Travis Kelce: Coaches said offensive performance was “unacceptable”

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The Chiefs won again on Sunday to move their record to 9-1 ahead of next Monday night’s trip to Mexico City to face the Rams, but it wasn’t all smiles on the sideline during the 26-14 win over the Cardinals.

Patrick Mahomes was sacked five times and the Cardinals had five other tackles for loss that kept the high-powered Chiefs offense from hitting on all cylinders. Tight end Travis Kelce said that performance led to criticism from the team’s coaching staff while the game was going on.

“From what the coaches were expressing out there, the way we played was just unacceptable,” Kelce said, via Peter King’s Football Morning in America. “We say that because we’ve been able to roll on just about everyone we’ve played.”

The Chiefs have been rolling most of their opposition, but they’ll be facing another 9-1 team in Mexico and any offensive line issues will open the door for Aaron Donald to disrupt plans to make plays down the field.

18 responses to “Travis Kelce: Coaches said offensive performance was “unacceptable”

  1. What’s Vegas got for the over-under for the Rams v Cheifs game… 90?

    Fantasy tip: PLAY ALL YOUR RAMS & CHEIFS!… trade for some if you have to!

  2. Hill absolutely abused Patrick Peterson in this game. Again. PP getting burned. Again. Dude is not elite. First thing he does is blame other players. Man defense on Hill is his responsibility. He got toasted. It happens all the time. He’s the most overrated corner I’ve ever seen.

  3. The o-line performance was unacceptable! If Showtime Mahomes goes down, we’re done! (I say “we’re” like I’m on the team. Just a fan)

  4. Unacceptable sounds pretty accurate from what I watched. The Cardinals pass rush was in Mahomes’ grill all afternoon. Part of that was on him holding the ball too long at times, but most of it was on the OL. Eric Fisher just flat got owned by Chandler Jones all day. If they don’t play a lot better than that, no way they’re going to beat the Rams.

  5. And now both teams have to play in pollution-filled Mexico City, whose football field resembles a combination of a soccer field and a marsh. Let’s hope nobody gets hurt.

  6. Actually, that was a good practice game for the Chiefs who will face the Rams next. The Cards may be lousy this year but they play a kind of defense that has been a staple of the NFC West.
    Now, learn from this week and go out and beat those Sheep!

  7. superfanentertainment says:
    November 12, 2018 at 9:01 am
    Aaron Donald gonna WRECK the Chiefs world next week!
    Yeah that’s what Vonn Miller and Chubb thought too, ask them how many sacks they had in 2 games this year.

  8. Why does it matter where the game is being played? Most people are going to watch it on TV anyway.

    As for the offensive criticism they received, I checked the final score. I think KC won. I get that as a coach you have to crack the whip sometimes, but maybe it’s time to realize that other teams are paid to perform too.

  9. The real shame coming up is two 9-1 teams playing a marquee game south of the boarder next Monday night.


    Nah, the real shame is the MNF calling the best game of the season. At least Mexico City is getting a game between the two best teams in the NFL, people in London get the jags and raiders.

  10. “The real shame coming up is two 9-1 teams playing a marquee game south of the boarder next Monday night.”

    A) The word you want to use is border.

    B) Nobody is shamed of anything associated with this game. The World extends beyond the borders of whichever country, province, etc. one happens to reside in. The NFL has been way behind the NBA in this regard, so they’ve been trying to play catch-up for decades now.

  11. Very few times in NFL history has a team rolling offensively early in the season rolled through their post thanksgiving games and then rolled through the playoffs. It gets harder when the games mean something. Not that KC can’t win any game they are in, but they aren’t just going to roll over teams every game.

  12. Honestly I wish the game was in Kansas City because I think it would be a great game to watch in person. That is what I hate about the games being outside the United States. Neither team has their fans there. I do understand the NFL is out to make money also. I dont think any team should loose a home game playing outside of their stadium. I dont care if you are a Chiefs fan or Rams fan I would think you would like to see 2 (9-1) teams play each other at your stadium. Go Chiefs….

  13. Hoping the NFL sees the condition of that field in Mexico City and postpones the game one week, brings it back to the states on a neutral field.

    Both Chiefs and Rams can take their bye week this weekend and play ball on the 25th.

    Let the NFL sort out the tickets/attendance refund. That part of this scheduling fiasco should hurt the ‘tarded league, not the health of each teams players.

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