Sam Darnold: I’ll treat sitting out as a learning experience

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The Jets haven’t ruled out quarterback Sam Darnold for Sunday’s game against the Bills, but the rookie’s foot sprain is expected to keep him from playing this weekend.

That would mean Josh McCown gets his first start of the 2018 season and Darnold said Wednesday that he would look at that as a chance to improve mentally while healing physically.

“Obviously, I want to be out there with the guys. I want to go out there and play,” Darnold said, via “Hopefully if I’m able to go out there and play Sunday, I will. If not, I’m just going to treat it as another learning experience. When adversity hits, it’s up to me on how to respond. That’s all I need to worry about.”

McCown last started a game on December 10 last year, which might lead some to wonder if the lesson on Sunday is that it’s tough to jump into an NFL lineup after not playing for a year. McCown said that he will be ready to go

“That’s not the plan,” McCown said. “Part of being in professional football is the expectation is to go out and play at a high level. That can’t be allowed to be an excuse and it won’t be. I’ll go out and expect to play to my standard and to the standard of this football team and win a football game.”

The chances of pulling that off will be helped by the fact that the Bills are on track to start Nathan Peterman in a game that’s shaping up to be the opposite end of the spectrum of the Tom BradyAaron Rodgers matchup from last weekend.

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  1. I’m not buying Darnold’s “Foot-Sprain”, I think after an absolutely horrendous performance vs Miami throwing 4INTs to 0TDs that the Jets decided to not bench Darnold permanently but to sit him for a week or two to regain his confidence and take some pressure off his shoulders. Darnold needs to sit for a minute as the QB has been playing like absolute Garbage over his last several games. In Darnold’s last 3 starts Sam has thrown just 2TDs to 7INT’s that’s how freaking bad the young man’s been. I still think Sam Darnold will be a very good NFL QB though they just need to help him out, I think Josh Rosen & Sam Darnold will both become top 10 caliber NFL QB’s & in my view were the top two QBs of the 2018 NFL Draft.

  2. Just think of the wide open, totally untapped market for betting on inane futility and failure stats with games like this!

    First defense to break the four-digit barrier in yards allowed, most turnovers in the first three minutes, biggest whiffed tackle in inches between outstretched hand and opponent, etc.

  3. .
    Darnold has two games left vs the Patriots, just as their defense is starting to gel. Those contests will be a big test for him.

  4. 6ball, you want your defense to jell, as in solidify into a cohesive unit, not melt into a soft, squishy blob of gel.

    Your elderly neighbor Eli out that way is getting his creaking bones crunched to dust in part because his O-line is gelling instead of jelling.

  5. The power teams/divisions/conferences in the NFL ebb and flow through the years except in the AFC East- 3 teams simply CANNOT get their act together. Its been like 20 years

  6. greenanxiety says:
    November 8, 2018 at 9:15 am
    Another USC bust…

    Sam Darnold most definitely is NOT a QB bust, if that’s your take away from watching him play you dont know jack about QB play. The Jets dont have much around him, his Center in the Miami game kept snapping the ball at his feet or over his head causing him to have to take his eyes off of coverage and then look up and try to re-read it again which is impossibly hard for a rookie QB. Darnold can play n will be a very good NFL QB but the Jets need to give him more help & this off-season fix their OL giving him a solid line in front of him with a good run game and some weapons around him. Darnold is the best USC QB to come out of USC since All-Pro Carson Palmer did in 2003 and like Palmer is a blue chip prospect/talent. I’d love to see the Jets get rid of Todd Bowles and bring in an offensive minded head coach to work with Darnold and develop him.

  7. TruFBFan – Every post of yours I see makes me wonder if your 10 years old or how long you’ve watched football. Maybe you are a true fan but your not knowledgeable. The learning experience is the same whether hurt or benched, you watch the other player and how he plays. That could mean how he goes thru progressions, how he studies on the sideline, how he commands the huddle among other things.

  8. Learning Experience = Also learn the politics of football and coaches and GM’s doing damage control for a season spiraling downward. Home loss to Bills would turn fan base against Bowles (already underway) and Maccagnan (Somehow is absolved of responsibility and deemed part of the solution) from which they would not recover. Both know that. McCown gives them best chance to avoid loss to Buffalo.
    Development time is over for McCown no matter how much “assurance” they get from the owners. As the saying goes “Fans fire the Head Coaches and GM’s and the owner delivers the news”
    McCown will definitely deliver wins, wouldn’t be shocked if several and give the fan base reason to forget that there GM has no clue. He will stay another year, waste the cap space and set the team back years.
    The “this type of injury needs to be given time mantra” will be gospel out of Jets. Meaning when McCown starts winning games, and he will, they have set the stage to keep Darnold out indefinitely no matter if he is healthy.

  9. It sure would be sweet to let the kid complete at least one season before we burn him at the stake. The amount of crap being forced into his head every week has got to be taking its toll. He seems like he’ll learn, but certainly not have everything down pat within 10 weeks. He’s only transitioning from a team where he faced 5 top rated players a week, to a league where he faces the top 1500 players in the world.

  10. Pretty soon they’ll bring back Sanchez’s color coded wristbands, although this time they’ll have to use corresponding fruit names like cherry, blueberry, and french apple.

  11. “Darnold is the best USC QB to come out of USC since All-Pro Carson Palmer did in 2003”

    It’s too soon to label him a bust but it’s also awfully early to promise he’ll be a really good pro. To date, he’s lived up to his scouting report: Erratic. At times he looks good and make great throws; at others he does stuff and you wonder what exactly he thought he was seeing. You can be erratic and still have a great college career but in the NFL you wind up on the bench for that. And what significance is there to being the best since Carson Palmer other than to underscore it’s been 15 years since USC produced a QB who had a decent pro career?

  12. After the game Sunday……Bowles walks up to Sam…..’how’s that foot?’ ‘It’ll be fine coach’…….Bowles kicks it as hard as he can……’put a walking boot on kid, wear that thing all week to the facility, can’t play next weekend in a boot’

  13. greenanxiety says:
    November 8, 2018 at 9:15 am
    Another USC bust…

    You think USC QBs are bad? Try naming the last above average QB from any of the Florida schools since 1990. The state of Florida is the king of overrated QB busts.

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