Will a blowout on Sunday night get Jason Garrett fired?

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in November 2010, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he wouldn’t be making a coaching change during the season. After the very next game, an embarrassing 45-7 loss to the Packers on Sunday Night Football, Jones abruptly changed his mind and fired Wade Phillips.

Wade today is a vivid example of accountability,” Jones said at the time.

Now, after Jones has declared — eight years to the day — that he wouldn’t be making a coaching change during the season, the question becomes whether an embarrassing loss to the Eagles on Sunday Night Football will cause Jones to abruptly change his mind, again.

“I don’t like the way that looks stabilitywise, organizationwise,” Jones said when explaining his change of heart in November 2010. “I think it called for it, and I recognized after the game that we just weren’t playing winning football or our best chance at winning football. I don’t apologize for changing my mind.”

Which means Jones won’t apologize for changing his mind about Garrett, if Jones changes his mind about Garrett after Sunday night.

So what will it take? Charean Williams, who covered the Cowboys for many years with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and still follows the Cowboys very closely for PFT, explained on Friday’s PFT Live that Jones pays attention to all opinions and criticisms of his team, and that he’s keenly aware of the mounting criticisms and clap-driven caricatures of Garrett. Jones also surely realizes that the Dallas offense lacks the kind of creativity and ingenuity that allows other teams to exploit the tendencies of opponents and exploit mismatches presented by any and every given defense.

A very real potential for a very bad outcome this weekend exists. The Eagles, who have the kind of creativity and ingenuity that the Cowboys don’t, will have had two weeks to prepare. The Cowboys will have had six days. The Eagles are hitting their stride. The Cowboys have spun out of control.

When the Eagles win against Dallas, the Eagles sometimes win big. 37-9 last year. 27-13 in 2016. 33-10 in 2014. 34-7 and 20-7 in 2011. And who can forget that 44-6 shellacking by the Eagles from the final week of 2008, which put the Eagles into the playoffs and knocked the Cowboys out?

Another outcome like one of those outcomes could end up being the final nail for Garrett, and his final act as head coach of the team. While he may still be clapping on the way out the door, Garrett definitely won’t be exiting to a round of applause from Cowboys fans who are currently clamoring for change.

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  1. Should but who else will grovel and let Jerry coach from the owner’s box? Yes-men like Garrett with zero pride, clapping seal like, are hard to find. A slug has more backbone than Jason Garrett does!

  2. We do openly root for someone to lose their job? Jerry will make the move when he wants to. Simple as that.

  3. So what? The next coach will be a Jones puppet as well. Fire him, keep him, it makes no difference.

  4. Can’t help but think of the video I saw of Garrett addressing his fellow coaches in a meeting, saying something like, “Some of you won’t be here next year. The ones who roll their eyes in meetings…” If Jerrah starts rolling his eyes, oh oh…

  5. The Eagles don’t really have the type of offense that lends itself to blowouts. The Cowboys offense stinks, but they’ve actually been pretty good on defense.

  6. What’s Garrett made from Jerry at this point, 40-50 million? I don’t think he’s too concerned if Jones finally cuts the cord on him.

  7. Maybe, and as he goes out the door Jerry will hug him and slip an extra 5 million dollar check in his back pocket telling him to kindly refrain from slandering him and his Cowboys.

  8. He should have been fired long ago. However, in Jerrah’s pea brain, he knows that getting another Clapper won’t be easy so it is hard to predict what the catalyst will be to fire JG…

  9. Nope. It won’t happen.
    He’s Jerry’s puppet. At age 82 Jerry is perfectly fine with someone that he can control than dealing with some hard-nose coach

  10. It just amazes me that no one has the courage to stand up to this doddering old man and tell him that he is the main reason that the Cowboys haven’t been relevant since the 90’s. I get the money part of it, but it seems crazy that you have to go all the way back to Bill Parcells to find someone who told Jerry what he could do with his team and the reason why he was saying it. I can actually see Garrett getting the hook if they get blown out Sunday night, and the search for another personal hand puppet beginning. Garrett is not a good HC or play caller.

