Todd Bowles won’t rule Sam Darnold out this week

Getty Images

Despite a nearly immediate report that Jets quarterback Sam Darnold won’t play this week after he turned up at practice in street clothes and a walking boot, Jets coach Todd Bowles is a football coach, thus has to say certain things at certain times.

Via Darryl Slater of, Bowles said he couldn’t rule out the rookie playing Sunday against the Bills. (Presumably, he can’t rule out that Darnold won’t be the next Attorney General either.)

We’ll see how he comes along during the week,” Bowles said.

Bowles was still referring to Darnold as “day-to-day” with a foot strain, and that he wouldn’t require surgery for the problem, ruling out a Lisfranc injury. He also said he wouldn’t play Darnold unless he was able to practice Thursday or Friday.

Darnold said after last week’s game with the Dolphins that he “got a little dinged up, but nothing that will stop me.”

Apparently that’s not the case, though Bowles said he didn’t realize it was an issue they got back home.

“I didn’t hear about it until Monday,” Bowles said. “I guess he got banged up, and I guess it got worse. I don’t know what play specifically. He told me [it happened] when he cut, but that could’ve been on any number of plays.”

The Jets have a bye after this week’s game, so there’s an extra week of rest, if, in fact, Darnold isn’t ready to go. (Or, if he ends up running the Justice Department.)