NFL says PED testing is random after Eric Reid raises questions

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Panthers safety Eric Reid complained after Thursday night’s game that he’s been tested for performance-enhancing drugs far more than should be expected if the testing is truly random. The NFL quickly pushed back against those comments.

Reid, who was ejected from the game for a hit on Ben Roethlisberger, told reporters afterward that he was required to submit to a drug test for the fifth time since signing with the Panthers six weeks ago.

“This is like the fifth time since I’ve been here,” he said. “They’re not going to catch me on anything.”

That led to some chatter that perhaps the NFL is targeting Reid, who has filed a collusion claim accusing league owners of conspiring to keep him out of the NFL because he kneeled during the national anthem.

But NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote on Twitter on Friday morning that the league and the players’ union jointly oversee the random PED testing process.

“Re: PED testing: Each week during the season, 10 players per club will be tested,” McCarthy wrote. “By means of a computer program, the policy’s jointly appointed Independent Administrator randomly selects before the game players to be tested.”

McCarthy provided a link to the NFL-NFLPA policy to show exactly how testing works. While it’s easy to believe NFL owners kept Reid out of the league because of his protest, it’s extraordinarily difficult to believe that the NFL is subverting the drug testing policy in an attempt to frame Reid. If he’s been tested more times than most players, it was probably just the luck of the draw.

91 responses to “NFL says PED testing is random after Eric Reid raises questions

  1. This is the same clown who didnt know he could be ejected right?? How anyone puts any faith into what this guy says is dumb.

  2. I support Eric Reid’s right to protest. But, I don’t understand why he thinks that being as vocal as he has been won’t draw additional scrutiny from the NFL. Protesting is hard by definition because you’re voicing your disapproval of the norm — or something that had repeatedly occurred. But, in doing so, the people you’re opposing are naturally going to look harder at you. I’m not saying it is right. I’m just saying it’s so odd to me that he hasn’t figured that out.

  3. If Reid has been with the club for 7 weeks, and has been tested 5 times (using numbers from the article) then there is a 0.3% chance of 5 tests out of 7 based on 10 players out of 53 chosen.

    Its possible it’s just bad luck, but it does seem like the NFL is targeting him.

    We don’t know how accurate his numbers are.
    If its 3 tests in 6 weeks then there is a 7.17% chance its random.

    If the NFL is targeting him, they are being too obvious about it.

  4. Seeing as Reid keeps breaking rules and claims he didn’t even know you could get ejected from a game, I’d say it’s only fair to suspect he’s been on something or other.

  5. So tired of athletes complaining. You make millions and still find something to cry about. Playing in the league is privilege, not a right. He can choose another career path if he wants. I hope the league tests him every week.

  6. tylawspick6 says:
    November 9, 2018 at 11:03 am

    do not like reid and his entitled millennial attitude, but i also do not trust goodell either

    The Commissioner does NOT select who is tested Genius.

  7. I own a business and am subjected to random drug and alcohol testing. So I really don’t care that NFL players are too. How hard is it to pee in a cup? The only other option is to do it to everyone on random days, but this would drive up the cost and the suspensions too.

  8. Add this to the long list of things Reid doesn’t know about right next to the rules on player ejections.

  9. Larry Allen said he got tested every week for the rest of his career after the video showing him benching 700 lbs…That wasn’t random, apparently. Reid could also be exaggerating though, he obviously likes to draw negative attention to the league.

  10. This week he earned it. He was ejected. I would think that any business would test a person who had been acting unacceptably. Our random drug tests are not fully random (I work in the medical industry so I am tested regularly). If you are on report for something, you will get tested. He is on report for being a dirty player (ejection), so I would expect him to be this week.

  11. “They’re not going to catch me on anything.”
    This is a much different statement than, “I didn’t do anything.”

  12. Don’t worry Eric. We’re not worried about you failing the tests. We saw how you’ve been playing.
    You have our support.

    NFL Viewership

  13. It’s a six of one, half dozen of the other situation: Reid is a chronic complainer, but Goodell’s word isn’t worth much. I think that the more Reid complains,the more random testing he will have to submit to.

  14. Wait….let me get this straight….he keeps track of urine tests but never knew a player can be ejected from a game? If yo clean bro, piss your brains out! I’m thinking he’s going to tie these 2 things together and insinuate the NFL is picking on him for his “take a knee” days! How’s Kaep doing on his daily workouts, keeping in shape, waiting for the “call”?? NOT!!

  15. Even when it’s obvious he’s being targeted, because he hurt so many faux-patriots feelings, they wont put their pride aside to admit the obvious. Hes being targeted.

