Rams can clinch division and playoff berth this week

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The Rams are playing well this year, but also playing in a division that’s struggling.

As a result, they can tie a league record for quickest playoff berth earned.

The league announced that the 9-1 Rams can clinch the NFC West title this week, with a win over the Chiefs and a Seattle (4-5) loss to Green Bay.

That would make them the second team in the 16-game era (since 1978) to clinch a playoff berth in Week 11.

The Bears did it in 1985, en route to a Super Bowl title.

While the Rams may not be that level of dominant (so far), the fact they’re about to lap the field in their own division speaks to their success as much as the struggles of others.

11 responses to “Rams can clinch division and playoff berth this week

  1. As much as I hate to admit it, maybe Eric Dickerson was onto something in his criticismS of Jeff Fisher. The Rams should’ve been this good years ago.

  2. All those years of sucking and early draft picks has finally paid off. Some teams blow their rebuild, and The Rams were in danger of that, but a great coach and the decline of the NFC West (When SF, ARZ, SEA were all top defenses and competitive) has led them to a great run.
    I wish the whole NFC West was more competitive. Sea has given them a battle but a competitive division is more fun.

    -Seattle fan

  3. Not knocking the Rams at all because they are a good team but man the rest of that division is garbage. Almost reminiscent of the NFCW at the beginning of the century where a sub .500 team made the playoffs, but not that bad yet. The Rams make that division at least somewhat respectable but the rest of it makes for an easy road to the playoffs. Kind of like the AFCE and the Pats.

  4. The 1985 Bears were dominant on defense. The 49ers were no match for them. They had William the Refrigerator Perry, who was actually nicknamed biscuit by his teammates because he was a biscuit away from 300 pounds, a whopping amount of weight in that era. Today, there are a lot of 300 pound plus NFL players.

  5. I don’t think the Seahawks lose THIS weekend.

    That said, they aren’t winning all their remaining games, so the Rams will clinch in a matter of weeks.

  6. The Rams defense is no where near as dominant as the 85 Bears — Buddy Ryan’s defense. Ditka was the head coach, but that defense belonged to Buddy Ryan. The defensive players carried him off the field when the Bears won the Super Bowl. Ditka’s ego did not appreciate that gesture.

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