Vikings claim Ameer Abdullah

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Ameer Abdullah won’t be leaving the NFC North after being waived by the Lions on Tuesday.

According to multiple reports, the running back has been claimed by the Vikings. There’s no word on a corresponding move in Minnesota.

Abdullah had a lead role with the Lions when healthy over the last three seasons, but fell out of favor after the team added Kerryon Johnson and LeGarrette Blount this year. There was some question about whether he’d make the team out of camp and he barely played once the season did get underway.

The Vikings got running back Dalvin Cook back last Sunday after he missed several games with a hamstring injury. They also have Latavius Murray and rookies Mike Boone and Roc Thomas, although Thomas has been down with a hamstring issue of his own recently.

53 responses to “Vikings claim Ameer Abdullah

  1. Watch him turn into a beast and never fumble again in his NFL career. The curse of the shameful Lions has been lifted!

  2. I agree with almost everyone else. This is an odd move. I liked both Thomas and Boone. I guess I better not get too attached, somebody has to go.

  3. nathanp2013 says:

    November 7, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    They must want some inside intel.


    On what? How to sack them 20 times in a game? Nothing Matty P has been doing is going to help against the Pats

  4. His knowledge of the Lions playbook is the primary skill set he brings to the table and is the reason the Vikings took a flyer on him.

  5. the guy runs like hes scared to be hit. possibly the worst rb in the entire nfl. waste of time for the vikings.

  6. Poor guy. He makes it out Detroit only to be picked up by and have to play in Minnesota. He must have done something horrible in a previous life to deserve this.

  7. He was incredible in Nebraska but for a team that is down to Rookie FA’s at Corner lets bring another RB to the 4 we already have!
    I think Both Boon and Thomas are as good as Abdullah, they were neck and neck in the pre season and so far Boon was winning the tie breaker as an every down back, and Thomas was flashier and has that quick burst to break big ones.
    I think Rick has been putting something in his tea, OR someone has been reading the tea leaves!!

  8. They probably had a good opinion on him from earlier in his career and are bringing him in to see how he looks during the bye week. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll probably release him before they play Chicago.

  9. He can take a on McKinnon style role

    – I think you called it, he has a very similar skill set to McKinnon – he can line up out wide, run screens, run between the tackles, and return kicks. Keep Boone up and put Thomas on IR.

  10. Hmm, must figure he is an upgrade over Roc Thomas the UFA rookie. Must feel the Lions messed this guy up and they see something they like.

  11. The Vikes will mine him for whatever information he can give them from our playbook in advance of their game here in Detroit, and then cut him after that game.

  12. Some of you here are insane. I like Thomas and Boone dont get me wrong, but they are not nearly as good as Abdullah. The flashes you saw from those guys were against inferior players. And yeah Abdullah had fumbilitis in Detroit but you got to somewhat feel sorry for the guy and assume it’s not completely his fault. Can you imagine being the primary RB for Detroit? I’d be scared to run the ball there too, he knows without a down hes gonna get popped on every play. And to the guy saying we need OL sounding like a broken record, OL are very rarely available as a waiver pickup because they are so valuable that they aren’t released.
    I think this is far more brilliant of a pickup than you guys realize. Dalvin cook has had hamstring issues coming back from an ACL which is very common for that injury, and he likely wont be truly healthy this entire season. Murray is great and is worthy if being a RB1 in this league for quite a lot of teams just like he was in Oakland. Boone and Thomas weren’t bad players by any means, but they are exactly what they’re suppose to be and they’re never gonna he anything more than that. Now, we come to abdullah…. on this team, no hes not our RB1. But now hes on a team with an extremely talented offense, a very creative OC, and a QB who can throw the ball, specifically as one of the top roll out QBs in the league. Now latavius Murray is great, but hes really a downhill runner as a 3 down back. Abdullah gives us that dynamic type of RB who can catch out of the backfield or even run routes, along with being able to still run between the tackles. McKinnon was great in that role last year, but imagine if he had been on this years team with cousins and coach flip to put him in even better situations to do what he did. That’s what I see out of Abdullah. He has the potential to be a top back in the league as far as his ceiling goes. I dont think that’s what we are looking for here, but in this offense he can be an absolutely insane weapon for flip. I would imagine he would get his fumble problem under control a little bit here too with not being his so fast in the backfield and actually having a coach put him in position to have room to run. He may turn out to be nothing more than a good RB3 for us, but seriously guys, even if that’s the floor for him, his ceiling on this team could seriously be insanely high. I think it’s an incredible waiver pick up. And what amazes me about the negativity in your comments is that this move that could have so much upside comes at literally no risk and no cost to us. If the 3 of these guys play to their ability it could potentially give the Vikings the best 1-2-3 collection of RBs in the entire league. Our offense definitely just got far more dynamic if we choose to make it so

