jamon Brown helps him learn why Todd Gurley’s exceptional

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Guard Jamon Brown went from the penthouse to the outhouse on the standings front when he was waived by the Rams and claimed by the Giants, but pointed to a bright side on Tuesday when he said he’s “definitely excited” to play with running back Saquon Barkley.

The feeling is mutual and not just because Brown offers a potential upgrade on the dismal offensive line play that the Giants have had so far this season. Barkley said that he hopes to use Brown as a resource so he can learn what makes Todd Gurley tick and, ultimately, take those lessons to become better than the Rams star.

“I definitely can learn a lot from the guy who blocked for probably, today, the MVP of the league, in my opinion,” Barkley said. “I watch film on Todd Gurley, I love the way he plays. He’s an all-purpose back and a threat any time he touches the ball, he runs physical and runs right in between tackles. Definitely, I would be wrong if I don’t go and pick his brain and go ask that guy, what do you see that Todd did or what made Todd exceptional, and the reason he is the player he is today. That’s something that I want to learn from him because I want to compete, and I want to be better than Todd one day.”

Barkley’s been everything advertised in terms of his ability to impact games as both a runner and a receiver and profiles as a player who can make the kind of impact that Gurley’s made the last couple of years if all goes well. While he’s working on using anything gleaned from Brown to make that happen, the Giants will be focused on building a team that looks something like the one Gurley’s been helping to the top of the NFC.

8 responses to “Saquon Barkley hopes Jamon Brown helps him learn why Todd Gurley’s exceptional

  1. Gurley isn’t even close to the player Barkley is, and Gurley is really good. Barkley is the best RB in the league, followed by Elliott, and then comes a group that includes Kamara, Hunt, and Gurley. But Barkley is in a league by himself, and that’s definitely not a knock to anybody else.

  2. He dances around entirely too much, he does not yet realize everybody can run in this league. One cut and run my friend.

  3. tvguy22 says:
    November 7, 2018 at 12:50 pm
    Well for starters, the team around Gurley doesn’t stink.
    Before last year, the Rams had not had a winning record since 2003. Included in those years are 6 seasons with 5 wins or less. Gurley’s second year the Rams won 4 games. Rams fans have had PLENTY of dark years. All teams go through it, and will continue to do it.

  4. “Gurley’s second year the Rams won 4 games.”

    Yes, and Gurley averaged just 3.2 yards per rush that year. You just unintentionally made the other guy’s point for him.

  5. Barkley is an immense talent. The biggest difference I see is he has the Barry Sanders type style of cutbacks to avoid tackles. Gurley runs straight ahead whether he’s running between the tackles or out on the perimeter. As a Rams fan I can tell you one thing for sure, Brown will be a welcome addition to the Giants. The only reason he wasn’t starting is because he was suspended for the first two games of the season and his replacement Austin Blythe was incredible. Hated to see him go.

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