Adam Gase: I’m not sure we would have 46 healthy players this week

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The Dolphins don’t have a game in Week 11 and one need only look at their injury list to understand why that’s a good thing for the team.

They came into Sunday’s game against the Packers without quarterback Ryan Tannehill, defensive end Charles Harris and three of their starting offensive linemen. Wide receivers Jakeem Grant and DeVante Parker left with injuries during the game and cornerback Bobby McCain is in the concussion protocol after getting decked by Packers wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown on a block.

Head coach Adam Gase said at a Monday press conference that Grant and Parker are getting MRIs and hasn’t heard anything to indicate that they’ll be out for the season. They might have been out for this week, though, and Gase said he’s not sure the team would have been able to field a full roster of 46 players if they did have a game.

In hopes of getting healthier by Week 12, Gase said that Dolphins players will be off for the rest of the week after taking care of business on Monday.

10 responses to “Adam Gase: I’m not sure we would have 46 healthy players this week

  1. Looks like the bad injury mojo from John Fox’s tenure in Chicago followed Gase down to Miami. They’re not using the former Bears strength and conditioning staff by chance, are they?

  2. Yet, Packer fans were celebrating their trans-formative victory yesterday when their defense “looked elite” beating a backup QB, 4 backup OL and 3 backup WR’s.

    Way to go Pack – your defense is better than the Dolphins 4th preseason game roster!

  3. Injuries aside – Gase has proven incapable of leading a team –
    Let me explain :
    Other coaches simplify schemes to fit available players abilities and at least COMPETE!
    Yesterday the defense as depleted and as bad as it is played BETTER than expected –
    until finally let it slip away.
    The offense showed it cannot compete at even a collegiate level – and the offensive
    woes began long before the injury bug ran amok – there were signs in Training camp.
    Can anyone really explain the play-calling since this season began?
    You can’t blame this problem solely on either Tannehill OR Osweiler.
    Gase much like Stephen Ross is a nice guy that I believe – is in WAY over his head

  4. Osweiler was the problem yesterday. If he had half played there were chances, all over the place. He threw every ball over the head of wide receivers, and as for his running, well that’s pathetic. He can’t throw on the run to save his life, it was horrible.
    Please bring Fales in, if Ryan isn’t ready after the break. He could not possibly be worse.

  5. Gase game planning is horrible. And Ross needs to fire him asap.
    Hopefully some of these guys dont quit on the team. The issue with Jones clearly has something to do with Gase and Burke. Something isnt clean in the cream down in SoFla

  6. i feel the biggest problem is QB,if BO would have connected on at least 2 of his WR rtes DURING THE GAME we would be singing a different tune!! today. during the game he had at least 3 WR and a TE opened and missed them, 3 of those could have been TDs if he hit them but no he over threw 2 of them and threw behind the others. BO can’t run and throw, hell he can hardly run at all and sure as hell cannot fall on a fumble. this team played as good as it could giving the circumstances, this should have been at least a 31 to 24 ballgame

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