Antonio Brown greets local media with one-finger salute

Getty Images

Contrition isn’t one of the tools in Antonio Brown‘s bag.

On the same day he was pulled over for driving his Porsche in excess of 100 miles per hour in the Pittsburgh area, Brown arrived at Heinz Field driving the same vehicle and, according to Beau Berman of WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, gave the finger to the station’s cameras three times.

It’s unknown whether Brown will face any team-imposed discipline for the earlier incident. The speeding occurred on McKnight Road, an undivided, multi-lane street that has numerous intersections and is routinely congested.

The posted speed limit is 45 miles per hour.

Brown has had a rough year, from a P.R. standpoint. He threatened an ESPN reporter, he had a sideline eruption during a game, and he has been sued for trashing an apartment and throwing furniture from a 14th-story balcony, with the furniture allegedly coming close to striking a toddler.