NFL fines Michael Thomas $30,000 for cell phone celebration

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Apparently $30,000 is the standard fine for celebrating with a cell phone, and there is no inflation.

The NFL fined Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas $30,000 for pulling a phone out from within the goal post padding and celebrating with it after scoring a touchdown on Sunday.

Thomas’s celebration was a tribute to former Saints wide receiver Joe Horn, who did the same thing to celebrate a touchdown 15 years ago. Horn also got fined $30,000.

With his base salary of $915,361, Thomas makes $53,845 a game. The fine is more than 50 percent of his weekly pay, which means he’ll be eligible to get a reduction on appeal. The NFL typically reduces a player’s fine if it’s more than 25 percent of his weekly pay for a first offense, and more than 50 percent of his weekly pay for a second offense. Thomas had already been fined for a celebration once this season.

Officially, the NFL said Thomas’s fine was “for using the phone as a prop and having a mobile device in the bench area.” Players and coaches are not allowed to have any communication devices other than NFL-approved tablets during games.

34 responses to “NFL fines Michael Thomas $30,000 for cell phone celebration

  1. Once more I ask you allow four Jags players to embarrass this country as well as the NFL skipping out on a 64000 dollar bill and have not made one mention of. You fine for another celebration 30000 dollars. Why has none of this been question, no mention who paid bill, why players were not punished when the head coach took FULL reasonability as well as one of players involved took FULL reasonability but the NFL league office has taken no reasonability at all. Talk about a sham .

  2. I understand the tribute to Horn, but the original celebration was just ok. Definitely undeserving of a repeat.

  3. Goodell is an idiot. How do the Jags players get away with being arrested in London and nothing, Michael Thomas gets hit 30K for a silly celebration!? Makes no sense.

  4. Nice homage to a great former Saints receiver. Take the fine (he can afford it), and never mind the No Fun League and other naysayers.

  5. No Fun League, at least donate this fine to a charity of Michael Thomas choice. NFL, you need some good PR. Maybe more players will become generous donors to their charities as they entertain us with their athletic abilities and fun TD celebrations. NFL executives can take the credit for making this happen.

  6. bpurd says: I can understand a small fine but $30,000 is ridiculous.
    mountie97 says: Goodell is an idiot. How do the Jags players get away with…
    I think you and others are possibly missing the bigger point which is that in order to pull the stunt he had to have the phone hidden on him on the sidelines which is an even bigger no-no than the celebration.

  7. bpurd says:

    I can understand a small fine but $30,000 is ridiculous.

    Well, they got their union to blame.

  8. Streets: he placed phone prior to game there is no way he had it during the game and placed it. I see pregame with players using iphones and blutooth every Sunday.

  9. I’d love to see Brady pull a cell phone from the bottom of the goal post and then crush it with his bare hands. That would be the most epic touchdown celebration ever.

  10. If you want to talk about fines why not ask the question why a guy got fined 3k more for “slapping the ball” than a guy who slapped another guys facemask.

  11. Wait. Is this a true $30k fine? Does he really not get his $30k in salary? Because there is no reason that these idiots should be coming up with “cool” celebrations for $30 thousand dollars. Ever.

  12. Must be nice to be able to throw away $30k on a pointless stunt that lasted all of 30 seconds and not even feel it. Meanwhile, my car only sometimes starts so I can make it to the job that makes a minute’s worth of that celebration so I can feed me, my wife, and baby. That college degree sure has paid off.

  13. bighairbingopro says:

    The NFL is trying to not have their product reduced to Saturday Night Live skitch shows.


    But they are fine having their product not actually be football with the way they call games now days. The fine seems a little steep for a simple celebration when players get like a 10,000 dollar fine for throwing a punch.

  14. To all you prattling about the “No Fun League” I have to say … If supposed celebrations are what makes it “fun” for you versus THE GAME itself, well, I’d say that you should find some other diversion to occupy yourselves.

    I have to add that THE GAME isn’t what it used to be anyway so, carry on.

  15. Goodell is killing the NFL, without any assistance from anyone else. Inconsistent fines and suspensions, team favoritism, and the list goes on & on!!! It is becoming ridiculous…

  16. Good, and if $30,000 is not a deterrent then double it. These antics are their personal little show, and it detracts from the game. If there is no line drawn we will have more antics than football. A player could also slam up against the post during a tackle or something, and catch a corner of their prop and get gashed open.

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