Cardinals G.M. says Josh Rosen is “ahead” with all these reps

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The Cardinals may not be heading to the playoffs this season.

But General Manager Steve Keim sees the work rookie quarterback Josh Rosen is getting as valuable, and helps get them closer to that goal in the future.

I think he’s ahead,” Keim said during an appearance on 98.7 Arizona Sports, via the team’s official website. “The one positive in all this is he is getting those game snaps right now, instead of having them delayed in his career. So he is going through the growth period right now. There are a number of things Josh can still work on, seeing the field and some of those different concepts, areas where he can improve. But to have the kind of poise and pocket presence he has, and some of the throws he has made, is outstanding.

“There are times, we all know, when he looks like a rookie out there. There are times you look at him and say, ‘He’s got a chance to be a heck of a player.’ ”

Rosen is five starts into his NFL career, won two of them, and has a 69.9 passer rating. Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is just one game into his career as a play-caller. And Keim’s choosing to be glass-half-full there too, even if he wasn’t ready to officially declare them a tandem beyond this season.

“We are in a constantly evolving stage right now,” Keim said. “We are looking at every facet of this organization whether it is personnel or coaching. Those decisions have not been made yet. But at the same time, I am rooting like heck for Byron. He’s a great guy, he’s passionate, he’s got a great feel for the game. He and Josh have developed a very good relationship. Being a young coach, just some of the things he has done so far have certainly excited us. We’ll see what the next eight weeks brings.”

Of course, things might be different had Keim not set fire to $16 million for three games of Sam Bradford. He didn’t know Rosen would available at the time, but their plan at the position was nonetheless built on a shaky foundation.

6 responses to “Cardinals G.M. says Josh Rosen is “ahead” with all these reps

  1. Speaking of a “head”, I think the baldish GM is In Waaaaay over his. The good thing is that he should have enough time after he’s fired to find a solution to his 2 DUIs. Hopefully finding his solution to that will go much better than him finding a solution to the offensive line or Starting CB (opposite Peterson) problem.

  2. What’s funny is that Leftwich is so much better than McCoy. The Cards should hang onto Leftwich for a while.

    What Wilks’ defense needs is superior talent on the defensive line to win. Cards need to take one of the big D-linemen early in the draft this year, as Wilks has proven that he can work with a number of CBs.

  3. Watching Rosen get absolutely pounded behind that horrible o-line every week shows he’s on the David Carr career path.

  4. fordmandalay says:
    November 9, 2018 at 11:58 am
    Watching Rosen get absolutely pounded behind that horrible o-line every week shows he’s on the David Carr career path.

    The only game Josh Rosen took a beating in or “absolute pounding” as u put it was in the Denver Game, he has been taking a beating and he has looked in every single game but the Denver game as he did get beat up in that game with AZ giving him zero help. Denver has one of the best front 7s/pass rush’s in the NFL. Josh Rosen looks nothing like Carr as Josh Rosen can actually play and is going to be a top QB eventually in this league for a long time. In his debut against a SEA Defense that is one of the NFLs best right now and was then Josh Rosen absolutely balled out, Rosen set the record by a rookie debut QB posting the highest Pro Football Focus grade EVER of 89.5 with an ESPN QBR of 80.5, AZ should of won in a blowout with Rosen at QB if his WR’s caught the ball as his WR’s dropped 3 perfectly placed TD passes in that game letting him down. Last week against SF Josh Rosen become the youngest QB in NFL History to ever lead his team back from down by atleast 2 scores in the 4th quarter for a Win and the first rookie QB to do so since Andrew Luck did it in 2012 with Josh Rosen going 12 of 18 for 150YDs 2TDs-0INTs while also completing a 2PT Conversion pass with a 149.9 QB Passer Rating all in just the 4th quarter alone & all without much help around him behind a terrible offensive line. Maybe before pushing a dumb lazy intellectually dishonest narrative try actually watching a Cardinals game first .

  5. Josh Rosen has gotten better each and every week and now that McCoy is finally gone I think both Josh Rosen/David Johnson and the Cardinals offense is going to get a lot better under Byron Leftwich now that he is running the show. Rosen is going to be a n excellent NFL QB, I think he is going to really take off next year in his 2nd season once AZ has had the opportunity to go out and build up the offense this next off-season. Arizona will be able to surround Josh Rosen with weapons and give him a good pass blocking O-Line up front with AZ picking very high in the draft & set to have over $90M in cap space this off season.

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