  13. Alan Light says:
    November 7, 2018 at 4:43 pm
    Welcome to World Class, Ameer….
    Well, no. World class is reserved for those organizations that have been the at the top of their field, typically for a consistent period of time, and are a benchmark for other organizations. Most nominally educated people understand this. The Patriots would come to mind immediately, consistently competing and appearing in 5 Super Bowls and winning 3 since 2008. While the Vikings are good this year and last, I don’t think teams aspire to be the Vikings, winning one playoff game since 2010. Check back in a few years, when maybe the Vikings have put together a consistent run of excellence, with at least a championship or two and several Super Bowl appearances or deep playoff runs. Otherwise, pretty much any team that has won a playoff game in the last 5 years or so is presently world-class.

  14. v2787 says:
    November 7, 2018 at 7:31 pm
    We don’t need a running back. We need offensive linemen.

    Ugh yep…. we sure do need OL…… but OL dont exactly show up on waivers all the time. What kind of comment is that to make? So by your logic, until we find more OL we should just not get anyone from any other position? You people complaining about the line are like a broken record, we all know the line is a problem. We get it. But for one Oneil has looked pretty good at tackle. Second, dalvin cook has had this hamstring issue keeping him from being healthy all year. And no matter how much all these other fans are saying they like Boone and Thomas, no real football person is gonna say that they’re better options than Abdullah. Best part about this pick up is that it serves 2 purposes. 1, it gives us depth in case cook can’t get to 100 percent at any point this year. 2, Abdullah is a different type of running back than cook and Murray. Catching the ball out of the backfield on screens or even running routes. Even if cook is healthy, it allows coach flip to open a portion of the playbook he couldn’t open using cook and Murray just because of the type of RBs they are. Abdullah was wasted in Detroit because of how terrible the coaching staff and line are. It’s not shocking he had fumble issues with how often he gets mauled early in the play.
    This is a great pickup and it cost us zero risk and has the potential to be totally game changing to this RB committee. In fact it is good for your little “we need OL” problem… what kind of play do you run if your line is getting beat???? Screen! Anyone in here acting like this isn’t an upgrade at RB3 is absolutely clueless and should have their football card taken away

  15. Great move, actually. A QB like Cousins who throws a lot is definitely benefited by pass catching running back. Hopefully the Vikes don’t run him too much inside, though. He’s not not really for that type of role, if he sticks around. The Lions justh ad a better version of him essentially in Theo Riddick, but Abdullah is a useful addition for any of the league’s pocket passers.

  16. egomaniac247 says:
    November 7, 2018 at 6:56 pm
    They play the Lions twice in the next 3 weeks guys.
    No. They just beat the Lions and don’t play them again until Dec 23

  17. I love seeing that the Vikings are picking up the Lions trash! It’s exactly what their fanbase deserves with the way they act on here.

    Philly fans, have I told you how commendable your treatment of Vikings fans was during the NFC Championship game? Most deserving.

  18. rrickjordan says:
    November 8, 2018 at 7:36 am

    egomaniac247 says:
    November 7, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    They play the Lions twice in the next 3 weeks guys.
    No. They just beat the Lions and don’t play them again until Dec 23

    I wonder what year’s schedule he was looking at?

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