Fitzpatrick doesn’t have to worry about getting benched, unless he does

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A coach who should be looking over his shoulder wants to insulate his current starting quarterback from that same dynamic.

Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter, who nearly was replaced last year by Jon Gruden and who seems to be headed for an exit this year, said Friday night that he doesn’t want his current starter to worry about being bounced for another.

I really don’t want Fitz looking over his shoulder,” Koetter said on the Buccaneers Radio Network, via

So this means Fitzpatrick is the starter for the rest of the year, barring injury, right?

“I do think the day is coming when Jameis [Winston] will get another opportunity to get back out there,” Koetter said.

To summarize, the hook could be coming for Fitz. But the coach doesn’t want him to see it coming.

Which could help explain why the hook is coming for the coach.

15 responses to “Fitzpatrick doesn’t have to worry about getting benched, unless he does

  1. Its a shame because fitz has played very well, but one small hiccup and he’s benched, such as the chicago game

  2. My dream has been that Fitzpatrick retires and the Bills hire him as a QB coach. He is very intelligent and knows what to do with the ball and often times can do it. But too often he just doesn’t have the skills to get it done. I think he’d make an ideal coach.

  3. Please no more inFamous Jameis. We know what and who he is. The team doesn’t rally around him like they do Fitz. Plus if he gets hurt, the Glazers are on the hook for $20MM next year. All sorts of reasons he should be the 3rd stringer for the rest of the season.

  4. Just make up your mind one way or the other. Either you commit to Winston and know he’s going to make his share of mistakes, or just drop him.

  5. Much like Josh Freeman, They can’t seem to come to grips with reality that JW just isn’t and never will be an NFL pro quality Qb.. They hold on to the delusion that he is a caterpillar and will by some miracle wake up one day and be another Peyton Manning…
    He {maybe} closer to Chad Pennington/Jay Cutler almost type…

    If they would rather have a in-state guy at Qb rather than win, they’ll resign him… IF they ever want to challenge any of the other 3 NFC South teams for a play-off spot, they absolutely MUST move on to give themselves a chance of finding a ‘REAL DEAL’ QB..

    Many analyst and ex-players are saying he is a bust and his turnovers, win-lose record and current status seems to support that…

  6. Lets say Jameis Winston leaves, what do the Buccs do next year for a QB>
    Its a bad draft class.
    Do they negotiate with Winston a short prove it deal, say 2 years?
    Winston needs a change of scenery and a chance to improve and show he can be a mid level QB.
    He’s way better than Nathan Peterman.

  7. The coach needs to speak plainly so Fitzy isn’t wondering if it is his last a center each week and can concentrate on bring out the magic. Having crab boy looming at the whim of the idiot coach has to be distracting.

  8. Its ashame that the defense can be terrible and have bad seasons and no one gets benched. Jameis has a bad game and he gets benched. If the defense did their job then I don’t think we’re having this conversation. We have no running game for Jameis to rely on. If Tampa has a middle of the pack defense we’re in the playoffs every year since Jameis was drafted.

  9. If nothing else learn a lesson from the Rams. Goff didn’t look like he could play QB under Jeff Fisher. They fire Fisher and hire McVay and Goff looks like a totally different QB. Jameis isn’t the problem Koetter is. Fire Koetter and get a young offensive mind in there and you will see the QB you saw at FSU.
    Norv Turner was available but we let Carolina get him and you see the difference he’s made in that offense.

  10. The last game I partially watched, fitz was being sacrificed by the o line. They weren’t even trying to block. Apparently he isn’t liked by all. I ,ean we are talking a white guy replacong a black guy and its not injury related.

  11. That’s just it, people are partially watching but then want to post something. If the O-line could block they would but they can’t. Therefore you cant run block or pass block. Maybe if they would have drafted better then we might not be in this position. We didnt need Vea we needed a ball hawk like D. James on the back end of the defense. Our defense has only one INT this season. That’s awful.
    Koetter chose friendship over winning now he’s making desperate moves. Mike Smith should have gotten fired last off season. It’s sad your QB gets blamed for everything that goes wrong in a game.

  12. Weird headline- Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t worry about anything! It’s part of his charm.

    Sometimes I think he views interceptions as if well, it WAS a completion of sort!

    He’s plays football like he’s a Black Labrador playing fetch.

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