Kevin Byard says celebration fine was “worth it”

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Titans safety Kevin Byard confirmed the $10,026 fine the league assessed him for his celebration on the midfield star at AT&T Stadium after an interception of Dak Prescott. He was OK with it, too.

“I expected it to be more than $10,000, but I feel like it was worth it,” Byard said, via Terry McCormick of “I kind of knew it was coming, but I didn’t know the amount. I thought it was going to be more. . . . But I felt like it was worth it. It was a momentum changer. If it was $10,000, it was worth it, because I’ll make that up on the back end.”

Coach Mike Vrabel spoke to Byard, telling the safety “that’s not what we want as an organization.”

Officials did not penalize Byard for the celebration but should have as NFL rules forbid “acts or words that may engender ill will between teams.”

The Cowboys reached the Tennessee 20, 4 and 6 on their first three possessions but scored only one touchdown. They missed a field goal and Prescott tried to force the ball to Amari Cooper in the end zone, resulting in Byard’s easy pick.

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  1. And he just said before that he understood that he disappointed his head coach and didn’t like that he did when Vrabel said he doesn’t want his players pulling stunts like this. Pretty clear he doesn’t get it if the fine was “worth it.” None of it is worth getting your team a penalty and irritating your coach.

  2. “I did something that everybody thought was wrong, but I’m OK with it.” That’s not really a good look.

  3. Very, very immature and classless. He literally said he didn’t want to get into the doghouse 72 hours ago, and now he’s telling Vrabel the move was “worth it”.


  4. Who cares what Vrabel thinks. He talking bout he didnt like it. Well as a Titans fan I didnt like the three game losing streak we were on. Kevin celebrated and it was good. That’s what you do in Dallas.

  5. It would have been better if he had done “The Macarena”. Stadium entertainment could have caught on and accompanied him with the song. Surely, the whole crowd would have joined in making for a memorable social-media moment. Go Oilers!

  6. This pump does have some talent, but can’t get out of his own way. This week is talking trash about Gronk again, Who has been injured all year and playing way below his norm. He might not even play on Sunday. Byard did the saying before the playoff game last year and Gronk had to school him. If Rob is not a full go on Sunday, the rest of the pets Will do their talking on the field- as usual.

  7. He’s right about game changing. He is right about celebrating but… he did it to spit in the face of his opponent. That is what I’m not ok with. His coach did not like it? Is that really the case? If the coach did not like what he did and spoke to him about it, then how can doing it be “worth it.” Either the coach said “don’t do that again “ and gave him a wink nod or he really doesn’t get it. My intuition says Vrabel told him great play keep doing that you sparked the team but let’s not do that again. Which gives him the latitude to say “It was worth it.”

    My .02

  8. I like Vrabel & a coach should say that. But players who make plays are gonna do stuff like this from time to time. No worse than the cellphone thing. And I’m pretty sure Vrabel was on the team who did the dumb Shawn Merriman sack dance. Did he admonish his teammates then too? Vrabel is a coach now so he kind of has to say that but I doubt he really cares all that much.

  9. It shows the guy is clueless and anything Vrabel said to him went in one ear and out the other. He’s going to make it up on the back end ? This dude think he’s going to get some huge contract, he’s not on any top 5 lists of safeties in the league. He’ll get exposed by the Patriots.

  10. I just realized, and maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall zeke doing his lame, played out feed me routine during that game. Hopefully we dont see much of it on Sunday night either. Dudes a clown.

  11. And byron Jones looked like a soft little kid gently pushing the titans off the star. At least Teague came with a hard shot to knock TO off their logo.

  12. Marcus Cobbs says: “He did what he was supposed to do. That was a game changing interception”

    Until a dumb 15yd Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty costs your team poor field position, which is also a “game changer” for the other side…

  13. It seems like most players are for more concerned with celebrations than wins.

    I remember when Billy “White Shoes” Johnson used to celebrate. I thought he was totally awesome and an original. If I knew that his celebrations would lead to the over the top nonsense that takes place all the time now, I would have hoped that Billy would have never celebrated at all.

  14. VondyP said:”

    i love all the boo-hooing going on here. as a titans fan, i loved it. A+ do it again!”


    Of course you love it. What else have the Titans ever done on the field that deserved celebration. They certainly haven’t won any Super Bowls. When it matters most they underachieve.

  15. VondyP says:
    November 10, 2018 at 10:19 am
    i love all the boo-hooing going on here. as a titans fan, i loved it. A+ do it again!
    As a Redskins fan, I loved it. As Rams and Saints fans, my roommates loved it. There is nothing real football fans enjoy more than trolling a nation of never-been-to-dallas Cowboys fans.

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