  11. At seasons end, make a sweeping change, ok, but at this point what is the advantage of wrecking things mid-season? Other than appeasing fans, who generally don’t know the best thing, they act on feelings

  12. As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I’m looking forward to the day that Jerry realizes the team needs a real GM and new offensive coaches.

    The only benefit to a losing season is that it removes another excuse for Garrett and Prescott.

  13. Jerry does what makes him look good. The main reason Jerry has given in the past for keeping Garrett is to avoid a Bill Belichick – Cleveland situation where Garrett could go to another team and have success.

    Fact is Jerry does not know what he is doing when it comes to football operations. He does not get that players have to respect the head coach and it hurts the team when they know they can come crying to Jerry if they don’t like what the head coach does. Also, just look at the coaches such as Sean Payton and Mike Zimmer who have left the Cowboys and had more success.

    Thing is that if they were Cowboys head coaches, I fear they would have close to the same record as Garrett.

  14. Prediction: Jones will fire Carrot Top and Jones will become the interim HC. Its all about his need for media attention. God, this team is an organizational mess.

  15. seriously doubt it, I’m guessing his choices for a new head coach would be very limited knowing that a coach can’t run the team or even hire the assistants they want.

  16. Even if Jerry does not fire him after this game, The same questions will be brought up after
    every loss. I don’t see the Cowboys winning more than 2 more games this year. On the bright
    side critics can’t claim the Cowboys are mediocre anymore there just real bad. I just have to wonder when the GM will admit to his accountability.

  17. How did the Cowboys get this bad? Half the teams in the league are unwatchable this season. New rule: a team must win at least eight games in a year or the franchise is taken away and given to a new owner. That would be entertaining.

  18. Every Cowboy knows Garrett is a puppet coach. He does what he told by Jerry. If Jerry fires Garrett, who is Jerry likely to hire. I’m afraid it’s would be another puppet coach who would do the same thing, be responsible to carry out Jerry’s whims. I doubt that’s would be much of an improvement.

    The main problem with the offense is Scott Linehan play calling. For what ever reason, Jerry fired about every offensive coach but kept Linehan after last season. Linehan seems to be ‘untouchable’. Makes me wonder what Linehan has on Jerry?

    The only saving grace for the Cowboys is the play in the NFC East which this year hasn’t any dominating team! The Cowboys are still in the hunt.

  19. If Garrett is fired, who replaces him. Kris Richard would be my choice from the staff, but the offense doesn’t change, and you still have Linehan calling plays unless you want even more upheaval among the coaches. Finish the season, then make a choice. Either promote Richard, and you will have to if you want to keep him, or go outside the club and start all over. It could be worse, Jones could do like Murchison, and give Garret a 10 year extension.

  20. yaz67 says:
    November 9, 2018 at 12:44 pm
    We do openly root for someone to lose their job? Jerry will make the move when he wants to. Simple as that.

    Is that what PFT is doing? I don’t think so. I think it’s a realistic question. If they win or just lose by a respectable amount, Garrett’s probably safe for now. If it’s a truly embarrassing loss like described, if the team quits? I think he’s gone. The only people I know rooting for it are Dallas fans.

  21. I didn’t know it then but I’m certain now that Jerry made the change in 2010 to appease Garrett , whom he was paying the same salary as he was paying Wade to keep him from leaving for a HC opportunity. Only the football gods and Phil Collins know what Garrett’s contribution(or lack thereof), was to the demise of the Wade lead Cowboys team.

  22. What’s the point? The team is what it is. There’s no reason to do this before the end of the season. It’s not like they need to get a head start on lining up interviews with Hue Jackson.

  23. I think that Jerry would find it very difficult to fire Garrett because highly skilled boot-lickers are hard to find. Although I understand that Dave Campo would be willing to give the Cowboys HC job another shot.

