Dolphins running back Frank Gore sets a longevity/yardage record

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Not much has gone right for the Dolphins this year, from injuries to inconsistent play by the guys who remain

But one thing they’re learning they can count on is running back Frank Gore, who hit another milestone in yesterday’s loss to the Packers.

Via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, Gore set an NFL record by hitting the 500-yard plateau for the 14th straight season.

He had been tied with two guys named Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton at 13 years.

While 500 yards might not be the highest bar to clear, the fact he’s been able to do it so many teams speaks to the perseverance and preparation of the 35-year-old Gore (as well as the good fortune to not suffer a major injury).

Earlier this year, Gore passed Curtis Martin to move into fourth place on the league’s all-time rushing list.

15 responses to “Dolphins running back Frank Gore sets a longevity/yardage record

  1. 84 yards at half and yet Gase went away from the half. Finished with 90yds, caught a couple of balls out of the backfield, a good day for him.

    Drake got a majority of the carries in the 2nd half

    Such a shame MIA is getting him at the tail end of his career, guy is solid and HOF candidate for sure. He is one of the few bright spots on this abysmal offense

  2. Thanks Mr. Gore… sorry your career will end with our pathetic Dolphins’ lame offense. All the more impressive that you are literally having great success with 3rd string Lineman! Speaks volumes for your personal efforts. A first ballot HOF’er for certain.

  3. Too bad he’s only played for bad teams. I might figure out the overall win-loss % of teams that he was on the roster. He might have beaten the record of most losses by a player. I know he never personally lost a game.

  4. Not as bad as I thought. His career W-L record is 106-111-1. 7 losings seasons. 4 seasons of 8-8 records. 3 winning seasons. This year 5-5 so far.

  5. Frank Gore is a throwback style RB! Since leaving college Gore has managed to stay away major injuries, & to be an outstanding contributor to every team he has played on! Love his attitude of not going to hang it up until he’s ready to do so! It’s a down right shame he hasn’t gotten on a team that he could’ve won him a Super Bowl to go along with his great Hall of Fame carrier! I just wished my Dolphins would’ve drafted him out of college! This team would’ve had some way better seasons had we had a RB of Gore’s caliber running the football every Sunday! I know one former Dolphins HC, the late Tony Sprano would’ve loved you Frank, & you most likely would’ve felt the same, since Tony had that run 3 to 1 one offense, with a coach wanting to run the football that much you’d had you a great chance at a 2,000 yard season under Coach Sprano! I just hope the Dolphins will let you stick around for a couple of more years, then ask you to be are RB’s coach! The young talent at RB would love to keep you around, they’ve learned a whole lot from you & they could use your insight for years to come!! Congrats on another milestone! And I hope you can top the 1,000 yard mark this season too! John

  6. Love Gore but they should have swapped the # of touches between him an Drake. I get that Drake is a prototypical 3rd down back and circumstances can force a change from what you want to do to what you need to do but even still, let Gore get 3rd and 1 and give Drake the ball on the 1st down runs.

  7. One word describes Frank Gore BEAST! My nephew is a dolphins fan in California and I know only one jersey he will be getting this Christmas!

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