Sean Payton not sure if Dez Bryant plays this week

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Saints head coach Sean Payton got his chance to weigh in on the Dez Bryant signing on Thursday morning and Payton said that the veteran wideout has been on the team’s radar for a while.

Payton said he spoke to Bryant before the draft and any interest was put on hold when the team drafted Tre'Quan Smith. There were other conversations, but it took Cameron Meredith‘s ongoing knee issues — Payton confirmed Meredith will have arthroscopic surgery — in order for something to happen.

Payton said, via multiple reporters, that Bryant is about five pounds heavier than the team would like, but that’s something they consider normal and that they liked what they saw in this week’s workout. That said, Payton said he hasn’t seen Bryant practice yet and “we’ll see” if Bryant plays this weekend after that changes.

If Bryant does play, Payton said he won’t be moving around the formation right off the bat and he pointed to the red zone as an area where the former Cowboy might be able to make an impact for the Saints.

19 responses to “Sean Payton not sure if Dez Bryant plays this week

  1. This will not end well.

    Remember how well Adrian Peterson and Sean Payton got along?

    Yeah that.

  2. freefromwhatyouare says:
    November 8, 2018 at 11:01 am

    This will not end well.

    Remember how well Adrian Peterson and Sean Payton got along?

    Yeah that.


    The difference is Dez doesn’t have Kamara and Ingram ahead of him on the depth chart. Dez comes in as arguably the second or third best receiving option at his position. And this is a position where the top 3 players see significant action on the field, unlike running back.

  3. 5 pounds heavy?? For a WR who all agree has lost a step and the ability to separate from defenders, thats not a good sign.

  4. Sean Payton is among the best in the business…that is not even arguable. Dude knows what he’s doing. Dez will be the red zone sure bet that Drew hasn’t really had since Jimmy Graham. Before this signing, there wasn’t a defense in the NFL that can stop the Saints offense…now there’s a nail in DAT coffin!

  5. Signed Dez for 9 weeks + post season for $600K? With performance incentives that get him up to $1 mil. That’s POCKET CHANGE if this doesn’t work out. He gets cut and the team continues toward home-field advantage. The zero-risk part makes this an absolutely great signing.

  6. Yeah I’m not getting why people are down on this signing. There is no risk. He sucks, they cut him & are in the same position they were already in minus a couple hundred grand.

  7. This is a no risk signing but I am very curious to see what Dez says or does when he doesn’t get the targets he thinks he deserves in a game. Especially if they lose that game. People say he is extremely passionate but a passionate guy who has shown in the past that he cannot control his emotions is a borderline cancer in the locker room.

  8. Why even consider playing him this week. The Saints are already quite good without him. Their bid for the playoffs is a foregone conclusion. Better to use the time between now and then letting this guy build up to game shape slowly so no injury risk. And also with that time he can better lean the system and playbook. Then just have him as an extra weapon they can trot out for the post season. Thats the best thing to ask of him and not ask anything more.

  9. stonedwhitetrash says:
    November 8, 2018 at 12:25 pm

    Will Dez be able to keep his mouth shut???
    He doesn’t have a choice. He KNOWS that he has to not only perform but he has to let his work on the field be his only voice with the Saints. The way to maximize his chances at a big contract next offseason is to help the Saints win the Superbowl and do it WITHOUT crazy outbursts. He may not be smart enough to realize this, but if he plays this situation right – he’ll set himself up very well.

  10. The amount of negativity about Dez (or Josh Gordon….or Adrian Peterson…or etc…) from people who post here is astounding. Some of you must live some truly miserable lives….

    How about we just wait and see what Dez can do with a real QB throwing him the ball?

  11. Even if he’s out there as a decoy the defense is going to have to respect him. Gets on the field for some live action without getting hurt and maybe lays a lead block for Kamara.

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