  24. Linehan is more likely to be canned with a bad performance. He deserves to be fired but they have nobody on staff that is qualified to call plays. Linehan will get canned with a bad showing and JG will be goven the playcalling-rope to hang himself until Black Monday.

  25. No, because their fans will keep watching them on TV, keep buying Zak or Deke or whoever else jerseys, and they’ll keep yelling “America’s Team!” every chance they get. They’ve shown it doesn’t matter what the quality of the team on the field is, they’ll keep lining Jones’ pockets and in the end, that’s all that really matters to him.

  26. How bad does it have to be before Jones gets fired? Garrett isn’t a great coach, but c’mon, he has had a couple of good seasons. Like every other coach he is dependent on the GM for talent, and that goes straight back to good ol’ Jerry. He may yearn to be recognized as a first class GM, but that is never going to happen. Nothing is going to change until he is out of the picture, and hopefully his son has enough sense to turn football over to people who know the business. Jerry is good at making money, and that doesn’t win football games.

  27. Garrett proves that “sucking up” can make you a multi millionaire if the boss thinks you are cute.

  28. This comment thread know who’s to blame! It is a fact, as long as Jerrah is running the show, the Cowboys will continue to have trouble winning. How many seasons since JJ was fired?

  29. The worst part about his firing is that Jones will drudge up the usual suspects as his replacement: Norv Turner, John Fox, Denny Green, Todd Haley…

  30. Remember when Jerry thought he owned this season and was branching out into other venues like kissing up to Trump and demanding toes on the line for the anthem? I guess he has bigger problems now, huh?

  31. Unless Jerry has someone on staff that he sees as the permanent replacement (and I doubt it), Jason’s not going anywhere until after the season. Garrett is like a son to Jerry, unlike Wade….bad comparison…..

  32. rkt4mayor said:
    “Jason Garrett is the Waylon Smithers of NFL head coaches…”

    If he get fired he will be “Apued”.

    But lets face it, how many coaches available for hire are willing to be Jerry Jones’ sockpuppet? Probably none, or at least none that are any better than Garrett. Garrett most likely isn’t going anywhere, and neither are the Cowboys.

  33. I don’t know if logic applies in Jerrahland, but logically if Garrett goes, so does Linehan. And there is nobody else on the offensive staff remotely qualified to be an NFL HC.

    Kris Richard will probably be a HC for somebody soon, but I’m not sure promoting a defensive guy who’s never been a HC before does anything to fix an offense, esp if his staff is stripped of experienced offensive assistants. Doug Nussmeier has at least been a OC in college, so maybe they could promote him.

    But it seems like the best course is to wait until the offseason. Unless Jerrah would just concede the season.

  34. Ummm. TollAkiman8. Denny Green, unfortunately, passed away. Course even a dead person might be a better coach. And I am a Boys fan.

  35. Garrett was handpicked by Jones to be developed as his head coach. The lackies were saying at the time how brilliant Garrett was and one even said he could be Gov or President. Garrett did so well at his OC duties they had to find someone to take over.

  36. Jerry, You are an abysmal failure as the GM of the Cowboys. Surely even you are aware of this. If you want the Cowboys to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders in your lifetime, you need to hire a competent football guy to be the GM. Let him decide who the coach will be, who to draft, and make player personnel decisions.

  37. He won’t fire Garrett. He’s not going to get another coach who will be his puppet like Garrett is. They’ll make some changes with assistants but that’s about it.

    However, Garrett is only part of the problem. They’ve had some injuries, especially at Center, which have hurt them. Add to that they released Bryant and Witten retired and it was inevitable. The team will only go as far as Dak takes them, which isn’t very far.

  38. Could happen. At the time, Wade Phillips was considered a puppet and most people here commented Jones would never do it. Of course, Wade’s season included a string of shockingly bad performances demonstrating he had completely lost the team, and Jones was in danger of losing everyone. When Jones can’t sell the snake oil anymore, he’ll get a different brand.

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