Dak Prescott’s future in Dallas undoubtedly is tied to Jason Garrett’s

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Sure, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said that quarterback Dak Prescott will eventually get a second contract in Dallas. And, as explained on Friday in connection with the tenuous status of coach Jason Garrett, Jones reserves the right to change his mind at any time, for any reason.

And if/when (when) Jones changes his mind about Garrett, there’s a chance the next coach’s first order of business will be to get Jones to change his mind about Prescott.

Every G.M. wants his own coach and every coach wants his own quarterback. For Dallas, the wild card will be which coach Jones, the G.M., will hire. If Jones hires a puppet, Prescott stays (unless Jones independently changes his mind about Prescott). If Jones hires a guy who will take over the team, the guy who takes over the team may decide that he wants his own quarterback.

However it plays out, Prescott will enhance his standing by playing better. Former NFL coach Kevin Gilbride explained on Friday’s PFT Live that, although he thought that Prescott was getting too much praise after a strong rookie year in 2016, Gilbride thinks that Prescott is getting too much blame now. So if Prescott is in the middle, the question becomes whether he breaks one way or the other.

There’s a chance he won’t break either way, which means that he may reside in that Ryan Tannehill-style football purgatory where the player hasn’t become a franchise quarterback, but where the team isn’t ready to assume the risk that he becomes a franchise quarterback for another team.

For now, Prescott is with the Cowboys. After this year, who knows? If we know anything about the things that Jones has said, there’s always a chance that he’ll eventually do the exact opposite.

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  1. Prescott will peak as a league average starter who can be effective in a scheme designed to win with defense. Part of his problem is that he is too conservative. Doesn’t run deapite opportunity and ability, doesn’t take chances on letting guys make plays. He’s a slightly better version of Tyrod Taylor. Might not make the HOF, but someone who could be successful in a system (like DAL’s) that does a better job playing to his strengths.

  2. I dont think anybody is worried about Dak Prescott becoming a franchise qb for another team. I’m still hoping he can become an average one on this team. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

  3. What a shame, only a few years ago this fanbase was busy carving a Hall of Fame Bust for him in Canton. Now is is actually close to being called the other Bust.

  4. “tenuous status of coach Jason Garrett, Jones reserves the right to change his mind at any time, for any reason.

    And if/when (when) Jones changes his mind about Garrett, there’s a chance the next coach’s first order of business will be to get Jones to change his mind about Prescott.”

    LAME. Jones is supposed to have an open mind when evaulating talent. Nothing worse than a GM that refuses to change an opinion just because he once like the guy and continues to stick by them for all the wrong reasons.

  5. Dak is on Pace to putting up the exact same numbers as last year, you think you’d expect growth from a young QB but at least he’s consistent, At being average to below average

  6. IF Jerry hires another puppet? WHEN Jerry hires another puppet. Fixed it for you. Any legit coach would not work for Jones unless he is checked out and is in it only for the money. Parcells tried it but he was one foot out the door himself. Jerry is still ate up by Jimmy Johnson and his success. Jones was just around for the ride in the 90’s. And to write checks. To his credit he has never been too cheap to write them. But that only worked pre salary cap. He undermines every coach he has and will have since Jimmy with his mouth. Combined w/ his obsession w/ being in the headlines my Cowboys are up a creek.

  7. Jerry Jones is just as much of a problem for the Cowboys as Garrett. For things to get better Jones needs to take a step back

  8. He is far from being a bust. He had two very good season before this year.
    He is missing his pro bowl center, He is missing his security blanket in Witten, And he is playing with a Rookie guard.
    Now these are FACTS and NOT excuses. I would pay Romo ANYTHING that He wanted to come back as QB COACH OR EVEN PLAYER QB COACH. Dak is only as good as he is being coached.

    Eagles 38 Cowboys 16. Jerry then gives Dak/ Jason/ Scott/ and Moore fiver year extensions, Claiming that we are headed in the right direction. You know that it is bad when fans like me are screaming for a change.

