Rams cancel practice due to fires in Southern California

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Fires in Southern California have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes, destroyed numerous buildings and impacted lives in countless other ways in the last few days.

The Rams fall into that last category. They have cancelled their Friday practice at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. Authorities

The fire crossed Highway 101 and a mandatory evacuation order for Malibu and “all areas south of 101 Freeway from Ventura County line to Las Virgenes Road” was issued on Friday.

The team is set to host the Seahawks on Sunday and there’s been no change to the schedule on that front at this time. There are plans to remember the victims of the mass shooting at a Thousand Oaks bar earlier this week at that game and we imagine all share our deepest hope that easier times are coming soon for the people in that area.

3 responses to “Rams cancel practice due to fires in Southern California

  1. This fire is just kicking the community while they’re down and still recovering/ grieving over the mass shooting. I used to work in Thousand Oaks and the area is really nice with great community support for each other. This is one of the nastiest fires in a very long time with the winds.

  2. I would hope (assuming their practice facility is in a safe region) that they would open it to be people for emergency housing. It has showers, toilets, places to prepare food, good locations to show films. It makes it a good place to put people for a few days while the community sorts things out. The Superdome has been used as a disaster housing many times.

  3. Thousand Oaks is a million miles from Inglewood. Game on.

    Condolences.to all the familty and friends grieving from the senseless act of violence that occured there. There were armed officers of the peace there – more guns are not the answer. #actionsofacoward

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