NFL: At this point, games in Oakland and L.A. will go on as scheduled

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Fires in Southern California forced some in the Rams organization to evacuate their homes and the team called off practice on Friday because of concerns about the blazes.

There are also issues with a fire in Northern California. The Raiders cut back on their practice schedule Friday because of poor air quality. Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports some Raiders players dealt with “occasional coughing, eyes burning, headache in past two days.”

Both teams are scheduled to play at home on Sunday and the NFL issued a statement saying that there have been no changes to those plans at this point.

“We are monitoring conditions in California and are in close communication with the clubs and local authorities. At this point, both the Los Angeles Chargers-Oakland Raiders game and the Seattle Seahawks-Los Angeles Rams game will kick off as scheduled.”

Raiders coach Jon Gruden said the team will “react to whatever the circumstances are” and said his main concern is for the people being impacted by the fire.

20 responses to “NFL: At this point, games in Oakland and L.A. will go on as scheduled

  1. Prayers go out to the families and animals in the area under threat and misplaced due to these fires. Just trying to breathe in areas close to the fires is extremely difficult. Hope they can get these under control soon.

  2. The dolphins don’t completely suck this year and they’re fans are talking ish…

    It’s like two midgets arguing over who’s taller…

  3. Poor air quality from wildfires isn’t a joke. I’ve gotten ill two years in a row from wildfire smoke each summer. Granted, I’m a moderately out of shape middle aged dude, but it still needs to be taken seriously as the game approaches. I mean, they can just have the Raiders forfeit and the result will be less embarrassing for that team

  4. Probably should also mention NFL games are such a trifling, minor event in comparison to all those who are dealing with losing their homes (or lives). I’m horrified just based on what I’ve seen in news reports with those fires. Utterly terrifying.

  5. The fires in LA are about 25 miles away from the Coliseum. The wind is blowing the smoke out to the ocean and there’s no smell of smoke in the LA basin where the Rams play near downtown. Hopefully the winds die off and the firefighters can get a handle on this fire. I feel for the community of Thousand Oaks who had the double whammy of the mass shooting and the devastating fire the next day.

  6. May be the Raiders should just forfeit the game, so it saves them from having to tank it on the field and saves the players from having some bumps and bruises.

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