Pete Carroll: Rashaad Penny “busted out” on Sunday

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The Seahawks played without running back Chris Carson against the Rams on Sunday, which meant that first-round pick Rashaad Penny got an extended opportunity in the backfield.

For the first time in the NFL, Penny made the most of his chance. After running 42 times for 146 yards in his first eight games, Penny ran 12 times for 108 yards and his first NFL touchdown in the 36-31 loss and earned a pat on the back from head coach Pete Carroll after the game.

“Today he busted out,” Carroll said, via the Seattle Times. “We’ve been challenging him to get right and to work at the right tempo and find what it’s like to be a pro, just teaching a young guy trying to figure it out … I thought today he needed it so badly. He knows he’s a great player. He just hasn’t been able to demonstrate it.”

Carson’s return from his hip injury will change things for Penny in the future, but Sunday’s game still might buy the rookie a few more chances than he had in the first half of the season.

7 responses to “Pete Carroll: Rashaad Penny “busted out” on Sunday

  1. They need to feature this guy. I get that Carson and Davis are good, but this kid can be great. I don’t know what’s holding him back mentally, but there’s nothing wrong with him physically. He’s big, fast, makes cuts and changes direction at full speed, and puts his shoulder down to run defenders over at the end. 12 carries when he’s getting 9 yards per touch…how about giving him 25 carries? He’s a workhorse type of back. Watch his college tape: 3 yards…3 yards…15 yards…3 yards…3 yards…40 yards…UNLEASH HIM!!!

  2. Seahawks try to salt away the first 3+ quarters by running non stop just so they can be in a one score game last 3-5 minutes…….but the problem with this is…..Pete Carroll and his coaching staff can’t coach themselves out of a wet paper bag to close out a game they designed to be tight!

  3. boonie, I agree…the onside kick was a horrible idea. Gave the Rams field position for a fg that came back to haunt us. Would’ve been nice to only need a fg at the end instead of a touchdown.

  4. Nick Chubb is a better running back than Penny, and Chubb did not cost Cleveland a first round pick. That means if Carroll and Schneider had done their homework, they could have picked Chubb instead. When your team has few first round picks over the years, and you don’t use them wisely, then you end up a worse team than the Browns. Just keep your eyes open, Cleveland will end up with a better win loss record than Seattle in 2018.

  5. Who do the 49ers have at RB? QB? Pretty much everyone including Nick Chubb is better than the best 49er. Ome, you should go be a scout for your niners since you have all the answers. Don’t let all that talent go to waste cooking french fries for a living.

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