  9. Prescott should be fine. They need a new coach/OC. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Norv or Ernie Z. was back there calling the plays. They have the talent, they just need some innovation without interference from Jerry. That may be asking too much though….

  10. Won’t beat a dead horse but again i saw Prescott for what he is last year. The treacherous red head cost the cowboys a super bowl when he didn’t put a healthy romo back in for the playoff run that year, in fact it was common knowledge around the team that romo was embarrassing prescott and the first defense in practices. Well know it’s fitting they both will get axed together.

  11. Jeff Fisher errr Jason Garrett should not be the only coach to at least try
    to see what Dak “might” could do, You do remember Jared Goff was already labeled a bust by Fisher, the sports reporters and the fans.

  12. Cowboy fans should hope that they get rid of Dak. He isn’t going to take them where they want to go. Romo was a better option. He is decent QB because he can create plays by moving around the pocket. Teams are learning that he isn’t as effective when they keep him in the pocket and force him to make throws. They should use their first round pick to get a new QB (whoops)… at any rate they should not give Prescott a monster contract. He isn’t worth it.

  13. There is a shortage of franchise quarterbacks in the league. It will only get worse when the 2004 QB draft class retires. Add into that Tom Brady who was drafted in 2000.

    I don’t think the Cowboys have any better option than Dak for the foreseeable future. I don’t think he is going anywhere.

  14. Is this the team that so many people have said is America’s team? Heck, they’re not even Texas’s team!

  15. I totally disagree. The next coach they will get will be someone who can get the most out of Dak. It’s too difficult to go out and find a quality QB and then it takes a few years to develop them.

  16. If Jones were smart he’d hire quarterback whisperer Tom House in the off season to work with Prescott’s throwing motion, timing and release. Prescott’s completion percentage has declined since his rookie year. This is something fixable with a guy like House. 3DQB

  17. Prescott is what he is. A fourth round draft choice, back up QB. He was never going to be a Tony Romo find. Never going to be a Russell Wilson find. He is a backup, capable of running a team without too many mistakes in a short time. Long term, too many mistakes to lead a team.

  18. Jones won’t get rid of Garrett because he thinks Prescott is a franchise QB unlike any other coach. Jones likes making the decisions and a real coach won’t come to Dallas to be told what to do. I’m surprised Garrett has been there so long. I’d expect him to have some self-respect and would get tired of being a puppet. The problem is he likes being a head coach and the only one dumb enough to have him as their head coach is Jones and only for the reason that he’s a puppet coach.

  19. It’s funny how many people are talking about how Prescott is no Tony Romo. Let’s not forget that Romo was at the helm during many 8-8 seasons and not making the playoffs. I’m not saying that Romo wasn’t a great QB. My point is, he grew into it. Not sure Dak will get (or deserves) the time to grow. But, it’s too early to expect him to be great.

  20. Which of these 3 skills necessary for success does Prescott posses:

    Can he read defenses?

    Can he make good decisions based on that read?

    Can he make a quick, accurate throw?

    Can deliver the ball accurately

  21. youstolemybike says:

    Part of his problem is that he is too conservative. Doesn’t run deapite opportunity and ability

    Only four quarterbacks have more rushing attempts and yards this season.

  22. Eagles fan here. This guy was playing a pro set in college and had a decent 1st year. I think Prescott is having his progression retarded by Howdy Doody and his inability to design creative plays for him to run with the tools he has on the field with him. Now I hope he doesn’t figure out the secret of the universe before tomorrow night but getting Cooper to go along with Elliot and Beasley can allow him better match ups against the defenses he’s facing.

  23. Prescott is a good not great QB. In the NFL good
    QB’s are exposed in the playoffs.
    In addition the offense he is stuck does not
    work with his talents.
    Example the first offensive drive
    last Monday nite. The 3rd Dow play
    had the newly acquired wr Cooper
    in a takeoff route with the dB 6- 8
    yards off of Cooper. The play required
    Prescott to throw into a narrow area between
    the end zone sideline and the dB in coverage.
    Definitely not one of his strengths and
    perhaps a very predictable thought that
    the Cowboys would throw to their newly
    acquired WR who, they gave up a first
    round pick.

