Julian Edelman apologizes to Patriots fans

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Julian Edelman left early for the locker room after injuring his ankle, but he did return to the sideline before the end to witness the ugliness. Not as many of the thousands of Patriots fans who made the trip to Nashville stayed that long.

The Titans were the better team Sunday, dominating from start to finish.

I am sorry we disappointed some of the fans that were out here for us,” Edelman said to reporters, via WEEI. “We were heavily populated here. We have to go back to New England and get back to work.”

The Patriots receiver caught nine passes for 104 yards.

He said he would see how his ankle feels Monday, but the Patriots have their open date this week.

“Not in a good mood, guys. I am sorry,” Edelman said. “Sorry for being an A-hole, but we got outplayed. Thank you.”

24 responses to “Julian Edelman apologizes to Patriots fans

  1. Its a troubling trend moving forward. Patriots can’t get off field on third down. Vrabel took Matt Patricias game plan and ran with it. Patriots were outplayed and listless today. There gonna be on road in January which is not good so far….

  2. Pats fans have been spoiled for so long. 1 or 2 bad games in a season is no reason to apologize. Take a look at what some other teams and fan bases have to go through year in, year out.

    Class act.

  3. superpatriotsfan says:
    November 11, 2018 at 5:20 pm
    Sorry I forgot to shoot up on some roids before the game.

    Julian PEDelman

    Idiotic comment.

  4. 315judman says:
    November 11, 2018 at 5:30 pm
    He should apologize for cheating and being suspended.

    It’s funny how “fans” can be so tough when they hide behind their mother’s keyboard? Tell us, what team do you follow besides “anybody but the Patriots”?

  5. Apologize for cheating? For using banned substances? For being part of the most dishonest organization in the NFL? Not accepted. Enjoy the long flight back to New Cheatland.

  6. Nofoolnodrool says:
    November 11, 2018 at 6:20 pm
    Edelman no need to apologize for something that is common knowledge…..I enjoy watching every hard hit the little turd takes

    Yeah I’d be bitter too if I were a Steelers fan.

    You know because the Patriots own them.
    And you you thought it was the Rooney’s that owned the Steelers

  7. Jules played hard but the team just played their worst game and the titans played their best game plain and simple this was Tennessee’s super bowl and the pats didn’t match there intensity. The pats need to rest up they earned a 7-3 record with all the injuries and hate against them they will be there when the smoke clears.

  8. Yeah I’d be bitter too if I were a Steelers fan.

    You know because the Patriots own them.
    And you you thought it was the Rooney’s that owned the Steelers

    What a pathetic response. Edelman being a A-hole has nothing to do with who owns the Steelers. No more than Goodel owning the Pats for cheating. A little sensitive after a loss Francis….?

  9. Titans super bowl? Cmon don’t be that guy. This is why people hate the Pats… the fans. I’m a Titans fan but I can recognize a great team. They’ll still have a great season. But this is not a great roster outside a handful of players.

  10. No need to apologize…Edelman gave it his all. He was getting beaten up all afternoon. You can’t expect them to play lights out every game. We’re on to the bye week and then the Jets.

  11. Edelman and the Patriots expect to win every week and they know that this type of effort and execution won’t get them far in the playoffs. In reality, they aren’t a very good team talent wise. Brady has taken teams like this deep before – once they figure things out and get some players back. Patriots teams always finish the year strong so hopefully the bye week and some adjustments will aid in that.

    The defense is unfortunately a huge problem and the Pats need to score 30+ to win every week. For a multitude of reasons (tipping the cap to the Titans D as well because they played great) this wasn’t that week.

  12. Poppy123 says:
    November 11, 2018 at 5:57 pm
    He’s a turd. He quit on his team because they were getting the snot knocked out of them.

    One of many examples of why so many PFT commenters are such childish idiots.

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