Ben Roethlisberger perfect, Steelers blow out Panthers


The Steelers have played the entire season without their franchise-tagged offensive spark.

They also just played their best game in what could be the last one without him.

The Steelers dominated the Panthers 52-21, in a performance that couldn’t have been better with any player added to the mix.

Ben Roethlisberger had a flawless night, mathematically and figuratively.

He was 22-of-25 for 328 yards and five touchdowns, for a perfect 158.3 passer rating. He also got to watch the last 11 minutes tucked safely on the sidelines, as backup Joshua Dobbs enjoyed the longest mop-up duty ever.

Meanwhile, their defense kept pressure on Cam Newton throughout the night, sacking him five times (he had only been sacked 12 times this season) and picking him off once (with Vince Williams returning it for a touchdown). It was an eye-opener for a team which had won three straight, triggered by coming back from a 17-point deficit to beat the Eagles.

There wasn’t much to quibble over or worry about for the Steelers, other than running back James Conner being taken to the locker room to be evaluated for a concussion.

Now, they get to wait to see if Le'Veon Bell comes back by next Tuesday’s deadline. But it’s also reasonable to wonder what they’d do with him if he came back, as they’ve now won five straight and have no apparent weaknesses at the moment.

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  1. Love it… haven’t enjoyed a Steeler game that much in years… only issue is I wish they let Dobbs throw it a bit just to get his game action experience Incase he’s needed… other then that… BRING ON JACKSONVILLE!!!

  2. Steelers are playing great football. Conner has replaced bell very well and is a team player with class. Sorry bell, just stay away. You’re not needed. Connor is explosive and electrifying. 11 tds 800 rush yds. With half a season left to go. Wow! !

  3. I’m not a Steelers fan per se, but I love this story. An ungrateful, it’s-all-about-me malcontent foregoes a paycheck of $850,000 per week, money most of us won’t see in a lifetime, lets down his team, his coaches, his fans, and yes, his employer by deciding it’s more important to sit home and make his point, AND THEY DON’T MISS HIM A BIT. Delicious.

  4. I enjoy watching flawlessly played offense. the panthers are a good, solid team. It makes me wonder how certain fan bases can be so freaking lucky. the level the steeler O was playing at tonight makes you realize a dominating high octane attack is really all that matters in todays NFL. know what im saying McBean ?

  5. The defense could use still use a little speed in the middle at linebacker (notice the the product from Samuel and McCaffery, both of whom are shifty athletic backs/receivers), but other than that, they look good. Of course, it’s hard not to in a game where your team puts up 52, but the challenge in games like that is to find where your holes still are as a team. Vince Williams had a day for all days, and is great at stopping the run and showed some good coverage skills today, but if the Steelers are going to beat the Patriots or Chiefs in the playoffs they’ll need to repeat this performance while contending with the kinds of players (Hill and Hunt on one side and White and Michel on the other) that gave them the only trouble they had at all tonight.

    Dupree played a great game, and getting production out of him is key for a playoff run. Burns being benched seemed to breathe some new life into the secondary as well. The Steelers will have to plan for NE trying to take away Conner, but all things considered, this is the type of play they’ll need to sustain if they want a good shot at beating either KC or NE in the playoffs.

  6. Obviously motivated to send a message, the Steelers focused and played their best game of the year. Not sure why any ‘Pro’ needs motivation, but w/Bell coming back (He will come back just to take certain possibilities away from the Steelers and to guarantee his ‘year’ played) this team looks pretty good facing the second half.
    I think its safe to say that when Bell plays and performs, his teammates will forgive him pretty fast especially if the win it all.

  7. Cam. Oh Cam?
    Once again Newt fails miserably on the national stage. The best part of football to him are the post game pressers where he always models a new suit and hat made in Paris. Superman my arse.
    Cam, Oh Cam?

  8. Ppl are maken to big a deal out of this, it was nothing special at all, just another thursday home team win, they win 95% of the games because they dont have to travel on a short week.

  9. Boy, that NFC sure is a powerhouse. Someone was saying yesterday that the SB should feature 2 NFC teams which is a great idea if we want to give a Lombardi to the 3rd or 4th best team in the league.

  10. A solid Steeler win all round, and satisfying – but don’t be too fooled. Panthers weren’t the 6-2 team they considered themselves to be headed into last night. Those 6 wins came against average or poor teams with a combined record of 24-34. Their one win against a team barely over .500 was at home to the Bungles but only thanks to Dalton throwing 4 picks. Panthers’ 3 losses have now come against teams with a combined record of 15-9-1, including a loss to the very average (4-4) Falcons. What this means is that Panthers are really a very average team. At home on a short week the Steelers should have put them to bed early – and they did.

  11. I think they have given offense too much advantages in the NFL right now. Im not singling out this game but the numbers are just too good for the offenses and QB’s right now. I know I’m in the minority, but I think they need to throw defenses a bone so that they can stop these video game type numbers a little bit.

  12. One of the most dominating offensive performances by the Steelers I have ever seen. Ben was superman. And the defense played tough after that first drive. The team is getting better as the season progresses.

  13. pokemonblow says:
    November 8, 2018 at 11:35 pm

    Keys to beating Panther’s.. stop McCaffrey, let Cam self-destruct.
    Though I agree with the premise of your comment, McCaffrey had 77 rushing yds for 1TD and another 61 yds receiving for 2 more TDs. 130+ all purpose yards and 3 TDs on the night hardly justifies stopping McCaffrey.
    If that’s the case I hope my teams RB gets shutdown Sunday, lol

  14. I want to remind the Carolina Paper Tigers fans who are whining about the ref calls last night that you benefited against the Washington football team during your Snoopy Bowl debacle season. In that game there were at least three MADE UP calls that stopped the Washington offense and gave you a win you didn’t earn.

    So shut the hell up.

    I loathe the Pittsburgh team and find Big Ben to be on reprehensible person.

    But I absolutely dislike Cam Cheating more and that head coach who is indignant and arrogant on a good day. You all deserved to have this game stuffed down your throats.

    One touchdown call would not have changed the game.

    If only your QB could score another touchdown. That is where you should be focusing – on that incompetent and stupid clown. He should have taken the safety, but he gave up a touchdown. You should be demanding his head and demanding his replacement.

  15. I think the Steelers made a major statement last night.

    At the same time, I feel better about my Ravens defense. We didn’t let you guys walk all over us like you did the Panthers last night. But our offense is just a big stinking pile.

  16. slick50kc says:
    November 9, 2018 at 12:35 am
    The Steelers beat the Panthers down almost like the Chiefs beat the Steelers down.

    Really? The Steelers lost by 5 to the Chiefs and it was tied at Halftime. The Steelers best the Panthers by 31. Granted I’m a math teacher and obviously have an advantage over your math skills, but please enlighten me.

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