  24. You know this line, you know this quarterback,
    you know these receivers and running backs;
    you know what they do well by down and
    distance, and what they don’t do well. Call
    the plays you know they can execute, dismiss
    any plays from the OC and the GM that you
    know they cain’t execute. You’re gonna get
    fired anyway, you might as well show the
    Jones family your backbone, you might as
    well show the league that you have a

    Hang all sheets to the wind. You’re done
    anywho, go out under your own steam, on
    your own terms.

  25. Jerry Jones has said recently on the ” Fan” radio broadcast, that he is aware of everything that goes on in the organization and has his hand in the decisions that are made.That…does not sound like a man who plans on relinquishing any control, in the near future.Past actions dictate the future and only another ” puppet ” will be hired in Dallas, after Garrett is dismissed as the next scapegoat for the Jones family.Jerry would never hire a HC that demands a major part in the decision making of the organization as pertains to personnel and offensive/ defensive schemes of play making, and so we can only expect more of the same mediocrity! Sad indeed !

  26. I hope Garrett has been saving his $3-5M/per year in some conservative financial instrument. To me he’s always sounded like a post-depression era financial advisor than the head coach of a football team.
    He’s not going to work again after this Dallas gig dries up.

    He’s not the offensive guru that he was hired as, he’s not a motivator, and he sure as hell isn’t going to be a television or radio personality. To me, and purely from personal anecdotal evidence, he is the epitome of people gushing over academic pedigree over substance and a touch of charisma (i.e…Parcels/Jimmy). Garrett is the MBA who comes in to ramp up efficiency for the sake of profit, leaving behind a shell of the prior company. A soulless ginger, void of any edge or ability to attack the opponent. And lo and behold, his team takes on his persona….timid, brittle, and gutless after getting punched in the face (with a few rare exceptions).

    It may go to show just how valuable vets like Witten, Bryant, Romo, Murray(?) may have been despite robot-Garrett and Jerry’s PR meddling.

    Of course the eventual firing of Clapper will not solve the real issue. The Jones family operates this fantasy football team to compete against Spotify, Instagram and Netflix….not to compete against the Redskins or Eagles.

  27. Headlines says all you need to know, because if Prescott were anything close to a franchise QB, it would not matter who the coach is. Frankly, the excuses for Dak have been exhausted. Then again, as an Eagles fan I want both Garrett and Prescott signed to long and financially-crushing extensions

  28. They don’t have a first rounder or a ton of cap space. Dak is the QB til 2020 when they will have the chance to make a change. Coach doesn’t matter.

  29. I am surprised that none of those who cover the nfl full time for a living understand that an injured Romo, who became a second string healthy Romo when healthy, was the puppetmeister when Prescott was a rookie. Who do these folks think Romo was talking to when he was on the sidelines talking to his helmet? Hint, is was not the coaches.

    I am not a Romo shill, I just recognize that the head coach and offensive coordinator were among the game’s most respected geniuses two years back, and Zak was an unbelievable steal in the fourth round. Then Romo retired, went to the broadcast booth to work in other stadiums–now the those two coaches are a couple of shamed clowns and Zak is an ok fourth round choice that might well have been a reach had anyone wasted a third rounder on him.

  30. I remember Dak’s rookie season too and the one that did most of the talking to Dak on the sidelines was Mark Sanchez not Romo so much. Maybe they should have hired Sanchez for QB coach instead of Moore.

  31. If JJ doesnt fire Garrett after this miserable saeson (cuz it aint gettin any better) then I fear Jerruh is in the early stages of dementia.

  32. Kermit the frog and miss piggy said they are ready to take over coaching the Cowboys. Probably couldn’t do any worse than the Puppet already in place.

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