    -50 years of service between myself, my father, brother, and sister. So save it.

  16. I would think it would be pretty easy for the NFL to supply information to show if there are other players who have had stretches where the random test has picked their name more often than others. If this is the one and only time where a player has been picked 5 times in 6 weeks, it would start to look like targeting.

  17. I seriously question if Reid will be signed again next year and I honestly don’t blame the teams that share this attitude.
    Who wants a difficult, always complaining player.

    It simply comes down to basic math, does his talent exceed the trouble of employing him, and by how much?
    And as far as I can tell, it doesn’t come out in his favor.

  18. What a horrible time to be a Panthers fan.. Clown QB and Eric Roid now on the team. Its like watching the Titanic sink.

  19. As federal law enforcement officers, we are subject to random testing. I know guys who have worked there for 20 years and only been tested once or twice.

    Ive only worked there just over 2 years and ive been tested three times already. Luck of the draw. Reid just seems to struggle with basic concepts, such as the definition of “random. “

  20. Why would and honest good guy like yourself be worried about it then if you are following the rules? Shut up and take the test!!!

  21. Support his right to protest but at what point do you become the boy who cried wolf & minimize the impact of what his justifiable complaint was? This, starting fights with Malcolm Jenkins (who actually does stuff about what he’s unhappy with & doesn’t just cry about it), when does it end with this guy? And you didn’t know you could be ejected? Have you been hanging out with Donovan McNabb? You know games can end in a tie, right Eric? #5 missed that one, you should probably know the rules of the game you play, just sayin…

  22. All of you sad men serm to enjoy ignoring logic for the right to complain because most likely y’all were former high school stars who couldn’t make it in college. He has every right to question them or did all of y’all suddenly become goodell and nfl supporters overnight?

  23. Other players mentioned having big games then being “randomly” tested others QBs specifically appeared to be having medication or drug problems but somehow never tested positive. It’s possible.

  24. Most people also never get audited by the IRS in their entire lifetime. I got audited when I was 23 and making 30k a year and living with 2 roomates.

    It’s random.

  25. skunkb3ar says:
    November 9, 2018 at 11:49 am
    As federal law enforcement officers, we are subject to random testing. I know guys who have worked there for 20 years and only been tested once or twice.

    Ive only worked there just over 2 years and ive been tested three times already. Luck of the draw. Reid just seems to struggle with basic concepts, such as the definition of “random. “


    Talk about selling water to a whale.

    So you, as a federal law enforcement officer don’t find it funny that 20 year guys have been tested once and you have been tested 3 times in two years. And you chalk it up to “luck of the draw”.


  26. We’re officially at 16 minutes of fame with Reid. Time’s up!

    Any player who thinks peeing in a cup is a major inconvenience is playing the diva card. Full stop. As a player, if you don’t like the current testing policy put in a commissioner that doesn’t insist on a drug testing policy that 1) requires 10 samples per week for each team on a 53 man roster, 2) needs player selection to be random and 3) finds the need for a computer to do that. Each player getting tested 4 times a year at random accomplishes the same goal and avoids stupid accusations like what Reid is presenting.

  27. You know what is more disturbing than Eric Reid complaining?

    The fact that folks don’t understand probability. Ten players are tested on a team, which we can round to 20%. Now, think about the chances of hitting either a 7 or an 11 at craps, which is, very roughly, in the same ballpark. What do you think your chances are at the craps table of rolling a 7 or 11 five out of six throws of the die?

    Kids, please don’t gamble. You don’t understand that the random probability is almost zero of this happening. Ditto with Eric Reid being “randomly selected” five out of six times.

  28. When I was in the Navy, I averaged 4.5 tests a month, every month for 4 years.

    200+ exams. Not counting the ones I’ve taken before or since for having a CDL.

    I don’t cry for Reid.

    Sometime you get selected because they know you’re clean and a dirty result looks bad for the command/team.

  29. Eric Reid is just one of those guys that thinks everyone is out to get him, that he is an innocent bystander and basically a patron saint.
    hes not. he should shut up and pee in the cup like a man if he hasnt done anything.
    its not like hes being forced to do something that isnt natural and that he wouldnt do hours later anyway.
    hes painting himself in a corner, intentional or not

  30. “This is like the fifth time since I’ve been here,”

    I would hardly consider that to be an official accounting so any calculations of odds based on that info are suspect too. It would be interesting to see the official record how many times he has been tested and go by that info whether high or low. But the NFL policy is to not release their testing info so we will never know.

    I dont know what the truth is, neither Reid nor the NFL hold much credibility with me. I will say that if he gets caught with anything while thinking they are targeting him then he is the dumbest person on earth. A moron not a victim.

