Vance Joseph “disappointed” in Demaryius Thomas’ comments

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Vance Joseph doesn’t want to get into a he said/he said with Demaryius Thomas. While taking the high road, the Broncos coach admitted he was “disappointed” with his former receiver’s comments to Orange and Blue AM-760 earlier this week.

Thomas did more than merely wave good-bye as he left Denver after Sunday’s return trip.

Among other things, the now Texans receiver accused Joseph of misleading him about trade rumors and criticized Joseph for not accepting player input on play calls. Thomas also insinuated the captain vote was rigged because he wasn’t selected.

“No. 1, we have great respect for D.T.,” Joseph said during his press conference Wednesday, via Mike Klis of Denver’s 9News. “Myself, John [Elway], [receivers coach] Zach [Azzanni] and all the guys who were included in that article, I guess you could say, or the conversation, have great respect for D.T.

“That’s first. I think, secondly, I’m disappointed to read those things about how he recalls the conversations going. It was obviously a week and a half where the rumors and gossip were flowing, and we talked about the rumors and gossip. Until something happened, we all had to focus on doing our jobs and winning football games. That was, from my end, that was discussed.

“I’m disappointed in how he remembers it, but again, we have great respect for D.T. He was a great player here, and we honored him on Sunday. We didn’t win the game; he won the game. I think it’s a little frustration on his part, but I’m disappointed in how it came out because I don’t recall it being discussed that way. And that’s OK.

“The last point: We’ve got to move on. He’s got to move on, and we have to move on. He’s no longer a Bronco, and I can’t spend any time worrying about that. As far as reading the stuff, I’m disappointed it was presented that way. I really am.”

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  1. Hey Vance,maybe Thomas was “disappointed” that you lied to his face. Speaking of “disappointed”,I’ll bet that doesn’t begin to describe what Broncos fans are feeling about you as a head coach.

  2. I’m a Chiefs season ticket holder so I have absolutely no side in this fight. But common human decency seems to be missing from both Joseph and Elway. DT was a good player, did nothing to create issues and was rewarded by being lied to and unceremoniously dumped when he was traded. The fact that Jospeh is surprised just reinforces the fact how totally clueless he is I’m all facets of being a leader and coach.

  3. Sad. Sad for my team and sad that DT felt disrespected. This is the side of the ‘business’ that is so unfortunate.

  4. jredshoes says:
    November 7, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    DT was a good player, did nothing to create issues and was rewarded by being lied to and unceremoniously dumped when he was traded.
    He was traded to a better team with an actual shot at the postseason, and one that does not have Vance Joseph as coach. Sounds like the Broncos did him a solid.

  5. DT is sore because he wasn’t selected as a captain by his peers. Perhaps his former teammates wish DT had played with the same passion he demonstrated in the radio interview. And they probably where sick and tired of his dropped pass rate (#2 over the past 5 seasons).

    Meanwhile, VJ is an incompetent clown.

  6. I think the real story concerning disappointment is not with DT! VJ may have a head start on planning his Thanksgiving bc he may not be in coaching apparel by months end. The front office is so ‘disappointed’ with a specific coach, not a player.

  7. Coach “Radio” has clearly lost this team. He was a poor hire to start with and unfortunately, his ineptitude as a leader of a football team is extremely obvious.

  8. vance joseph fired wade phillips as DC…. he is a “poser” and the only reason he is coaching season 2 is the fact that Elway doesn’t want to admit his mistake…. correct the problem and move forward.

  9. Funny how DT can feel disrespected and Vance just says its too bad he can hear what I said wrong… I wonder if DT can say he’s sorry Vance hear everything he said wrong 😀

  10. Vance was getting so much hype as a future prodigy Head Coach even when he was an assistant secondary coach with the Bengals a few years back. Never understood why. Now I definitely don’t understand why.

  11. I’m disappointed in VJ lying to him
    Dude sucked as a DC and sucks as a head coach
    He needs fired

  12. Joseph should of been fired after the Texans game. Joseph wont be around next year he will get fired January 1st and Elway will be looking for a new head coach. Elway messed up both in hiring Vance Joseph and made an even bigger mistake in not drafting a QB in this years draft. It is painfully obvious Case Keenum isnt the answer with 11TDs-11INTs, he is a high end #2 QB. The Broncos should of drafted a guy like QB Josh Rosen and sat him behind Keenum in year 1 while building their OL starting him in his 2nd season, had they of done that the Bronco’s QB problems would of been solved for the next 15yrs with a young QB who has the potential to be one of the top QB’s in the NFL for a long time to come. The Broncos still badly need a young QB the problem is the next few draft classes are weak, passing on a QB has put the future of Denver’s QB situation in doubt in poor health.

  13. Vance needs to change his name to Vince if he wants to start winning. I think we all understand this.

  14. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says: “Still do not understand how Joseph was hired to be a head coach?

    he had 1-year as an NFL defensive coordinator with the Dolphins and the defense was the worst in franchise history yardage wise. what made him a legitimate head coaching candidate??”

    You do know the Head Coach position has completely different responsibilities than a OC/DC/ST, right? We’ve seen excellent coordinators bomb as a HC (ie Wade Phillips). Maybe he showed great HC qualities during the interviews (clock management skills, motivational & communication skills, etc.)

  15. Thomas is acting like a baby. It was reported in the Denver news back in July that Elway told Thomas’ agent that the team would get out of his contract after the season, where Thomas is quoted as saying “This is probably my last year as a Bronco”. He knew this was a strong possibility with the record at 3-5, so spare me the crybaby comments. Thomas makes $11m and has the highest drop rate over the last 2 seasons. He was a great Bronco and will be held in high regard, but stop with the “oh poor me” routine.

  16. Is it possible that Elway is not the genius he thinks he is? Poor coaching, poor trading, poor drafting…

  17. Joseph should have nothing to say about DT. All DT ever did with the Broncos was bring them up, win divisions, and win championships, go to pro bowls, catch 1000 yards worth, and represent the Broncos with class and honour. All VJ has ever done is tear that down, destroy a once proud franchise, and basically suck the high hard one. He should shut his mouth, and get ready to find an assisstant coordinators job somewhere else. The guy has been the worst hire, BY FAR, of Elways once illustrious NFL executive career. VJ blew it all, and continue to do so, the guy is a clown.

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