Concerns about grass at Azteca Stadium, site of Rams-Chiefs

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The Rams at times look like a new generation of the Greatest Show on Turf. The Chiefs may be even better on offense.

The problem might be the turf itself when it’s time for the two NFL track teams to race each other next Monday night in Mexico City.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, there is “significant worry” about the condition of the playing surface at Azteca Stadium.

The field is a combination of grass and synthetic, and between the games and concerts there and recent rainy condition, the field appears to be in rough shape.

The league is sending officials there today and tomorrow to get a handle on the situation, and see if anything needs to be done beforehand.

As much as the NFL wants to expand its international footprint, such logistical issues with stadiums they don’t control are legitimate concerns. The new Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London (where the Raiders and Seahawks were going to play this year before construction delays) was built with the NFL in mind, with separate grass and synthetic fields for soccer and NFL games. There’s no such dedicated system in Mexico City, which is why the league is sending in the shock troops to make sure two of its best teams have an acceptable playing surface.

6 responses to “Concerns about grass at Azteca Stadium, site of Rams-Chiefs

  1. Why not just leave well enough alone, and quit moving games out of the country?
    Why fans continue to pay for PSL’s and season tickets is mind blowing to me. The team makes you buy 2 worthless preseason games, and now are taking more regular home games away and giving to other countries.

    If you want to sell your tickets to games, and do not want to give the league a cut of the profit by selling through their exchange, they can yank your season ticket “privleges” from you forever.
    I stopped buying tickets years ago. The league does not care about fans. They only care about corporate “partnerships”, TV deals, and greed. the fans are at the very bottom of the list of priorities for this greedy league

  2. Another reason the NFL should never play outside of the United States. Some countries just don’t care about players.

  3. So can the NFL really get away with $60 parking and $15 beers in Mexico? If I was a player I’d be afraid of one of the cartels snatching me for ransom.

  4. NFL should have the Raiders play in Mexico until the new Behad stadium opens . Raiders fans are Mexican too , viva Mexico 🇲🇽

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