Report: Jakeem Grant did not tear Achilles

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There wasn’t much good news for the Dolphins yesterday, but at least they avoided the worst case scenario with one of their wide receivers.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Dolphins wideout Jakeem Grant did not tear his Achilles during yesterday’s loss to the Packers, as was originally feared.

Grant had been dealing with an injury in that area, and when he bounced off the field without putting any weight on his left leg, it didn’t look good.

He’s still expected to miss some time, but if he didn’t suffer the big injury, it’s better than it looked last night.

12 responses to “Report: Jakeem Grant did not tear Achilles

  1. 7-9 with a mid-round 1st RD pick which Mike Tannenbaum will mess up the selection. Let’s just hope they go all in for Fromm in the 2020 draft

  2. So Osweiler’s recent 10-quarter no touchdown performance has the fans once again thinking Tannehill is going to ride in on his white horse and save the season. If he’s healthy maybe he can get us another 2 maybe 3 wins. So once more this team is going to be 7-9 or 8-8 and watching the playoff’s from their sofa.

    We need better coaches, better results from office/personnel evaluators and most importantly a real NFL caliber, franchise QB.

  3. Tannehill never was gonna be the “savior” & those that truthfully thought a converted
    WR that only played 2 years in college at QB was going to be were dreaming !
    Osweiler was never the answer either – he was insurance that HAS won 2 games, so
    it could be worse.
    Now should we start Fales or Falk after the bye ? – Who knows & REALLY who cares?
    This season has been disaster since training camp – I saw it multiple times first hand from the stands during Training camp !
    Offense was nothing than a “work in progress” at BEST !
    The Defense looked great MOST of the time but was lacking at LB.
    This season can’t be blamed on injuries – it goes on the ENTIRE Coaching staff –
    with management & ownership also getting some!

    I’ll keep saying this until changes are made :
    Stephen Ross alone MUST decide whether he want’s to build a competitive franchise or
    stay with a less than mediocre one !

  4. Look at all these experts in here commenting on what the Dolphins should and shouldn’t do. Easy to blast and criticize the team when they are down, out, and snake bit with a ton of injuries. Mr Mora said it best. You guys think you know, but you don’t. And you never will know. I know this. Gase and Tannehill will be in Miami year after year after year after year. Deal with it.

  5. You guys are total buffons and I am so glad Truthful and Finfan aren’t in charge of our franchise..

    Yes I agree Gase stinks and at this point its time to move on to another coach.. That being said I support drafting a QB, Same as i said this past offseason.. What I am not okay with is cutting Tannehill and throwing a rookie out to the wolves before he is ready.. Tannehill is the type of QB you need (average to slightly above) to buy a rookie time and i have no problem with him staying another year..

    Brock Osweiler is truly a dumb signing, We know who he is and that is a sub par QB at all times.. I would have offered Dallas a 6th rounder to get a guy like Cooper Rush, Young with room to grow.. Hell i would have even taken an RG3 or bridgewater for the excitement he brings at the position … Matt Moore and Osweiler especially are guys who have no room to grow.

  6. Tannehill is going to cost us $26M against the cap next year, no way he stays on the roster come June 1 unless Tannenbaum is smoking opium. We HAVE to find a substitute in the off season via either draft (trade up), trade, or FA. You don’t pay a sub .500 QB that has never taken a team on his back to win in crunch time in his career and spend 1/6th of your cap on the dude. Especially when we need at least 2 LB’s, 2 G’s, 2 OT’s and a C. Plus add to the fact that RT has not played a complete season in the last 3 years, he is a health liability as well.

    We should have been drafting QB’s for the past 5 seasons at least, instead we draft DL’s in the low rounds (1-3) that never see the field (Charles Harris anyone?) or we over pay for older DL guys that also don’t play a complete season.

    Tannenbaum destroyed the Jet’s now he’s doing the same thing in Miami, he needs to go yesterday. Also we need to quit being the NFL head coach trade school, hire someone with experience for a change Mr. Ross!! The coordinator promotion experiment is a failure.

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