Scott Linehan: I fully own we haven’t been good enough offensively

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Scott Linehan still has the support of Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett — at least publicly — but the Cowboys offensive coordinator is the No. 1 target of fans and sports talk radio hosts in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Cowboys rank 27th in total offense, including 29th in passing, and 26th in points. Dak Prescott ranks 24th in passer rating at 88.9, and he has only four games with more than 200 yards passing, including a season-high of 273.

Linehan takes responsibility for the Cowboys’ offensive ills.

“Everything we’re about is ownership and accountability this week,” Linehan said Thursday, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “I fully own that we haven’t been good enough offensively. It starts with me.”

Jones said Monday night he is “not anticipating any more coaching changes” after being asked whether Linehan would retain his job, and a day later, Garrett said Linehan remains the team’s play caller “right now.”

It marked the third time this season Garrett has asked whether he was taking over the play calling.

“Jerry’s message is obviously very, very appropriate,” Linehan said. “I think everybody has to look inward and not outward. We have got to be be better at our jobs. We feel like if that’s our approach as individuals, we’ll be better as a team.”

Garrett called the plays in 2011 and 2012, his first two full seasons as head coach, before turning it over to Bill Callahan. Linehan has served as the team’s play caller since he was hired in 2014.

20 responses to “Scott Linehan: I fully own we haven’t been good enough offensively

  1. I KNEW IT !!! It;s been linehan under center all year long ! I knew no QB could possibly be that bad

  2. Tony Romo helped Linehan, and by extension Garrett, when he consistently bailed out the bad play calls by audibling at the line. To his credit, Dak is trying but lacks the requisite skills and playmakers (at this time) to mask the severe deficiencies in not only the in-game playcalling but rather Garrett’s overall offensive scheme.

  3. The Cowboys are a mess at so many levels, Firing Linehan would only be a minor move in the right direction. Troy is right on this one.

  4. Garrett and Linehan must go. There’s too many good players on that team for them to play that bad. Almost every run play is from under center and almost every pass play is from the shotgun. You don’t have to be Tony Romo to be able to have a good idea of what’s coming.

  5. Linehan has been very successful as OC in the past, but not with the Cowboys. I wonder why that is?

  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Scott.

    You have a fake QB who can only run a few plays with any success. Of course you dumbed down the offense to allow the kid in a QB Halloween costume to not be exposed. The problem is that no NFL defense fears his passing game. Take care of his propensity to run like a girl, and you’ve beaten that team. It is really simple.

  7. The powers that be in the NFC have never been concerned with Garrett, Linehan or Dak, Cowboys fans just live in the delusion they do.

  8. The guy isn’t a winner. He was beyond horrible as the St Louis Rams head coach. He lost the players the first day he stepped into the locker room. With a descent OL and QB his offense is tolerable. Now it’s like watching paint dry. Hopefully at year end he won’t be recycled elsewhere.

  9. I think the Dallas Cowboys would be an excellent comedy series or reality show.


    There already is, it’s called the Kardashian. The reality show that’s all HYPED up
    and much to do about nothing.

  10. “Jerrah will be coming down from his luxury box next season to be the HC of the Cowboys.”

    At this point, he really couldn’t do any worse…Cowboys fan…

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