  31. PS, youd think he would realize the testing is JOINTLY run by the Union and the league.
    being uninformed,ignorant and self pitying is no way to grow up

  32. vecchiaio says:
    November 9, 2018 at 12:24 pm
    It’s retaliation. A stronger union would have called out and moved to stop such targetting.

    The union participates in the selection process so if its retaliation the union would actually be complicit in it.

  33. 700levelvet says:
    November 9, 2018 at 11:08 am
    I didn’t even know NFL players were drug tested….

    They are not drug tested during the season. They are only tested for performance enhancing drugs…not street drugs.

  34. The Panthers should be ashamed to give that malcontent a platform to spew his racist garbage! Reid sucks regardless. If you wonder why he couldn’t find a job then don’t. Dude is a terrible safety. Almost as terrible as he is as a person.

  35. onereasonableman says:
    November 9, 2018 at 11:45 am
    I would think it would be pretty easy for the NFL to supply information to show if there are other players who have had stretches where the random test has picked their name more often than others. If this is the one and only time where a player has been picked 5 times in 6 weeks, it would start to look like targeting.

    The NFL does not release such info. We are only hearing about Reids claimed situation from his own mouth. The NFL has said nothing other than to restate the official policy which is public info anyhow.

  36. Presuming Reid has been tested 5 out of 6 weeks the chances it occurred as the result of random chance are about 1 in a 1000 if only the active roster is tested. If the practice squad and IR are included, the odds go to 1 in 3000.

    Not zero, but awfully unlucky.

  37. All you need to know is math to realize that he’s very likely being targeted so they can catch him at something and then make him go away. He has ruffled more than a few feathers among billionaires. You just don’t do that and expect no repercussions.

    The problem here is that 9 out of 10 people commenting aren’t able to do that math. They are not smart enough. What’s more is they are to tribal so even if they do know the math they won’t admit it.

    Don’t think I care or anything because I don’t. But I tell the truth these days. Too many liars around…

  38. Lol random. I worked at a place that had random testing for a while. The store manager “randomly” selected this one girl 3 months in a row. In the fourth month he “randomly” selected her while walking to the bathroom and she failed. He noticed in the previous three months that her boyfriend would come in the store about 5 minutes before she was ready to test. Also a computer generated random test.

    You can have policies out the wazoo but until the NFLPA is allowed access to the computer program source code as it’s run; its useless.

  39. I have no issues if my employer wants to randomly drug test me. To be safe, I will happily leave a jar of urine on my boss’s desk every friday before I go home.

  40. A one out of five chance hits five out of six times and they kick you out of the casino for cheating… I’m no statistician but the odds are huge against that happening. I believe 5x5x5x5x5?

  41. Be suspicious that the numbers he is providing are correct

    How many people are subject to the testing? 2500-3000, including practice squad, IR, etc? So it’s very likely that some of them will get some very unlikely testing sequences.

  42. Some dude doing math up the thread. Funny. 10 of 50 is a 1 in 5 chance, or 20% chance your number will be picked every week. A player should expect to be tested at least once every 5 testing cycles, as it is random. I think Reid is lying about how many times he has been tested. Even if he is not and the numbers are generated randomly, he is just lucky or unlucky. And really, why whine about being tested? If you are clean , big deal if you have to piss in a cup every week. I think every player should be tested every week. That would eliminate are some of the whining.

  43. Well, Coach Rivera did say he was high.

    ““I don’t think that was warranted, I really don’t. I don’t think he hit him hard enough to eject him,” Rivera said. “They are trying to protect the quarterbacks, and he was high.””

  44. Reid had to take his once-a-year-mandatory test during his physical when he got signed. So if we assume 4 “random” tests is his actual complaint….

    The odds of being selected 4 times over the course of an entire season is 0.79%. If he’s been selected 4 times in 6 weeks, while not *impossible*, it seems extremely unlikely to be random.

    We’ve certainly heard enough stories over the years from others to make the “random” nature of the testing dubious at best, even before Reid said anything. While I think the best thing for his future contractual considerations is probably to just shut up and play…especially since he’s been grading out well on analytics sites and defenses have been so challenged this season…I don’t doubt what he’s suggesting.

  45. How come all of these issues only seem to follow Reid himself around? It’s almost like the problem is not the league (or protesting, drug testing or whatever) but Reid himself ….. It’s almost like issues seem to follow this guy around, I wonder why? If I didnt know any better i’d say it’s almost like Eric Reid is a guy who looks to complain about anything?

  46. Didn’t Reid say the Panthers had no choice about him kneeling ? Well the same goes for him taking a drug test !

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