Christian Hackenberg heads to the AAF

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The Alliance of American Football will be holding a draft to allocate quarterbacks to the league’s eight teams later this month and Christian Hackenberg is going to be a part of it.

The AAF, which will start play for its inaugural season in February, announced a slew of new player signings on Friday and Hackenberg is on the list. The 2016 Jets second-round pick was traded to the Raiders in the offseason and got released less than a month later. He’s since spent time with the Eagles and Bengals, but lost his spot on the Bengals practice squad earlier this week.

Hackenberg isn’t the only familiar name on the list of new AAF signings. Former Packers and Colts quarterback Scott Tolzien will also be headed to the new league and, unlike Hackenberg, has NFL starting experience.

Safety Rahim Moore, linebacker Steven Johnson, tight end Wes Saxton and wide receiver DeMarcus Ayers are others with NFL experience who were included on Friday’s list of signings.

14 responses to “Christian Hackenberg heads to the AAF

  1. Triple football is getting started. *FINALLY* I hope it survives. I also hope that the NFL buys the contracts of the players when they sign them giving the AAF an additional source of revenue. Giving practice squad class players a chance to start and develop in the minor leagues is a big win. Hello Kurt Warner! CFL rules and field are enough different that the skills do not translate perfectly.

  2. Tonight’s episode of “When You Made No Plan ‘B’ For If You Failed At Plan ‘A’”

  3. Scott Tolzien will be a star in the AAF. Book it!

    If anyone pays attention enough to make stars. I am not even sure if I’ll watch the league. Probably will at least give it a look. I do cringe at some of the rules like no kickoffs. Also the fact that Bill Polian is a co founder of the league. I absolutely can not stand the man. Does not help my interest.

  4. Your boy Chris Simms said he loved the way the ball came out of Hackenberg’s hand and that he was the prototypical QB NFL teams were looking for but that Jared Goff was nothing special

  5. It’s about time there’s a “minor league” for pro football in this country. Players need to play if they didn’t make it the first go around. Some are late bloomers or were in the wrong system. Some never got a chance ala Kurt Warner. College isn’t the answer because there’s a time limit. Where do players go once their eligibility runs out? It’s a shame the NFL never bothered to fund a league.

  6. hey man, good for him..thats passion..thats what you do when you really want dont sit & pout on the sidelines waiting for a starting job to be handed to you.

  7. Hackenberg never did anything to offend anyone or get anybody angry with him. Good luck to him; hope he gets a chance to play and maybe work his way back for another NFL shot.

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