Todd Bowles: Every game is a must win

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The Jets are 3-6 after a pair of 5-11 seasons, which has caused some consternation in the locker room and outside speculation about what changes will be made if the team winds up with a similar record this season.

Much of that speculation focuses on head coach Todd Bowles, who is in his fourth season and currently on track to miss the playoffs for the fourth time. During his Thursday press conference, Bowles was asked about the job offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates has done this year and said the collective coaching staff hasn’t “done a good job.”

Bowles was later asked if he felt like this Sunday’s game against the Bills is a must win for his team.

“It’s getting to that point, but every game from here on out is a must win,” Bowles said. “Every game three weeks ago was a must win. Each week is a must win for us, but from a record standpoint, yes.”

With a bye week on the other side of Sunday’s game, negative chatter about Bowles’ future could reach something closer to a deafening roar if the Jets lose to a 2-7 Bills team that might be starting Nathan Peterman at quarterback.

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  1. If Mike Maccagnan is looking for a scapegoat to preserve one more year of employment with the Jets, he will fire Bowles heading into the Bye Week if they lose to the Bills. Bates will become the interim head coach, but ultimately, he will be gone if they can find a better offensive mind to help Darnold’s development that’s willing to coach for the organization. I think Bowles is a great defensive minded coach; that showed when he took over playcalling duties from Kacy Rodgers and got the defense back on track. But for whatever reason, he just hasn’t been able to really reach the promised land, and I know for the first two seasons it was a serious lack of talent. I personally think the Jets have been lacking an offense because of the lack of a prolific offensive minded coach (They have pretty decent weapons contrary to what people say). They need a coach with a little bit of fire to really revamp the perception of the Jets, which is a team that has potential, but always finds a way to let bad teams hang around; a no mercy offense will put an end to that.

  2. @robkeezy, yes he’s a pretty good defensive coordinator and his players play hard…but the lack discipline on both sides of the ball, in game adjustments and clock management, he’s just not a good head coach and in a league of parity coaching is huge!….McCagnan should be fired as well based on his decisions which hasn’t made Boles job any easier.

  3. robkeezy says:
    November 8, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    for whatever reason, he just hasn’t been able to really reach the promised land, and I know for the first two seasons it was a serious lack of talent.
    For whatever reason? The reason is painfully obvious: he has no idea what he is doing on the offensive side of the ball, and no one in their right mind would choose him to develop a young QB.

  4. Maccagnan is AWFUL. How he got an extension last year is a miracle.The fact that his name isn’t brought up as on the hot seat in the media tells you who is talking to the media the most off the record – him and Brian Heimerdinger.

  5. Former Bill’s head coach and Hall of Famer Marv Levy was once asked by a reporter before a game whether it was a “must win”.

    “No.” said Levy. “Football games are not ‘must wins’. World War II….now that was a “MUST win.”.

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