Andrew Whitworth recalls “horror” of evacuating home with fire closing in

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The Rams beat the Seahawks 36-31 on Sunday and are set to travel to Colorado on Monday to begin preparing for the altitude they’ll be in when they get to Mexico City for next Monday’s game against the Chiefs, but football is far from the only thing on the minds of players right now.

A pair of fires have torn through Southern California communities in recent days and many members of the Rams organization have had to evacuate their homes. That includes left tackle Andrew Whitworth, who got his family out of their home at 2 a.m. on Friday morning. The Rams would go on to cancel practice on what Whitworth called a “day of horror” and the veteran tackle still had a lot to sort through after Sunday’s game.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Whitworth said to Peter King of Football Morning in America. “I got four kids and a wife who need me right now. Will they be in school? Will they have school? Will our house make it? Should I take them all with me to Colorado? I just don’t know. It’s a little stressful.”

It was a trying week in Southern California even before the fires as 12 people were killed by a gunman at a bar in Thousand Oaks on Wednesday night. Whitworth pledged his game check for Sunday to a fund for victims of that shooting.